By Doug Yurchey

The 'discovery of the most distant object ever detected orbiting the sun' was made by Dr. Michael Brown; associate professor at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena. The object has been named 'Sedna.' after the Inuit goddess of the ocean. The new planet is approximately 1250 miles in diameter. The last time a true planet was found in our solar system; it was 74 years ago. Pluto, with a diameter of 1400 miles, was discovered way back in 1930.

Planet X, the 10th planet, has long been a controversial and highly debated subject. Many smaller bodies do orbit the sun in this dark, cold region of space known as the Kuiper Belt. What celestial bodies can be classified as true planets? Sedna is the most distant planet known going around the sun. Its size is nearly identical to Pluto. The question whether or not the new discovery is a real planet will be argued; although, Sedna qualifies as the 10th planet!

This writer is very excited to know the DISTANCE of Planet X. How far away is Sedna; the 10th planet? An article of mine, dated October 20, 2002, was posted on the Internet. Above is that article (BODE'S LAW and KBOs ), posted on the World-Mysteries.com and the Farshores web-site, where I made a prediction: When the next planet will be discovered, it will be 7 billion miles away from the sun!

The article concerns a quaint, old formula once used by astronomers to mathematically illustrate the progression of each planet out from the sun. Bode's Law was used as a real relationship and was instrumental in the discovery of the Asteroid Belt at the 2.8 A.U. position. Readers can check the planetary orbital positions and compare them to the positions of Bode's progression. The real positions closely correspond to the mathematical formula.

Bode's Law was discarded with the discovery of Neptune in 1846. The Truth is...Pluto still conforms to Bode's progression! This writer theorized, in that October 2002 article, that when the trans-Plutonian planet was found...it will also conform to Bode's Law and orbit at a distance of 7 billion miles! The exact wording from the article, written in red, is below:

'Let this writer PREDICT here and now that a 'large' true planet will be found one day at 7 billion miles distance.'

That day is today; the Ides of March, 2004. My prediction came true! The Press Association reported that Sedna is 6.2 billion miles distant. A report by Andrew Bridges, printed in the Times, said of Sedna: 'It is a frozen world more than 8 billion miles from the Earth.'

Reports from various countries; from various astronomers will surely differ in their details. The first two sources of information that this writer downloaded off the Internet were a distance of 6.2 billion miles and 8 billion miles. Taking an average of the two, the bottom line is 7 billion miles. Now, check the article from October of 2002; exactly as I predicted.

This was not done with a dowsing rod or Ouija board. It was simply a belief in the basic premise of Bode's Law. (Don't always believe what they tell you to believe and don't always dismiss what they want you to dismiss). If you took the planet Neptune and placed it where the Asteroid Belt is...there would then be a nearly perfect progression of planets out from the sun.

What does this mean that the new discovery of Sedna conforms to Bode's Law? It means there IS something to the Titius-Bode Law; first thought of by Johann Titius in 1766 and later mathematically calculated by J.E. Bode 1778. Sedna as a Bodian planet means that the Asteroid Belt was once a planet. Ceres, Vesta and many thousands of irregular bodies are merely fragments of a planet that once orbited the sun at 2.8. Astronomical Units; at Bode's distance. (Did a Tesla-based oscillation device shatter the 5th planet in the distant past?)

This new planet, fitting in with Bode, simply means there is ORDER in the solar system. There may be a perfect PLAN for the universe. The world might not be chaotic. Things do not just occur randomly or happen naturally. Certainly, many things do not originate from random accidents. Originally, SOMEONE placed the planets in their perfect-mathematical, orbital positions!

Let this writer PREDICT here and now that one day ANOTHER planet will be discovered beyond Sedna at the very next Bode's Law position. (Let's take Bode out to the next distance in the progression: We double 768 which equals 1536; add 4 = 1540 and divide by 10 equals 154 Astronomical Units. 154 times 93 million miles and the final answer is 14.3 billion miles. The next planet beyond Sedna in Bode's progression should be 14+ billion miles distant.) I predict that the next true planet beyond Sedna will not only be the farthest object orbiting the sun; it will also be the LARGEST planet known. This theorized giant will be larger than Jupiter. (I'll name it 'Caesar' after today's publicized discovery).

Another interesting concept for the artronomers tracking Sedna: See if the new planet would have aligned in the Grand Alignment that occurred some years ago; when the planets created a large, straight line in space. Sedna, and other planets at the far end of the solar system, could also have fallen in line with the rest of the planets. Tracing its path back in time should answer that question.

There is incredible ORDER, perfection and precision in the universe. On many occasions, what we have accepted as NATURAL; are really the physical results from great acts by great intelligences.

Doug Yurchey is a writer, artist and inventor. He has studied ancient mysteries for 30 years and was married to a trans-channel. He has lectured at Carnegie Mellon University and California State at Northridge. For two years a background artist with the Simpsons TV Show, Doug Yurchey now promotes his unique theories.

Copyright 2005 by Doug Yurchey.
Printed with permission.

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