I channel a Spirit guide named Turia. I wish to share some information he gave me this morning.

The formula for creating a war or wars is very simple. If you look back on every war the illuminati has created they use the same formula each time.

This particular formula is created (especially in the christians) from the day they are born. The way it has been done is by telling the people they are born in sin. This creates shame which an individual carries with them unknowingly through their entire life.

I want to take a minute to explain the formula as relating to an individual. According to the new testament a baby is born in sin. So in the very beginning the baby is shamed/shameful. So the child is brought up then in "shame" and guilt of being sinful. So now we have the potential of anger toward the world because of what it has done to him or her. To fit into this culture then there is unconscious blame on something outside of him or her for causing these constant feelings of shame. This emotion leads to anger and then to revenge on society. So now we have the seeds sown for the formula of war--SHAME, ANGER AND REVENGE.

You can look at every war that has been started and apply this formula to that war.

After World War I Germany was in a constant state of shame and anger. The shame with Germany was loosing the war, economy in shambles, the people not working. There was anger and the illuminati knew it. They brought in Hitler for revenge against the world which brought on World War II.

This new war with the Moslems is the same formula. We have shamed the Arabs through the Zionists through our own foreign policy toward the Moslem world. And this has created a lot of shame leading to anger for the Moslem world and now they seek revenge.

This simple formula of SHAME, ANGER, REVENGE can be applied to every war.

I thought you would like to know about this.

I have read most of your books and really appreciate your work. Hoping to hear from you soon.


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