The Book the Bush's Banned

by David Icke

click here for full view of cover I have been reading a copy of Fortunate Son, the book which exposes the truth about George W. Bush, the Governor of Texas, and the front runner to become President of the United States in the year 2000.

This son of the drug-taking, drug-running, paedophile, serial killer, and former President, George Bush (see The Biggest Secret), used his family and Illuminati connections to have the book withdrawn by the publisher to prevent his hypocrisy and lies being exposed to his potential voters.

Some 90,000 copies were withdrawn from sale by the publisher, Thomas Dunne Books, because it highlights information that George W. Bush was forced to perform community service in 1972 after being caught in possession of a controlled substance, cocaine.

The author, J. H. Hatfield, has been vilified for writing the book and yet, as a researcher myself, I find his attention to detail and his acknowledgement of the nature and reliability of sources to be first class. There are 52 pages of small-type source notes. This guy did his homework.

Hatfield details how sources told him that Bush was ordered to do community service with an operation called Project P.U.L.L., a program for poor African-American youths in Houston, Texas. This is not disputed by Bush and, indeed, he has spoken about it publicly as used his "caring" gesture to support his presidential campaign, ironically.

Learn about the Windsor - Bush Bloodline Here! We are asked to believe that George W. Bush, a hard-drinking, hard playing, romeo, driving his expensive sports car and flying for the Texas Air National Guard, suddenly dropped everything, worked voluntarily for this charity, and then suddenly left the project and went back immediately to the above lifestyle once again as if nothing had happened. Yeah, and Bill Clinton is a celibate nun.

Hatfield was alerted to the cocaine story just as his book was being completed. He read a story in the internet magazine, Salon, which reported on August 25th 1999 about allegations that Bush was "ordered by a Texas judge to perform community service in exchange for expunging his record showing illicit drug use and that this service was performed at the Martin Luther King, Jr., Community Center in Houston."

Hatfield followed up the story through sources close to Bush, who had helped with other earlier sections of his book. They confirmed to him that the basis of the story was indeed true, but Bush had not been sent to work at the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center. Instead his community service was performed in Project P.U.L.L, of which his father, George Bush, was a "benevolent supporter".

Madgelean "Madge" Bush (no relation), the director of the Martin Luther King Jr. Center denied, quite rightly, that Bush junior had ever attended her establishment, but she refused point blank to answer Hatfield's follow up question:" Did Governor Bush perform court-ordered community service at ANOTHER agency in Houston or elsewhere in Texas other than the Martin Luther King, Jr., Center?"

There was a long pause, Hatfield reports in his book, and then she said:

"No comment because Madge Bush is not gonna talk to you…I am not getting off into anything about George except he's the governor of Texas. That's all I'm gonna say about George W. Bush". With that she hung up.

Hatfield next called a former Bush classmate at Yale University where Bush, like his father and grandfather, had been a member of the infamous Illuminati bloodline operation called the Skull and Bones Society (see The Biggest Secret, And The Truth Shall Set You Free, etc.). This classmate, a family friend who had partied with Bush in the sixties and seventies in Houston, had contributed information to Hatfield for other sections of the book which proved to be accurate.

Hatfield asked him if George W. had volunteered to work for Project P.U.L.L. in 1972 or if he had been ordered to do so by the courts. Bush's classmate replied:

"I was wondering when someone was going to get around to uncovering the truth. Evidently, you kind of glossed over it in the book (the manuscript at that time) like a lot of other reporters have done in their newspaper and magazine articles. It doesn't fit, does it?"

"George W. was arrested for possession of cocaine in 1972, but due to his father's connections, the entire record was expunged by a state judge whom the elder Bush helped to get elected. It was one of those "behind closed doors in the judge's chambers" kind of thing between the old man and one of his Texas cronies who owed him a favor. In exchange for successfully completing community service at Project P.U.L.L, where Bush senior was a heavy contributor and honorary chairman, the judge purged George W.'s record."

When pressed for more details, the source said:" I've told you enough already. There's only a handful of us that know the truth. I'm not even sure his wife knows about it…Just keep digging. But keep looking over your shoulder."

The very same story was told to Hatfield, he says, by another longtime Bush friend and "unofficial political advisor". This source said:

"Take this any way it sounds, but do you think George would take time out from speeding around town in his TR-6 convertible sports car, bedding down just about every single woman - and a few married ones - and partying like there's no tomorrow to go work full-time as a mentor to a bunch of streetwise black kids? Get real man, this is a white-bread boy from the other side of town we're talking about".


Next Hatfield called George W.'s presidential campaign spokesman, Scott McClellan, who had previously refused to comment on the original allegations in Salon about the Martin Luther King, Jr., Center. Hatfield asked him about Bush's involvement in Project P.U.L.L. in 1972 as a condition of having his cocaine possession charge purged. Hatfield reports what followed in his book:

"There was a moment of electric silence, and then McClellan muttered an almost inaudible "Oh shit", and after hesitating for a moment, finally said, "No comment".

