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Rodney Howard Browne is a personal friend of Pastor Karl Strader. Karl's television cameras in 1993 launched Rodney into fame at Carpenter's Home church during a revival there where 40,000 per night was collected according to Pastor Jack Collins. Also according to Jack executive of the church was skimming money from Rodney and Rodney left lakeland after that. Both Rodney and Karl do not disclose their salaries nor the amount of money that goes to their family who are on the payroll. They do not issue financial statements to donors and do not belong to evangelical council of Fianancial accountablity.

That is only the begining read the attached book crooks doc which is the condensed version of "The Strader Affair'.

Walter Kambulow

Not Innocent by Walter Kambulow

Dear News Editor

A few weeks ago I sent you my manuscript called "Not Innocent". It details how in an Assembly of God church in Lakeland Florida a father and his son robbed elderly sheep of at least 4 million dollars and in particular what happened to Roy Aldrich who went to the media and the State attorney about the matter. The father pastor Karl Strader, the senior pastor of Carpenter's Home Church, passed on privileged information that was obtained by his associate Pastor Jim Ferrell, to his son as to advise him as to which sheep to rob. Pastor Jim Ferrell was not only the associate pastor to Karl Strader but acted also as an investment counselor for the sheep. Now in the business world this kind of thing is known as "inside trading."

But as my book shows there were other unscrupulous acts and deeds done by Pastor Karl Strader for which he should be held publicly accountable including his salary, expense accounts and his priveledged executive position in the corporation that runs Carpenter's Home Church and the one hundred million dollars retirement home attached to the church. Because of the issue of separation of Church and State and that non profit religious organizations are governed by the Federal government and not by the State, a persons like Pastor Karl Strader fall through the cracks and is not prosecuted by the State for their real evil and wicked deeds outlined in the manuscript.

Unfortunately the case of Pastor Karl Strader is not an isolated incident in the Assembly of God churches. A few weeks ago an Assembly of God Pastor of Northdale was arrested for directly embezzling 250,000 from his elderly parishioners. Last week Pastor Evans of Trinity Assembly of God church in Orlando has been video taped visiting girlie bars and accused of pistol whipping a person in a drug deal gone sour. The Assembly of God denomination also gave us prominent illustrious people such as Jim Bakker, Richard Dortch, Jimmy Swaggart, the Redds and the best of the religious scandals in America in the last ten years.

The following editorial by the Lakeland Ledger Wednesday, February 28, 1996 "One less to listen " summarizes quite well about Dan Strader but it does not touch on Pastor Karl Strader, his accomplice and financial advisor per Dan Straders own words summarized in my book

"This was a very important fact of what is referred to in the business world as "inside trading" and was overlooked in the Strader Affair. This way the wolves in sheep's clothing know which sheep have the money and who is to be targeted for being "fleeced" as Dr. Rodney Howard Browne put it or "slaughtered" as Roy Aldrich put it. .

Pastor Jim Ferrell, Pastor Karl Strader's right hand man, personally told me and my friend Tom, at the altar of the church one Sunday Morning, that he was also an investment counselor. Financial Information about the sheep that Jim could relay to his boss Karl. Who then was able to advise Dan Strader which sheep to approach or not approach for money. That is why Dan Strader in his speech which he gave from the pulpit of Carpenter's Home Church dated January 29, 1995 stated "My father had cautioned me on doing business with this individual.( Roy Aldrich) I didn't listen.".


Ledger Wednesday, February 28, 1996 "One less to listen"

After serving six months of a 45-year prison sentence, Daniel Strader apparently has come up with a theme for his book The basis of it, he said last week in an interview, "will be the conspiracy angle of the trial, things that led up to the demise of the company "

Six months into his prison term, Strader, 37, still blames others for his downfall-- and for his separating 27 victims, mostly elderly, from 3 million of their savings. Strader was the president of Interstate Financial Services and the son of a prominent Lakeland minister His clients testified he used their trust in him to take their money, then didn't invest it as he claimed he would. The book, Strader said, "will expose certain individuals who were unscrupulous in their attacks against my father and his church, and then against me." It's a theme that did not play well with investigators, prosecutors, a judge and a jury. Potential publishers would do well to review the transcripts and talk to the mostly elderly victims (although two have died since Strader was sentenced) before buying the book rights as a story of justice gone wild.

