The Very Pillars of My World

Hi David, I hope all is well. Thank you for your work David it has certainly contributed to my recovery. Now in return I'd like to share my story with you. Please feel free to use it as you wish.

I was formerly a Jehovah's Witness, I left about 2 yrs ago. The story I'll tell here is not so much about my involvement but rather of one of my best friends. The names in this text are real, I feel no need to conceal anything anymore.

My friend's name was Lxxxxx, also a Jehovah's Witness. I got to know him when I moved from Somerset, to the Midlands in my early twenties. Although he was some 3 years younger than myself, I respected him tremendously for what he had achieved as a Jehovah Witness. He was a regular pioneer (full-time missionary), ministerial servant (serves as spiritual counsellor and helper in the congregation) and applied to work for free at Bethel in London (is is the Jehovah Witness' head-quarters in the UK).

My missionary service was rather more patchy although I had managed for the most part to keep it up during my frequent overseas business trips

Anyway Lxxxxx was a sensitive person, he never watched the news which use to depress him, he wrote music and played instruments definitely gifted I'm a different kettle-of-fish entirely, I'm analytical, rational and logical. No surprise that my occupation is in the computing field. Anyway we saw our surroundings through very different eyes.

His perception appeared very acute, he would say things about other Jehovah Witness's that would astounding me. I would ask him where he got his information from but he'd respond 'I can't tell you, you'd think I was losing the plot'

He made accusations about at least one elder in his congregation for pedophilia behaviour. Stupidly I never took this seriously, he was accusing the very pillars of my world, how could I possibly believe him. Well I wish I had, perhaps he would of opened up more on the other things he saw.

It was a great day when Lxxxxx finally was officially invited to serve at Bethel [House of EL]. I invited him down and we discussed the future.

That summer we were going to go to Iceland on a ministry holiday and I looked forward to visiting him at Bethel and felt this would surely have a wonderful effect on my spirituality He departed from my home and two weeks passed by.

Late one night as I was working on the PC much as now, I received a call from Lxxxxx's mother and she told me that he was found late Wednesday night hanging from a tree with his dogs chain lead around his neck.

I have not cried many times in my life but here I was in inconsolable.

In the long letter Lxxxxx left he thanked me for my friendship and said he could no longer bare the pain of this world any longer.

Lxxxxx was obviously carrying a much greater burden then he ever let on. I have come to think is realized what the Watch Tower's true agenda was and that ultimate was to much for him.

I think the Watch Tower through their bi-monthly magazines keeps you feeling frightened, negative, insecure and vulnerable. When you feel like that your mind is like putty in there hands. They promise you a New World Order, which you become desperate to be part of but it comes with a price in this case and many others the price is the life of young intelligent and caring people.

I wish you strength David in your fight to get this information out into the public domain. It maybe to late for my friend but be assured your work is saving lives.

Kindest regards,
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