Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse

by Dr. Leonard Horowitz

Review by Jay Beldo

In the vast cornucopia of conspiracy books now available, I have not found information as sincerely intriguing and useful as that within the pages of Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse. Wary at first , expecting to be inevitably corralled by the gloom and doom dogma found in most works of this kind, I managed to abandon defenses as I encountered descriptions of Pythagorean Skeins lost for 2500 years which mysteriously appeared on the pseudonymous Dr. Joseph Barber's car windshield during an evening drive. Compelled by Jeshua or who we know as Jesus, the Doctor was then led to inquire into recognizable numerical patterns found in the Bible's 'Book of Numbers' and the potential healing ibrations/matrices hidden within the verses based on variations of the numbers 3-6-9. Equally compelling descriptions of the Solfeggio scale deliberately suppressed by the Catholic church in medieval times followed, complete with the many leveled meanings of the Latin notes. The Solfeggio scale, the authors claim, contain vibrational patterns that can be used for healing and it is this that the church wants to keep from us.

However, the most alluring facet of the book lay in the descriptions of Noah Webster's famous dictionary which contains uneasy if not cryptic allusions to the /Illuminati, the secret society many regard as behind the occult shenanigans now occurring on this planet.

Ol' Noah with alleged ties to the Masons, somehow managed to hide from the unwashed masses, via his innocuously 'rational' ordering and classification of words and cross references, evidence that such a sinisterly manipulative society actually exists. The authors include the definitions of the tones in the Latin Solfeggio, including the 'hidden entries' within Webster's dictionary of the esoteric dimensions of the notes both politically and spiritually as well as scientifically. There are many allusions to frequencies, magnetic fields,resonance and systems within the Latin names of the Solfeggio notes. When these encrypted entries are scrutinized with an open mind , it becomes evident why the authorities took it upon themselves to squelch the Solfeggio. The vibrations generated by singing or playing the scale, when properly applied, are of a powerfully healing and liberatory nature.

It became increasingly difficult to scoff at Healing Codes... and its seeming radical leaps from Solfeggio to the Book of Numbers, the numerology of herbs, King James deliberate perversion of the bible to Mad Cow Disease, Aids and Ebola. The convincing tack Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz along with Dr. Barber chose to navigate the writing of this book with is evident in the balance they strike between what could be regarded as biblical prophecy and a sobering, yet conclusive proof of a lurking Biowarfare industry hidden within the Pharmaceutical and Military complexes currently at large. They describe with a combination of spiritual eloquence and empirical factuality, the vibrational basis of diseases that are currently on humanity's horizon.

Dr. Horowitz reveals that prion proteins that can transmit disease by bypassing our natural immunological systems which fail to recognize them are within the malignant matrices of diseases such as Gulf War Syndrome. The prions are crystalline in structure he goes on to say. Viruses and bacterium are now outdated and ineffective, so to speak.

Proteins that have adopted abnormal forms have become disease carriers instead. They are much harder to detect since they don't require DNA and RNA as a part of their composition.

Even more intriguing is the use of these protein based diseases as a means of corporate sabotage. The authors cite the notorious Tyson food giant who apparently bought out the Hudson Meat company after scares of contaminated meat caused their stocks to plummet. Could this be a foreshadowing of powerful Nations buying out the third world via plague to create a New World Order?

While much of the information in this 500 plus page work, of an imminent biological apocalypse sponsored by the New World Order crew is compelling, the topics covered are barely scratched as amazing as they are. Such important revelations as the crystalline structure of 'prions' as disease transmitters effected by electromagnetic frequencies generated by Project HAARP to create and manipulate disease are astonishing yet quite within the range of actuality.

Yet how can we counter such manipulations that appear to be coming from sources so much bigger than ourselves? How can we use the Solfeggio scale, awareness of the Bibles hidden numerical harmonies and other creative responses to the death and disease mongers licking their Pharmaceutical chops in anticipation of the malignant windfalls to come at humanities expense? Can we bring down the walls of the Bayer corporation (who had/have ties to Nazi Germany) like the trumpeters did the wall of Jericho?

I sense that we can but I'd like to know more on how exactly. I found this lack of hands on practicality/strategy to be a frustrating trait in David Icke's work The Biggest Secret. . More space was devoted to describing the problem and less to the solutions although they were there in seed form. There are enough books which describe who the bad guys are and where they are hiding.

Much of the information in Healing Codes... can be found in many other conspiracy books. I look forward to a Healing Codes workbook in the future which elaborates on such fascinating things as the numerology of healing herbs mentioned in the bible, the Pythagorean mystery of 3-6-9 and how we can ward off the vibrations of HAARP and sing the Solfeggio scale to the transponder bio-chips that may be planted under our skin as a part of the 'mark of the beast' program that has been so often touted in the conspiracy world.

Jaye C. Beldo is an intuitive counselor, spiritual anarchist and writer. He has been published in FATE, Magical Blend, Green Egg, Dream Network, Mythos Journal, ONN and The Konformist.

All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 1999, Jaye C. Beldo

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