Corporation of the Presiding Bishop

On the official introductory page of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, look closely at the copyright information in small print at the bottom of the page. It reads: Intellectual Reserve, Inc. They are like the giant versus David in their lawsuit against the Tanner's (Utah Lighthouse). I wonder if they have so much money and power now that they have started another Corporation.

If you order materials from them, your check is not payable directly to The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. They instruct you to make it payable to: Corporation of the Presiding Bishop; of course the address is Salt Lake City, Utah. I have a theory about the building of so many Temples under the present administration of Gordon B. Hinckley. It goes like this: In order to quality for a Temple Recommend, you must pay your FULL tithing (10% of your gross income before ANY deductions) for one year.

You must go through an interview with a member of the Priesthood at the Stake Level (over your local Bishop)

When I was a young woman just starting out at a low salary back in those days, I paid my tithing and since it was an odd amount, I admitted that I paid after the deductions. My argument was that in Biblical days 10% of your increase would probably mean 10% of your sheep that survived, etc. Only that part of my low salary after taxes survived.

If you do everything required to receive the Temple Recommend it includes not drinking tea or coffee (of course that's because of caffeine but nobody says anything when a member brings in a Diet Coke poisoned with Nutra-Sweet). Alcohol and tobacco are forbidden but this is tobacco country here in north central Florida so it's okay to grow it for the "gentiles" (non-Mormons).

As for tithing, they schedule a meeting with members individually toward the end of each year and question whether you have paid an "honest" tithing.

You're not part of the IN" group if you don't go with them down to the Orlando Temple regularly.

Oh well, I was never a part of an "IN" group when I was in high school, so why start now?

You might ponder over how much money they know they can count on under this system.....especially when you tie it into whether or not you can get a recommend to have your family sealed forever. If you don't know about that, feel free to ask. I've told some of them that their slogan "families forever" is enough to have me either find a family in which I was not physicall and psychologically abused or another church. For now, I'm doing nothing except trying to be a good neighbor and kind human being. I trust God only to be my judge.

Name withheld

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I studied under Indiana (Vendyl) Jones and a very unique Rabbi for several years. It is a Christian perversion of the tithing that is taught from the Christian (liar) preachers, added to the manipulation of the masses through guilt and hope techniques, taught at most semen-aries. They have deceitfully and artfully perverted tithing into an income tax. Tithing is only 10% of your INCREASE. If you had $20,000 on Spring Equinox of this year, after ALL expenses had been paid and you had $21,000 the next Spring Equinox, you only paid 10% of the $1000 increase. If you only had $19,000 that following year - You owed NOTHING.

Further, the Rabbi taught that NO tithes are required until the temple is rebuilt. Perhaps these are the main reasons that the Jewish people generally seem to have more money and assets. They didn't give it all away to liar preachers. He always wondered too, that if Jesus did away with the LAW.. why did this perversion of one law not get done away with also?

The same was true for the Biblical taxes - representing another 10% for the government (king). The concept was if the temple (god) or the king did not provide the type of conditions required for upward mobility -- you owed nothing to them.. In effect they had not done their job! -- Of course the Biblical taxing by government forgot its role and proper portion very quickly...

Ever wonder why they call the religious offices
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