Mormonism, Shape-shifting
and Satanic Ritual

I have done a ton of personal research on this subject. I believe I have hit on additional hidden truth and may be able to help you make at least some sense of this immense problem.

I have recently met a woman that remembers in great detail her family's involvement in the high rituals (3rd Degree) within Mormonism. I believe she is ready to come forward and expose this bullshit so that the truth can set the Mormon people free from the chains that bind them. Her story is totally similar to Arizona Wilder and Cathy O'Brien. By listening to them, she has begun to remove her amnesia barriers and alters. But it is scaring her to death and she contemplates suicide daily.

I know of which I speak. I am a 5th generation Mormon from the early days at Nauvoo. I have researched personal family documents and records. The bottom line? I have to be honest to my heart and so I have come to the conclusion that Brigham Young was a reptilian shape-shifter that totally brainwashed founder Joseph Smith. His freemasonic brethren have been in control of the Church ever since. You see, originally, Joseph Smith and his family were rabidly anti-Scottish Rite Freemasonary. Somehow, Brigham Young, (AKA the British Lion) was able to bring him around to his way of religion.

I have come to the sad conclusion that the Mormon Church will soon be christened the offical church of the New World Order because of their totally successful brainwashing techniques over the masses. It is no coincidence that the LDS Church has one of the most expensive and most sophisticated satellite/microwave systems in existence. It is the envy of most large countries. WHY and FOR WHAT PURPOSE?

Look at the LDS Chapels and their 'metallic spires' and complex satellite dishes. It is elite mind control experimentation at the highest level - and is being directed against the common man. Your example of the young 'guides' on temple square in SLC are prime examples. Many would rather 'die' than deny their 'testimonies' of the infallible 'brethren' that lead the church. With this mindset, the hierarchy can literally get away with ritual murder - and THEY ARE!

Like you said in your A.W. video, it is time to stop beating around the proverbial bush if we wish to stop this from continuing. I for one, wish to now stand up and be counted.

Your friend in Truth and Research.

A. True Ott
Cedar City, Utah

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