Webs of Power

by Erik Fortman

If you like David Icke, Alex Jones, or Jim Marrs, you'll love Erik Fortman's "Webs of Power." The book is broken into four parts, each building off the previous. Part 1, Webs of Power, details the secret histories of ten government agencies. Mr. Fortman is scathing as he reminds us of things that should be taught in history class, but are not. For instance, the Federal Reserve is not a government agency; it is a private corporation and run for profit. The numerous offences of government drug trafficking are related. Also, there are strange rumors of police-state legislation and internment camps for American citizens.

Erik Fortman is unashamed of his libertarian ideology. He claims that there has been a focused plan to attack every pillar of American society, including Christianity (he claims to be agnostic), and the Bill of Rights. In part two, Shadows of Power, a case is made that the government agencies have been patterned to be corrupt. This has been accomplished through secret organizations filled with powerful men. From the Freemasons to the Zionists, from the Round Table Groups to the Bohemian Grove, Mr. Fortman tells you what is fact and what is speculation.

Part three, Legacies of Power, exposes some of the families that are actually pulling the strings of government. These are the ones who supposedly control the Earth. It is logical that they would try to manipulate things to stay on top. The fourth part of "Webs of Power" is a conglomeration of chapters by several authors. Tom Chittum asks questions about living in a nation where everyone is a suspect. Randy Lavello tackles Macroevolution and propaganda. Henry Makow links the Rothschilds to the Russian Revolution. Chuck Baldwin writes an open letter to Christians. Finally, Len Horowitz debunks the "Jewish Conspiracy" theory.

Italy the end result of this book is not new. The authors claim that a New World Order is vying for control of every human on the planet. The refreshing thing about Erik Fortman's version is he doesn't look at it from one viewpoint. It could be preordained in the Bible. It might be an Extra-terrestrial takeover. It might be a family bloodline extending back to Ancient Egypt and Babylon. All viewpoints are covered. Whoever "they" really are, it is indisputable that certain people are trying to control the banking and corporate interests through perpetual war.

Erik Fortman is a writer and musician from Texas. Comments welcomed at erikfortman@yahoo.com

source: http://www.nevarts.com

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