"After McClellan abruptly terminated our conversation, I called the Bush presidential exploratory committee back, but a Megan Moran answered and informed me that either Karen Hughes or Mindy Tucker, two other Bush campaign spokespersons, would return my call. Neither one of them ever did."

Another long-time associate of George W., and a man close to his campaign team, also confirmed to Hatfield that the cocaine story and its' connection to Project P.U.L.L. was correct. This guy added:

"I can't and won't give you any new names, but I can confirm that W.'s Dallas attorney remains the repository of any evidence of the expunged record. From what I've been told, the attorney is the one who advised him to get a new drivers license in 1995 when a survey of his public records uncovered a stale, but nevertheless incriminating trail for an overly eager reporter to follow".

(It is officially confirmed that Bush did indeed get a new drivers license at that time.)

"Bush won't admit he's used drugs before 1974. Period. Because we're not talking about experimenting with a little pot like a lot of baby boomers did back then. Hell, for a significant number of us, drug use was a youthful indiscretion, a misguided rite of passage" he continued "But W. got caught with cocaine in 1972 and because his daddy was oil rich and influential in Harris County politics, he got his son off with a little community service at a minority youth center instead of having to pick cotton on a Texas prison farm".

George W. Bush was one of twelve presidential hopefuls asked the same question by The New York Daily News on August 4th 1999. Had any of them ever used cocaine or marijuana? Bush was the only one who refused to answer. He has also refused to deny that he took illegal substances before 1974. This source told Hatfield:

"I personally advised him to stay on course and never admit anything…I said George, once you start answering, you're never going to be able to stop. The press will trick you by claiming that if you answer one more question, they'll get off your ass. But he ignored my advice and now everybody wants to know why he won't rule out drug use prior to 1974".

Well the answer to why he can't rule it out is, quite simply, because he DID use cocaine and he WAS caught in possession and he DID have this record erased because of who he was in return for working at Project P.U.L.L.

George W. Bush is, like his infamous father, lying through his teeth to the people of America about his cocaine possession and much else besides.



Let me make it clear that I am not seeking to condemn Bush junior for taking cocaine or any other drug in itself. That's up to him as long as he doesn't force it on anyone else. But here is a guy who has raised fantastic amounts of money from Illuminati sources to become the latest bloodline President of the United States. As president he will have the power to send Americans to war (no matter what the law may say) and yet like his father's vice-president, Dan Quayle, he used his family connections to secure a place in the National Guard during the Vietnam War to ensure that he would never have to go overseas and fight, suffer, and die, in Vietnam in the manner of so many of his fellow Americans in that Illuminati-created conflict.

In the same way, as Governor of Texas, George W. Bush's monumental hypocrisy can be seen again in his attitude to young people convicted of drug possession. As one of Hatfield's sources close to Bush said:

"You know what makes me sick about all this shit? It's Bush's hypocrisy. Cocaine use is illegal, but as governor of Texas, he's toughened penalties for people convicted of selling or possessing less than a gram of coke, Ok'd the housing of sixteen year olds in adult correction facilities, and slashed funding for inmate substance-abuse programs. Texas currently spends over 1.45 million dollars per day keeping drug offenders behind bars and other $28,000 a day incarcerating young people for drug offences".

"I've known George for several years and he has never accepted youth and irresponsibility as legitimate excuses for illegal behaviour - except when it comes to himself".

So how come that Hatfield's book, Fortunate Son, which clearly tells the truth about George W. Bush and his stunning lies and hypocrisy, can be withdrawn by the publisher at precisely the time when the people of America need this information before they make decisions on who should be their next President? I need say no more than to quote a warning given to Hatfield by one of his Bush-connected sources:

"Be careful and watch your back every step of the way. Without sounding paranoid, I think I would be amiss if I didn't remind you that George's old man was once director of the CIA. Shit, man, they named the building after the guy not too long ago. Besides, W.'s raised a staggering sixty million dollars for his White House run in a matter of only a few months and his corporate (ILLUMINATI) sponsors and GOP (republican) fat cats aren't going to roll over and play dead when you expose the truth about their investment."



David Icke

Approximately three weeks after this expose' was written, George Bush Jr., had a change of heart (ha ha), rather felt the pressure and ridicule of the public outrage over the Bush Mafia actions, and graciously re-considered his position in 'allowing' the book to be republished. It is highly recommended reading!...Read about this presidential candidate and how he came to power, the financial frauds and more allegedly perpetrated by this Mafia. Learn how the silver spooned offspring of the global elite 'make it on their own!'

David Icke, 1999

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