''The perception people were given is that I stole money from my clients and diverted it to my personal use," said Strader "But that is not the case " The state's case, presented over the course of a five week trial, was more believable to a jury. Strader, who had worked out a plea bargain, changed his mind and decided to tell his story to a jury. Jurors didn't believe him, and convicted him of 238 counts of racketeering, securities fraud and grand theft.

It was ironic that on the same day that the article about Strader still proclaiming he was railroaded on 238 charges, a story ran about one of his former clients. Roy Aldrich, 65, of Lakeland, died Friday of a heart attack"I really believe that probably was a major cause of his death," said Aldrich's wife, Patricia, of Roy's involvement with Strader''The betrayal aspect of lt. really bothered him, and the fact that there was no admission of guilt "Perhaps one day Strader will realize what Judge Robert Doyel meant when he sentenced Strader "The psychological and financial devastation wreaked by this defendant is enormous." Unfortunately, should that day of confession come, with the death of Roy Aldrich last week, there will be one less to listen.


Bakker says riches aren't Jesus' way By Bill Heery/Tampa Tribune

LAKELAND - Former television evangelist Jim Bakker, convicted of stealing millions from his followers, lambasted materialism in the ministry during a guest sermon at a Polk County church Sunday.``We're teaching people how to get rich in the pulpits today, and it's wrong, it's wrong, it's wrong,'' Bakker told several thousand at the morning service at Carpenter's Home Church. ``I had to go to prison to find out I was headed in the wrong direction.''God spoke to him while he was in prison, Bakker said, and told him, ``Jim, I did not bring you to prison to minister. You are arrogant. I have many men in this prison who will witness for me. I brought you here to learn humility.''

Bakker's downfall began in March 1987 when it was revealed he had a sexual encounter with former church secretary Jessica Hahn in a Clearwater motel in 1980.

Bakker, 54, was convicted in 1989 of defrauding 116,000 followers who sent him at least $1,000 each in return for promised lodging at his religious/recreational complex, Heritage USA near Charlotte, N.C.

Followers were told they were buying three days and four nights at the complex every year for the rest of their lives. Federal prosecutors said that was far more people than the complex could accommodate, and Bakker spent the contributions to live in luxury himself.

During his trial, prosecutors said the scheme brought about $158 million into the Praise the Lord television ministry that Bakker and his former wife, Tammy Faye, founded in 1972.

Bakker originally was sentenced to 45 years in prison, but that was twice reduced by federal judges, and he ended up serving five years. He was released from federal prison in December 1994 and now lives on a farm in North Carolina.

One of the terms of his sentence was that he is barred from television ministry. But he does tour the country as a guest preacher at churches.``I wouldn't go back to the way things were for anything in the world,'' Bakker said during the 70-minute sermon.  ``As I began to study the word of Jesus, I began to realize that I was teaching things that were not the word of Christ,'' he said. ``We need to teach the whole word of Christ and not take a Scripture here and one there out of context.''

Bakker referred to his and other preachers' sermons as ``Longhorn sermons - a point here and a point there and a lot of bull in between.''  ``We have whole crusades teaching people how to get rich,'' he said. ``But don't fall in love with this world. I've come back from the grave to tell you; it's Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, not things and riches.''

The Rev. Karl Strader, pastor of Carpenter's Home Church, told the congregation he invited Bakker to preach because he's ``part of the family of God.''

``Another reason is I feel our young people need to hear from someone who has been to hell and back and has maintained his integrity.''

Strader and Bakker have been friends for years. Bakker helped dedicate the 10,000-seat Carpenter's Home Church in 1985. Bakker said Strader's wife, Joyce, wrote him a letter once a week while he was in prison. ``I was one of those who helped him build PTL,'' said Karl Strader, ``and I never did know what he did wrong, frankly. And if he did do something wrong, I forgive him, and I know everybody else here forgives him,'' said Strader, drawing a loud applause.

Strader called for a ``love offering'' to help pay Bakker's expenses.  "As you know, he and his family have lost everything they had,'' said Strader. ``He's just living by faith. I know you want to participate in Jim's rehabilitation as he goes around the country preaching God's faith.''

Karl Strader's son, Daniel, 37, was sentenced to 45 years in prison in August. He was convicted of 238 felony counts for bilking 57 mostly elderly investors, some members of the church, out of $2.3 million by selling investments in properties that didn't exist or already had liens against them.

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