Mormon Rituals

Although I was raised Catholic, I did join the LDS (Mormon) church in the mid-70's but left it in the late 70's after looking deeply into the religion, beyond the surface, outward hype. Before I left, I had been initiated (endowment) in the temple and had gone through the ceremony several times after that. I also graduated from Brigham Young University in 80, although I had left the church by that time.

The temple ceremony includes oaths and you're told several ways in which 'god' may "take your life" if you reveal the secrets of the temple. Each member at these ceremonies repeats the hand gestures of god's potential wrath. These include having your throat cut and disembowelment. The participant extends his/her right arm with hand open and thumb extended, then move the extended thumb to just below his/her left ear. Next, in one motion, the extended thumb is drawn across the throat to the right ear "demonstrating how 'god' may take your life if you reveal the first token of the Aaronic priesthood". There are 2 more penalties, for the second token of the Aaronic priesthood and the first token of the Melchizedek priesthood. No penalty is given for the second token of the Melchizedek priesthood, but a warning of it's 'sacredness' is given.

After the endowment ceremony, which includes anointing with oil and the giving of a secret name (mine was Enoch, which I find very interesting these days) when one goes through the first time, the initiate wears a one piece underclothing called the garment. It has short sleeves, you step in through the neck, and it goes down to the knees. There are symbols on the garment, a compass and a square (one over each nipple of the chest), a small (1/4") slit over the navel and another over the knee. This, you're told, is your protection and all kinds of mythical rumors surround wearing these. This is worn by both men and women.

In the Mormon temple wedding ceremony, the man and the woman are joined "for time and eternity". The woman, during the ceremony, must tell the man what her temple secret name is. He does not tell her his. It is by this name, according to the Mormons, that the man will resurrect her IF she's faithful. In Mormon heaven #1, men will have multiple wives and create worlds. These wives will make spirit children and work in the heavenly kitchens under their husband's direction (he is 'god' after all!). In the endowment ceremony, the men sit on one side and the women sit on the other side (of the room). The first oath is for the women to stand and take an oath to obey their husbands. Next the men stand and take an oath to obey 'god'. You'd love the film they show in the temple for this ceremony. It's of their version of the creation, Adam & Eve who are visited by Satan and also by 3 apostles led by Peter. I'll never forget Satan looking at the audience while the picture darkens except around his eyes. Satan says, "If these people don't live up to the promises made here today, they'll be in my power." Quite dramatic.

They DO use the bee both in temples (I've been to several temples) and it is found at Brigham Young University as well. Also the state police have the beehive on the doors of all their cars. Beehives/bees are found on the doorknobs of temple doors in Salt Lake.

Needless to say, Mormons will pale horrified if they've been through the temple and you tell them what I told you in the second paragraph above.

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