Maithuna Ritual

by Swami Nostradamus Virato

Enlightenment is simply having
unconditional love within our hearts "

Swami Virato

Maithuna is the ritual embracing  unconditional emotional, mental, physical and spiritual union through lingam, yoni and heart. It calls for purifying the body days prior to the event.

One should become tuned into his or her own body, eating only those foods that energize and vitalize the body.

Be aware of one's five+ senses. Begin expanding your view through smell, touch, sound, taste, and sight. Be with the energy of the earth and choose divine loving pastimes.

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Avoid animal flesh, cheese and eggs for at least 3 days before. Eat plenty of fresh, organic fruits and  raw vegetables and sprouts. To strengthen and clean the body eat some sea or lake algae (Blue Green or other), and also eat less food then you normally eat.

Drink some damiana tea the night before.

It is good to be outdoors near sunrise and sunset for a few days before the event, meditating for a few minutes, and simply sensing the earth. Also honor the feminine moon phases.

Do much breathing outdoors in thecountry, really getting in touch with the earth.

Remember that the body is chemical-electric and electromagnetic...the female and the male.

Get in touch with the plant and mineral levels of existence. This helps to create union with the earth. Touch the leaves and trees' bark, sensing their aliveness, feeling their energy flow into you. Hug a tree fully and sensually, pressing your lingam or yoni into the tree.

On the day of the Maithuna Event, be very sensually connected to the earth.  Eat natural grains (try spelt, basmati rice, oats). Also (when in season regionally) grapes, peaches, bananas and watermelon. Avoid gassy foods like raw vegetables, beans, cabbage, onion, garlic, and dry fruits such as apples or pears.

Eat very lightly 2 or 3 hours before the event.

Purify the outside of the body as well, by washing with an scent-free natural body cleanser. Be sure to get all the "nook and crannies." Take care of any personal toilet needs and don't drink any liquids for one hour before you make contact with your beloved.

Also, contrary to popular belief, I say DO NOT apply any perfumes, essential oils, shave lotion, perfumed anything like deodorant, douches, make-up and even fabric softeners (NEVER USE ANY COMMERCIAL PERFUMES since, 90% are synthetic chemicals, toxic to our etheric and physical bodies that create love acceptance).

The body's olfactory system, involving smell and taste, should be purified. Do lots of deep breathing. You may even wish to use a neti bowl to clean out your nasal passages. Any scents which detract from the human odor and aura should be avoided for a day before.   Anointing with fragrance comes during the ritual. Same goes for incense. DO NOT light until after union (yoga) has been made.

Begin the ritual by placing a large cotton or silk sheet on the futon (tantrikas should consider using futons) which you will use each time. Bright red, crimson, or burgundy is best.

Place candles safely around the room. If you use electrical lighting, choose a few magenta and golden or amber bulbs, with other low, soft-white lighting. The eyes must be loved... through the site of each other's body. Be sure you can see the eyes.

You may wish to place a mandala (such as the Sri Yantra) in the sacred room to be used as a focusing point.

Be sure the room is free of unpleasant odors. You may love succulent garlic sauces, but this aroma is not at the vibration to move into the heart and love centers of the body. 

Also be sure telephones and pagers are turned off.

Dress in a loose fitting, cotton, silk or hemp gown, caftan, or wrap a sheet around you. Remove all jewelry.

Sandalwood incense, a lighter, essential oils like lavender, patchouli, or ylang-ylang and two eight ounce glasses or goblets about half filled with freshly squeezed fruit juice such papaya, sugar cane and lime, pineapple, or tangerine.  You may also use fresh fruit and eliminate the juice. Be creative. Place radish sprouts or another kind, and some fresh cooked grains such as kasha, or basmati rice in two small bowls.

Even though you may be on a 12 step program, there is the sharing of the ritual wine. Fill a goblet with about 2 ounces red or white from your own intuition  (homeopathic is fine), and small sliver (about 1/8th ounce) of raw red meat and piece of fresh cooked fish (here the meat and fish or essence of the plant kingdom as in tofu, tempeh or seitan [wheat meat) may be substituted).

Have all these things on a nearby table. Be sure it is stable and away from the futon, or move later.

After bathing (be sure you are dry, and remember, no scents) join your beloved on the futon. Do not talk. Do not touch.

Sit before your partner, and simply gaze into your partner's eyes for 20 minutes. Look into your partner's right eye, or try "soft eye" and look into both eyes at the same time. This may take a little practice.

After the eye gazing, place the "meat" into each other's mouth. As you take the "meat" into your mouth really savor it and chew slowly. After the "meat," place the wine goblet to your partner's lips and share the wine. Then share some grains with your partner, followed by a little more wine. Then share the sprouts, followed by the fruit juice or fruit. The food sharing should be slow and gentle. All the while keep looking into yours partner's eyes.

Then gently brush your partner's lips with your lips, and begin to kiss softly, allowing the tongues to explore with abandonment. Part for a few seconds and look into your partner's eyes, then continue kissing.

It is said that kissing is the most intimate part of any love relationship.

Then touch your partner's face stroking lightly (nyasa). Now move closer to your partner, embracing each other, and simply hold the other in your arms for about 10 minutes, breathing (inspiring) together. Nothing to do, nowhere to go. Just be...and breathe.

Use a circular breathing pattern (pranayama), filling your lungs completely. Use a yogic belly breath. Then slowly break apart and begin exploring each others body...gently and slowly.

At this point each can remove the other's garment and continue with the touching. Use fingers, lips and tongue.

Continue nyasa, with each partner caressing the other's body from head down to the legs. The male should start by touching the female's right side, while the woman touches the male's left side. Be careful not to tickle your partner. Use gentle, yet firm strokes. Read up on sensual massage. Here use some of the essential oils on your partner's body. You may also light the incense now.

Go slowly and appreciate the other totally. Respect and worship each other as Divine Beings that you are.

After about 1/2 hour of caressing and gentle massage,  you can begin to stroke lingam and yoni. Again use fingers, palm, lips and tongue.

Continue visualizing your partner as God or Goddess, and allow your energy to flow.

Oral pleasuring and loving worship of yoni and lingam should be long and delicious for both. The tongue has many energy points, and you can send this energy to your partner through the tongue. Be creative and intuitive.

Do not attempt to bring about an orgasm, rather simply pleasure each other.

When you feel it is time, penetration may take place. Be hard and strong, as well as soft and gentle. Using your intuition, try different positions. Allow the woman to guide.

Continue to breathe fully, and keep your eyes open. Look into your partner's eyes lovingly. Breathe... Allow your spiritual energy to flow from your body to your partner.


Also, do not attempt to hold back the orgasm, rather simply let go...and remember to breathe and use whatever tantric exercises you have mastered.

The traditional yab-yum position is best for allowing the highest energy orgasm to take place.

There are thousands of variations of the Maithuna ritual. Allow yourself to be intuitive and bring all your awareness to this ritual. In essence, allow God to join you in your lovemaking.

Now...take a deep breath....


I love you,

Swami Nostradamus Virato

1999 Swami Nostradamus Virato. All rights reserved.

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