It Was NO Mistake

Thank you for confirming the suspicions I have had for many years about the Mormon church which I've been in all my life. Just thought I'd like to add an example of how unfair their rules are for women without going back to when I was a young girl since they will claim someone just made a mistake in my case (it was NO mistake).

Several years ago my uncle was going around to homes campaigning for the job of county commissioner here. He met a woman he visited regulary for sex and then decided to move in with her. He and his wife had been sealed in the Salt Lake City Temple. She divorced him because of the adultery. He married the woman who is about the age of his adult sons, she joined the church, and they were sealed in the Orlando Temple.

The church cancelled the marriage performed in the Salt Lake Temple. If the rules had been applied fairly, he would have been excommunicated according to church rules. Now if you keep in mind that they have indoctrinated women into believing they cannot reach the celestial kingdom in heaven unless they are sealed to a man in one of the temples while here on earth, you can see why women are unhappy with the system. The relatives here protect one another. His first cousin is a Patriarch and a big percentage of the members are related since it's a small community. The church boasts about how they begin teaching children at age 3.

I hate to admit it, but I've taught the 3-5 year old group, the teen-agers, and the adult class. I've been a history teacher in Miami so when I taught the adult class I didn't follow the manual exactly and used additional resources causing one woman who graduated from BYU to question my information. Last time I went to a class I noticed the teacher who is a school principal here, follows the manual exactly. If you question anything you're accused of being influenced by Satan. How did you find out about the connection to the Jehovah Witness and Satanism at the top level? I've always read and questioned things but that evaded me until I read it on your website. Thank you again. It's been a struggle for me but I'm feeling more free by the day.

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