I am a 25 year old male and currently a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I have been questioning the faith (of all major religions) more due to your information and one thing has caused me to do so further. A friend of my father said he was in Jackson County Missouri and he wandered deep onto church property. The church owns a large percentage of that county and their properties are extensive due to the future signifigance in the times of tribulation it is supposed to hold. My father's friend wandered back into the area way off the beaten path and he encountered a large bunker/building that was partly underground and surrounded by barbed wire. He tried to get closer but a security officer came up and stopped him. When he asked numerous times what the building was he was denied any explanation and was forced to leave.

My father and his friend felt this was justified because the church is divinely inspired and they don't owe the membership any explanations and no impropriety would or could be committed by the church officials. I on the other hand feel that the membership of the church pays a great amount of their income in tithes (10% of gross), fast offerrings(sometimes reaching up to 5% of gross), and various mission and other donations. From a financial standpoint the membership should be included in determining just where their funds go. Also, for the life of me, I cannot figure out why the church would need a militaristic type of bunker/building surrounded by barbed wire anyhow. I believe in the least, an explanation should have been given and since one wasn't it is cause for alarm as to what is the purpose of that very large building.

Maybe you can shed some light upon this topic for me and others or you can follow up on this lead from some of your sources to determine if there is anything nefarious occurring there. My imagination begins to run at all of the possibilities. Perhaps it's a holding pen or a retention center of some sort to be used or in use currently(a building with barbed wire in a hidden location with secretive overtones may lead one to believe that is a possibility). My aforementioned comments were purely speculation but its curious nature still merits some kind of investigation or justification to the membership and others. If my church has nothing to hide then it is in their best interests to be forthright to the public to alleviate an already tension ridden environment among nonmembers.

I have read the information on your site regarding the origins of the church and I remember reading about CIA subsidies being paid to the church for its mission program among other things. If you can direct me to some ironclad sources verifying this information it would be greatly appreciated. Also, if there is anything which can be conclusively shown to help me and others become aware of the entire enigma surrounding the church please advise me of this information as well.

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