An Encounter with "Cain"

I am a Brigham Young University graduate, and was active in the church from 1977 to 1995, and hung around in the offshoot groups until 1998. I am still on the books as a member.

An interesting story from Latter Day Saints history describes how one of the original "twelve" had an encounter with "Cain" about 1840. I think it was David Patten. He said he was on horseback somewhere in New York it seems, and a creature covered with hair from head to foot, stinking very bad, walked up to him, and looked him eye to eye. That would make him about 8 1/2 feet tall. This now obvious as a bigfoot creature said his name was Cain.

As a Cherokee, I know that anytime he shows up, you can expect 7 years of BAD luck. He showed up at Pine Ridge just before the shootings of two FBI agents in the 1970s, culminating in the 60 day seige at Wounded Knee.

Navajos, (I am not an expert) call a very similar creature "skinwalkers" I know someone who has seen two of them.

One of the well known [fairly recent] (going back about 10 years) general authorities, who has since been put out to pasture, said that encounter with "Cain" was in the basement of the Salt Lake Temple.

There have been lots of rumors of Satanic stuff going around for a long time... many people giving testimony of abuse.

Most are, of course, treated as nut cases

"The ProphecyKeeper"

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