Regarding "Pastor Russell"

January 30, 2000

Dear Mr. Icke:

I have much respect for your work in bringing to light global conspiracies and am a frequent visitor of your web site. I also happen to be one of Jehovah's Witnesses, and have been so for over 25 years. In the same spirit of fairness and intelligent journalistic discussion that you deserve for your writings, I have prepared this letter as a rebuttal to some of the information you recently posted about Jehovah's Witnesses.

Regarding the history of Charles Taze Russell, aka "Pastor Russell":

Pastor Russell was raised Presbyterian, but finding weakness with that body of doctrine did search for the truth for a number of years and was affiliated with a number of Bible study groups, including Adventists.

Eventually he and other like-minded Bible students would meet in small groups with nothing more than paper, pencil, and Bible to search for Bible answers to their questions. The publication of The Watchtower journal eventually emanated from this type of Bible study. A legal corporation was formed to assist in the legal operation of publishing Bibles and Bible study aids. In 1931, this growing group of Bible students took on the official name "Jehovah's Witnesses."

That's the brief summary ... now in specific response to some points you raised:

1. Had Charles Taze Russell been a Freemason at one time?

I don't have any proof that he either was, or wasn't. And neither did your web page post any corroborating proof to substantiate your claim of this. For all I know, he may have been at one time--he spent a lot of time investigating other faiths before settling on a course of rigorous Bible study. But I'm sure any Freemason would wholeheartedly disagree that they believe the same ideas as Jehovah's Witnesses!

In fact, I will bring up some more dirt that even you forgot to mention ... Charles Taze Russell believed for 35 years that the Great Pyramid of Giza was God's stone witness, corroborating Biblical time periods. Pyramid symbols were even used in a Biblical time line reference that was called the "Chart Of The Ages." However, around 1928, Jehovah's Witnesses abandoned the idea that an Egyptian pyramid would have anything to do with true worship.

2. Was black magic carried on within the Watchtower Society headquarters?

Well since Christmas is a form of pagan worship, I suppose you could say that yes, pagan worship was carried on until the increasing light of Bible truth encouraged Jehovah's Witnesses to cease such celebrations around the year 1927. And ditto the thing with the sun disk --and oh, you forgot to mention the Cross-- that used to appear on the covers of The Watchtower magazine...all symbols that have been gone for a long time now. Jehovah's Witnesses have always been adamantly opposed to any ritual designed to summon demonic forces. If anybody, then or now, were to try to introduce any rituals associated with black magic, they would be duly escorted out of the premises, I can assure you.

Oh, and Diana Huston, I have met Dan Sydlik (whose name you couldn't even bother to spell correctly) and he is a wonderful human being. He certainly does not deserve to be maligned by your ridiculous and insensitive comments. I took a photo of him standing with my younger sister and there was no lizard membrane covering his eyes! Sheesh, what an imagination. (if you think blood is used in the ink of our publications, certainly a simple chemical analysis would prove your claims -- oh why do I even bother to go on about that??!!)

3. What about the accusations from his ex-wife, that he was immoral or a pedophile, etc.?

Maria Russell, when unable get The Watchtower to print her own editorials that contradicted Bible teachings, eventually sued for divorce from Pastor Russell. She resorted to slander and lies in an attempt to endear public sympathy to her cause. But the divorce proceedings of 1906 are on record and the court threw out her unsubstantiated claims.

4. Do Jehovah's Witnesses use mind control to get people as members, or to remain members?

This is what happens when a person accepts a Bible study with Jehovah's witnesses--and I should know, because I have been doing it for 25 years--briefly:

o You use your own Bible to answer questions and learn what the Bible has to say about God's future purposes for this earth. A progressive study of the Bible by subject topic is encouraged with the aid of a Bible study publication, but not required.

o You can quit at any time, it's all up to you. If you want to associate with Jehovah's Witnesses at their meetings in the local Kingdom Hall, you can do that. If you want to formerly be known as Jehovah's Witnesses, you yourself make it known to the local group.

o If, after becoming baptized, you no longer want to be known as one of Jehovah's Witnesses, then you can do that too. You advise one of the Elders of the local congregation that you want to disassociate yourself. And you just walk out.

o That's all there is to it, in a nutshell. Does that sound like anybody is being forced to become, or remain, as one of Jehovah's Witnesses? Unquestionably, No.

5. Why did they choose the word "watchtower" to represent the Biblical journal of the same name?

Yes, yes, we all know a watchtower is an Illuminati symbol. So what? The Celts worshiped trees. Does that mean I should never touch a tree? It just so happens that a "watchtower" is a practical tool that one uses to "watch out for," or "look ahead" -- you know, to be on guard against trouble. Watchtowers were certainly built into the structure that defended the Israelite city of Jerusalem in Biblical times. Certainly it wouldn't be wrong for a person to use a literal watchtower. So why should it be wrong to use the word in a figurative sense? Much ado about nothing. In fact the full name of that journal is The Watchtower Announcing Jehovah's Kingdom ... not the sort of title that Satan or his Illuminati would be proud to bear.

