I was reading your article about the Mormon's and the JW's and I have for long time known something was really wierd about the Mormons. I lived in Boise, Idaho for many years in the 70's and the 80's and they built a new Temple (first in Idaho) right off the freeway so all could see. For a few days before the actual opening of the Temple they allowed everyone who wished to tour through the temple and see what is there.

I saw with my own eyes a circular room with 12 doorways covered by cloth curtain which they explained were the doorways where the elders were to stand and look as a young initiate was to undress and which they were supposed to anoite every 'orface' with oil. Next to this room and leading from that room was a room where there was a GOLDEN CALF. Really now...what do they need to have a golden calf for as in the Old Testament which the Jewish people made sacrifice to when Moses was out trying to write down from God the Ten Comandments.

They didn't actually admit that they did sacrificing but they said it was for their rituals of 'Faith'... I just thought you might find this interesting as you said no one had ever been in one of their temples who wasn't a Mormon and I might be just one of those rare persons.

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