Expanded Orgasm

"Expanded Orgasm is the art and science of expanding both sensual awareness and consciousness through giving and receiving genital stimulation. Expanded Orgasm uses one’s own pathways of body, mind, emotion and spirit to create maximum expansion opportunities - the goal and focus being simply to feel as much pleasure potential as possible." Patricia Taylor, PhD.

The history of Expanded Orgasm goes back to 1976 when Vic Baranco gave a woman a three hour orgasm.

However, the principle of this can be traced back thousands of years to ancient times. Many ancient cultures were aware of the power of sex and spent a great deal of time learning and practising various techniques. Those who had been trained in these arts were often revered and the demand for their services was high.

Most sexual experiences are contractive in nature and therefore of short duration. The build-up of pleasure may be long and take time but the peak of pleasure is very short-lived and localised.

As we get closer to a ‘traditional’ orgasm, the body tenses and contracts, muscles tighten and our breathing gets quicker. At the point of orgasm, the release of tension, we experience the explosion. After this, there is a period of release and relaxation before we can experience the build-up and explosion again. For many people the time in between can be long, often having to wait for the perfect opportunity and setting.

The different paths that men and women follow to orgasm also influence this. In fact this difference often leads to dissatisfaction and frustration.

Freedom from fear
The education and attitude of society also impact on our view of sexuality and sensuality. In fact the practice of sexuality and the use of sexual energy is probably the most misunderstood and manipulated energy in the world. Something that was designed to be so pleasurable, to create such intimacy and love is, in thought and practice, so feared.

The truth of this is that we fear pleasure for the freedom it brings us. The fullness of pleasure connects us with the highest we are, the most we can be. It allows our creativity free rein; it brings out the deepest and most expansive areas of our imagination. It sets us free from any control.

This freedom brings with it great responsibility for our actions. If we are in charge of our lives and our world then we have to look very carefully at what we are creating. We need to examine the quality of our relationships, the goals of our lives and the society we are building.

The fullness of pleasure also means that we can be happy, truly, deeply, really happy. We generally struggle with the idea of being too happy for too long, expecting the bubble to burst. Many industries have been created and thrive on our unhappiness and pain.

World based on pleasure
A world based on pleasure would be a very different world. I believe that many of the social and political conditions that exist can change with an expanded consciousness.

It has been said by many people in the human growth fields that we don’t or won’t give up our illnesses and pains because we have nothing to replace them with. They have given us so much self-definition, so firm an identity.

How about replacing them with pleasure, with ecstasy?

An orgasmic state
The Expanded Orgasm technique is one possibility that can change so much of how we see our bodies, relationships, our lives and ourselves.

The learning of Expanded Orgasm is reasonably simple and with some practise most people become proficient.

The expansion of pleasure that this brings is enormous. A ‘traditional’ orgasm last for about 30 seconds. You can be in an orgasmic state for 30 or 40 minutes or even longer. The words of that alone, an orgasmic state, are enough to make the heart beat faster. It redefines our perception and experience of pleasure. The purely physical sensation of being in this state for so long simply has to be experienced to be understood. Many people have written and spoken about the feelings but all agree that understanding it can only come from feeling it.

How it works for women
The Expanded Orgasm technique includes education about men and women’s genitals. This is so important as few people have this knowledge. The intricacies of women’s genitals remain a mystery for many men and they are unable to fulfill their partners satisfactorily.

Women find the Expanded Orgasm experience extremely fulfilling, physically and emotionally. As their partners know how and where to touch, the pleasure is great. Most women talk about how beautiful they feel during and after the experience. Many women struggle to achieve orgasm but this changes after learning and experiencing the technique.

Men's experience
For men this brings a totally new perspective to the sexual experience. Most men are goal-oriented in a sexual situation. The goal being an orgasm. As soon as we get into this mindset we lose out on the wonders of the journey, the excitement of getting there and all the delicious sensations along the way.

The possibilities of Expanded Orgasm for men include orgasm without ejaculation and even multiple orgasms. For thousands of years in the East there has been an awareness that orgasm and ejaculation are not the same thing. The experience of an orgasm on it’s own has many benefits. I always make a joke and say for men the term should be ‘going’, not ‘coming’, because after the ejaculation most men are gone, ready for sleep.

An orgasm without the ejaculation allows the energy to be kept and circulated in the body. This alone gives a man a very different, often deeper and more intense physical experience. It also leads to a feeling of deep emotion. This is often accompanied by a release of stored and unexpressed feelings.

The practice of Expanded Orgasm on men has also been highly beneficial in helping men who suffer from premature ejaculation and assist men to last much longer during lovemaking.

Safer sex
Expanded Orgasm is a safe-sex technique; no penetration or oral sex is involved. This also makes it possible for people who are not in a relationship to share for the pleasure and healing, the well-being that it brings without the ‘complications’ of sex.

Couples who have learned, this comment on the increased intimacy it gives them. New channels of communication are opened; there is a greater interest in sex and sensuality, in sharing and loving.

The benefits
The benefits of Expanded Orgasm are only beginning to be studied.

These include:

Reduction in sympathetic (adrenaline-like) nervous function.

Increase in parasympathetic (associated with relaxation and well-being) function.

A release of beneficial hormones and balancing of their levels.

A sense of peace, wholeness and well-being.

A sense of mental clarity and increased ability to solve problems intuitively and in new ways.

Strengthened self-esteem and an increased sense of power and effectiveness in life.

A sense of heightened spirituality.

And a lot more fun!

Expanded Orgasm offers a doorway to Expanded Consciousness. We can live with ecstasy everyday. We can grow through joy and sharing. We can have more pleasure than we thought possible. We can be happy, healthy and peaceful. - Jonti Searll, sensualist

Source: http://www.health24.com

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