Kissing, nailmarks and lovebites are the forerunners of lovemaking. They speed up your lover's ardour. The Kama Sutra tells us that once you are caught amidst the storm of love, all preliminaries get thrown to the winds.
Take it easy when you go to bed with a woman for the first time. Reassure her and go easy on kissing and giving lovebites. Once she gets used to you, then use lovemaking preliminaries to arouse her passion.


Where does one plant kisses? Almost everywhere. To be specific, place them on her eyes, cheeks, throat, bosom, breasts, lips and even on the inside of her warm mouth.

If she is young, 3 kinds of gentler kisses can be tried:

1. The nominal kiss
A nominal kiss is one when she brushes your mouth fleetingly with hers.

2. The throbbing kiss

A throbbing kiss becomes operational when she sets aside her bashfulness for just a moment and with her eyes shut; clasp your hand and allows you to nibble just a wee bit on her lower lip.

3.The touching kiss

A touching kiss is one when her tongue darts out however briefly, into your eager mouth.

There are 4 other kinds of kisses based on angle and pressure:

1. When your lips meet directly, you have a straight kiss.

2. If your heads are slightly slanted towards each other, yoy have a bent kiss.

3. If you lift each other's head, turning it towards yourself, you have a lifted kiss.

4. If you kiss fiercely with a lot of passion, then it becomes a presses kiss.

Yet another kind of kiss can be one in which you hold her mouth with your fingers, linger with your lips; this is the "greatly pressed kiss".


The ancient text suggests the following games to arouse the passion among lovers so that they carry on lovemaking for hours:

Have a bet on who can catch the other's lower lip using only lips. Should she lose, she can pretend to cry while complaining that she has been cheated, and demand another try. If you refuse, she can suck or nip at your nose till you give in for a second try. If she loses again, she should pretend to be more distressed than before and try to get hold of her lover's lip in an unguarded moment, and hold on to it gently with her teeth. Then she can jump around for joy at her victory, using her eyebrows and eyes and nearly challenging you to get into another contest!

Those with a higher degree of passion can extend these games to contests of nails, teeth and fingers as well!

If you kiss your beloved's upper lip and at the same time she sucks your lower lip, it is called the kiss of the upper lip.

But if you take both her lips in your mouth, it is dubbed as the clasping kiss. However, during these two kisses, as you explore each other's mouth, it can easily turn into what the ancients called "jousting of the tongues". Similar battles can be tried out with the lips and teeth.

Kissing may also be classified into 4 kinds when lips, teeth and tongue work in unison. These are moderate, contracted, pressed and soft depending upon the part of the body you are kissing:

1. A soft kiss is for the breasts and where the limbs meet the body. You give gently nips and tease with your tongue.

2. A moderate kiss is reserved for her cheeks, breasts, belly and hips where the flesh is in abundance and you can sink the teeth in without causing real hurt.

3. A pressed kiss uses the tongue to trace the curves of your beloved's body, moves around the circle of her breasts, and lingers on her belly-button.

4. The contracted kiss uses your lips to subdue the tickle caused as you crawl your nail across her body.

When she kisses as you be asleep (to arouse your desires) it is called a kindling-kiss. Or, if she kisses you while you're doing something absorbing or are quarreling with her, it is wisely termed as a deflecting kiss.

If you come home late at night to find her sleeping and kiss her gently, it is the kiss of awakening. It is said that a woman who hears her lover come home, should pretend to be asleep so that she knows his true intentions.

If you want to show your love for a lady you cannot speak to for some reason, try kissing her shadow or reflection in a pool or even her shadow on the wall. This is the kiss of intention.

If for the same reason or because you tongue-tied in her presence, you kiss a child picture or statue so that she can sense that you really want to kiss her, this is the kiss of transfer.

Should the person you love be at the theatre or assembly or at night looking at something and you quietly kiss her finger or toe, it is called a demonstrative kiss.

Remember, a man who is not demonstrative is worse than worthless. If she makes a move, match her caress for caress, kiss for kiss and lovebite for lovebite. Only then the fire of love will begin to kindle and come aflame!


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