Gimme that Old Time Religion

These are a collection of pictures from the internet of temples in India. It struck me that no matter what the Religious Right Khristian Wingnuts advocate, they will never end mankind's love affair with love and sex.

It would seem that sex is one enjoyment of this life that 'God' or the gods gave mankind to enjoy. Rules by a religion of three headed god only attempt to restrain this passion given mankind by the gods.

Restraint from sex should be an inward quest and path, not caused by the dictates of hypocrites preaching their three headed god mythologies. Some of the images may not 'be' your cup of tea in sex practices. Remember that each one of us determine which 'we' like best for ourselves. Don't let a preacher determine your likes and dislikes for you. It is obvious that 'prudism' comes from religious pundits, not from man's history.

Enjoy the images and let the acts sink into your psyche. Let your mind wander and dream into these images from one of man's most ancient religions. Appreciate the details these sculptors preserved for all ages.

Hmm. Handjob and Foreplay

Anal and Oral!

See the right carving
Someone checking out that ass

Oops : Obviously a Republican

The lady in the far right
A bit of self-exploration-Masturbation

Nice Big Dildo!
Double Dong

And Yes - Gay too!

A little anal hand play

And those Breasts have been
a favorite of man for thousands of years


And we thought Modern man invented 3-d porn!
They had us beat with far superior porn!

Source: Lost Cities
The pics above are reduced in size and quality for this page. The originals are on this link. On this link you will also find many pictures of lost cities and temples that ring from the dawn of mankind.

Don't Let Religion
Crucify You!

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