6. What about the source of financing Russell received?

Regarding this point, I do not have any corroborating references to back up any facts on that issue. And neither did you, I might add. I will say that the Office of the Treasurer answers all written correspondence, so if anybody really cares about the monetary contributions given to the Watchtower Society over a hundred years ago, I guess you can inquire by letter. Just visit the official site and the link called "Contact Us" will give you the address:

In Conclusion ....

Mr. Icke, there are over 6 million Jehovah's Witnesses around the globe today. Not one of them recognize any human on earth as their organizational Leader. The continuous adjustments, and yes even about-faces, to our beliefs that have been made over the +100 year existence of The Watchtower magazine should prove that. In fact, following Pastor Russell's death, the issue of being Followers Of Men came to the fore among Jehovah's people. Several hundred associates split off as apostates. Some carried with them the name "Russellites," some in recent years have used the deceptive label "Jehovah's Christian Witnesses," others came to be known who-knows-what anymore -- they all broke up into factions that lacked any unifying brotherhood.

Jehovah's Witnesses are outspokenly opposed to Satanic worship in all of its forms ... and Satan wouldn't be a very smart Bad Angel if he allowed millions of his followers to go around telling people how they should stay away from him, now would he?

Personally, I feel that I am a rather free-thinking Jehovah's Witness. I am very interested in science, the UFO phenomena, the issue of alien abductions, and yes, even theories of reptilian shape-shifters among us. If my "mind" were being controlled by Illuminati tenets, I hardly think I would be free to explore these various subjects.

In fact, there are some very important issues upon which you David Icke and Jehovah's Witnesses might be in agreement, or nearly in agreement.

For example, we do believe that Satan is the ultimate political ruler of current society on earth, and he controls a broad network of demonic and human puppets at his beck and call.

Also, since the inception of the League Of Nations, we have been warning people for years against the impending attempt at global political control that will soon be expressed by that League's infamous successor, the United Nations.

We recognize that Organized Religion has been riding that political beast like a harlot, and soon the sovereignties of this earth will unite and turn on that harlot and destroy all false religion.

And just when this Beast thinks that He is the only game in town, Jesus Christ will use his power as a real King of a real, heavenly governmental kingdom to crush all human sovereignties into nothing more than a bad memory.

Satan will be restrained and eventually destroyed while this beautiful planet gets back to its normal, Paradise state under the global administration of a very just and loving king, Jesus Christ, appointed to that position by our Creator, Jehovah God.

Well, that's all I have to say. You did invite your readers to send a follow-up to your own web page about Jehovah's Witnesses. This letter was probably not the kind of follow-up that you were expecting. So I hope you have the courage and integrity to either post it, or post a link to it (as shown below).

Debra Caruthers

Please be aware... that the articles posted are NOT attacking all members of the Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons, Jews, etc. nor are they attacking all the belief systems of the religious organizations. There are many very good humans in these groups, doing what is right, and searching for truth, no matter where the chips may fall. The hot issue on the site today is the Kindercare Abuse situation. But at no time have we insinuated that every Kindercare employee or staff is involved in Satanic Rituals. Most would 'lose their dinner' over the thought of such atrocities....yet research PROVES, Kindercare is 100% controlled by CFR affiliates. Our purpose is the TRUTH, based on best evidence. The challenge is there for Kindercare to respond to the Illuminati symbols, the CFR connections, and the Satanic Child Abuse Rituals claims of a small boy. The same opportunity is made available to the religious research articles also. The Jehovah Witness Organization, the Latter Day Saints, and others have not offered any factual evidence to the contrary.

These are research articles in the search for TRUTH. This is where the research has lead us. If you have substantive evidence to the contrary, please send it to us. AT NO POINT can research end and NOT ALL research turns out to be 100% truth either. While this is a personal experience article, it is one of the very few that would be posted here, simply because it presents FACTS not commonly known to the world regarding the history of the Jehovah Witnesses, from an insider, and it is presented intelligently. We appreciate the kindness of Debra's response. Why doesn't Watchtower Press publish the articles on Kindercare or begin their own investigation? Where are the thousands of letters from Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons, etc. condemning Kindercare? The point is when the ideals match - join together. When they don't - remain friends.

Religions have been divisive, regardless of what they teach and profess. The divisions continue as stated in the letter above. The world's human population has been divided up and lines drawn. If there is a God, a single Creator, a being that loves his creation...would he appreciate these divisions "in his name" or wars being fought over who has the 'god teaching' right?

We appreciate and love the Jehovah Witness people, that have fought battles in the past and present in a move to bring POSTIVE ENERGY and change or stop the dark forces. These are well recorded, even taught in some public school's history books. It is also well recorded the abuse of freedoms the Jehovah Witnesses suffered at the hands of an obviously Satanic/reptilian controlled government. What Charles Russell may or may not have been does not necessarily affect every person that is a Jehovah Witness. If these articles offer a shred of truth or even a shred of doubt, is it not better to know these things and be able to decide for yourself to investigate further and from within? Perhaps you are the one appointed to clean the skeletons from the closet and bring full truth to your own organization. Most of the articles presented are by persons that are in these organizations or once were.

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