Mystical Sex

Mystical Sex is sex elevated from the mundane onto a spiritual plane. A seemingly incongruous combination but so only to our conditioned minds which have been taught to regard sexual activity as something to be hidden, or frowned upon. Sexuality is actually the most intense of sensuous experiences because all the five senses are simultaneously involved in a sexual act. It is therefore the most direct experience to realise the power of the five senses and to understand the meaning of desire. It also then gives you the feel of what it is like to practice withdrawal of senses.

But first let's talk of mystical sex. Sexual preparation, sexual activity and finally, the last phase of completion. During this last phase, the mind is in its purest form, singlepointed and focussed, the moment is brief but gives man the brief but joyous experience of the Absolute. At this point we transcend our body and reach that immense state of pure energy which is the cause of our being. For these brief moments the medley of thoughts that normally run through our minds simply stops.What one achieves through sexuality is a very short lived experience of spirituality.

There are two paths form here on - the first to extend the brief experience into a longer one through practice of pranayama, that is, by developing single pointedness that directs orgasmic energy towards your head, thereon to the solar plexus. The Anahata(area of the solar plexus) is symbolic of the union of the male and female principles. The second path is to transcend the Sexual experience and channel the sexual energy elsewhere to creative works, to healing others, to heal yourself, to meditate successfully and to experience this energy in all other areas without involving a sexual act. This takes us to Celibacy. Celibacy is not the killing of sexual energy it is the channeling of this energy to other areas of your life. It is the transcending of sexual, bodily pleasure derived from our senses on to the experience of reality beyond the senses. It is to be able to experience the beatitude you have felt in that orgasmic moment - in you - by yourself, without a sexual act.

This is Brahmacharya, a redirection of sexual energy towards a meditative experience or other spiritual experiences. It is the withdrawal of the mind and body from the senses. In the Vedic tradition all human beings are governed by a fivefold structure which is

(a) External security, contentment

(b) Fulfillment of our desires

(c) Living according to the natural laws and

(d) Evolving towards ultimate freedom.

Astha, Kama, Dharma and Moksha. A human being can live on all four planes simultaneously, or choose to live on one or other. If his choice is the last that is moksha, mukti, transcendence, then the yogic tradition prescribes a code of conduct - these are Yamas and Niyamas.

The five Yamas are-

(a) Truthfulness

(b) Honesty

(c) Non possessiveness

(d) Non violence

(e) Brahmcharya or celibacy.

And the five Niyamas are-

(a) Cleanliness

b) Contentment

(c) Austerity

(d) Self-study

(e) Surrender to God.

Opinions are extreme when it comes to sexuality or celibacy. Specially vocal are the votaries of mystic sexuality /Tantric sexuality. Here we present you with both points of view coming from people who have practiced these and written on these topics as well.

Prof. Miranda Shaw in her book "Passionate enlightenment: Women in Tantric Traditions" says "Some tantric pioneers felt that a celibate lifestyle did not in fact represent a mastery of ones sexuality but rather a repression of and even a flight in fear from ones sexuality. There is a tantric teaching to the effect that without the practice of sexual union, it is impossible to attain enlightenment in the present life time."

Margot Anand of " The Art of Sexual Ecstasy and The Art of Sexual Magic"has this to say-

"You have to go into the hell of darkness
You have to get clothes from Christian Dior
You have to taste the best foods
You have to f your brain out
You have to go into a cave and meditate
You have to do it all"

The deeper you can love yourself, the deeper you can love God, since you are gods creation. When you experience a great orgasm, you are rejoicing in the joy of connecting with the Divine.

Barry Long author of "Making Love"feels that the cause of most of the unhappiness on earth is that man and woman have actually forgotten how to make physical love. This is the greatest tragedy of all time. This means that only the individual man or woman has any chance of starting to correct it. There can be no mass solution. The problem is too personal and too deep. Everybody has to do it for himself or herself or it cannot be done.

On Celibacy

Father Thomas Keating

"Ever greater humility and purity of Heart are what were identified by the Desert Fathers and Mothers as the goal of celibacy and I think that would be what characterizes my own experience more than anything else - the ever increasing desire for humility and purity of heart"

Swami Chidananda - spiritual heir to the great Swami Sivananda says " Sex is a process that directs your entire attention upon that part of your physical nature that you share with the entire animal kingdom. Is this going to be in any way helpful for attaining cosmic consciousness? Spiritual celibacy conserves vital energy and when this is diverted to the spiritual process of contemplation, philosophical study and reflection and meditation, it works wonders. Tantra, as a practice of sacred sexuality, was once upon a time an authentic path but no more. It has become grossly perverted. It is not the authentic path to spirituality. It seeks to extend the nonduality of the orgasmic moment into a total experience, but this is very very temporary.

Celibacy as a lifelong vow must be taken only if there is an inner call. It cannot be a decision based on sentiment, emotional euphoria. Rather it is to be a judgement made through a rational, logical appraisal and awareness of life.

Bhanti Hanepola Gunaratana - Ordained a celibate monk at the age of 12, he is today at 70 a renowned Buddhist scholar and author. "The Buddha taught that as long as one is engaged in sexual activity one would not be interested in practicing spiritual life. These two just do not go together. Out of lust arises fear, greed, jealousy, anger, hatred, confusion. How can spirituality blossom if there is even a hint of these negativities in us.Ultimately the choice is yours alone to make for we are dealing here with a very powerful human urge. Unless and until you have transcended all your beliefs about sex, deconditioned your mind completely of all the confusion it has caused, you will not be able to make a reasonable choice or decision.


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