I have discovered how the aliens use us for their power source and how we can stop giving away our power. They are in fact parasites--energy parasites. They get their power from us.

They incite negative emotions of which the favorite is fear turned up full blast to terror. While we are in this emotional state they can suck the energy from us. They also like the emotions and energy of sex, especially if the focus Is not love but animal lust or violence. During the Vietnam War there were many sightings over the main bay of Vietnam and also where the war energies were the worst. What I have had to work on is getting rid of the negative emotions and the fear is this. You can do it any way that works for you....

... It is the trapped feelings and thoughts that construct the triggers which the aliens and the mind control programs use to control us. Sorting and cleaning up the feelings and thoughts can cross the programming and start to dismantle it and set you free. We don't know the power of our minds or of our divine spirits but we can tap into the powers that we have been given and one person at a time create the victory that we need.

As the individuals get free and empowered they can promote the healing and transformation of great groups of people. When the vibration of the people rises and the also of our earth these beings will not be able to stay here because there will be nothing to parasitize. Each energy has an energy signature which is unique, measurable and duplicatable. Each energy also has its own area of influence in the body. It is the huge amounts of fear and the other feelings that break down the health of the victimized, abused children and people. Health can be restored by giving up the energy blocks that keep us trapped.

The more whole that we begin to become the more light that can go through our systems which is the energy getting us to a higher vibration. In the light of wholeness these being have no power. The battle will not be won with technology or logical earthy ways such as military type fighting, but in the spiritual healing using our power.

The blood that they crave is like a homepathic formula for our feelings and thoughts to be transmitted to them.

(That's why they love to drink blood from the terrified victims of their sacrifice rituals - David Icke).

If we move to a different vibration they won't get a charge out of it.

The message we must get out to the world is not just what is happening, but how to truly overcome this. My job on this earth is to be apart of the education to help milllions of people that have been through what I have been through get set free from the trap of the fear and the suffering and become apart of the solution. We are out of time for long processes of conventional shrinks working with people, exploring all the fear, denial,


Dear David,

I am reading Cathy O' Brian speech right now and I am to the part about the Michigan Governor named Rommey. I know of the person who delivered him. He was born in Mexico while the Mormons who wanted to live polygamy were in exile there.

Most of the early (so called ) faithful were from the Merovingian Blood line which is Illuminati. This form of abuse was handed down in all these families. They helped each other by abusing each others children and traumatizing them to split their minds.

Name withheld for obvious reasons.

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