Love, Sexuality and Spirituality
Sexuality is divine and a firm part of spirituality

Learn to understand the spiritual meaning of sexuality on your way to God

A comprehensive teaching and explanation of the importance or

¤ sexuality and religion
¤ sexuality and spirituality
¤ sexuality in partnership
¤ How to express and manifest true God love within a partnership here on earth

By the end of the study of this chapter and all related chapters you should have a thorough understanding of the importance and the true meaning of sexuality and be able to dissolve any old misunderstandings to open yourself for a more loving partnersip and marriage. God is the best marriage counselor and has created all you need to know for saving marriages. If your intentions are true to your partner then it will be easy for you to prove true diving love and free all your creative and spiritual potential. Dissolving spiritual blockages related to human sexuality may be the most important step forward in improving your most direct God oriented spiritual progress and success toward oneness with God.

Sexuality and religion
God is Love !

Hence God made all - and all is made by God - all is made of love - sexuality and spirituality can never be separated from God, thus sexuality and religion are both expressions of love and a help to return home to God.

God made Humans bi-polar. you may name it sexual, Yin / Yang, male / female or man and women - the meaning and physiology is exactly the same. love needs to flow and love can only flow in a bi-polar environment. same as electricity. there are however distinct ways of creating different bipolarity. human bi-polarity exists on all levels

Out of pure and infinite LOVE God made all creation and all creation is made of love and only made to love ! Out of God's infinite LOVE all humans are made and all parts of human being is made of love and made to love ! all humans on earth as well as all beyond earth are made to the image of God and hence have the same potential of divine love. all aspects of humans are made to the image of God, all physiology and all anatomy of humans are made to the image of God !! hence all sexual organs and sexuality itself is MADE by god - to exchange and express true divine LOVE among humans !!!

Religion serves to re-unite mankind with God

Love is the key to God and sexuality a firm part of God-made expression of love on physical level to assist the learning and practicing of love.

Hence sexuality never can and never should be excluded from religion as it is the single most direct and most efficient exchange of physical and spiritual love between partners.

The human anatomy and physiology is a direct reflection of spiritual physiology and anatomy. every organ we see in our physical body has its manifestation in the astral body and causal body as well as in the spiritual bodies - soul and ... beyond - the innermost divine being of each and all of us. of course human sexuality is made to be a divine expression of love and is the single most direct and single most efficient exchange of love between male and female - between man and woman. physical sexuality is the playground to learn again do DISSOLVE your ego and fully open to RECEIVE and GIVE all you are offered and all you have to offer. since you are made to the image off God - your potential in terms of quality, variety and quantify of love to offer is - INFINITE and any restriction of giving or receiving less than infinite - less than ALL you have - would be a display and proof of still having or keeping EGO. as well as accepting less than all offered to you, rejecting part or all love at any time displays and proves YOUR ego.

Love is the single most important aspect in God's entire creation. Love needs to flow in many ways among all mankind and among mankind and all creation, among humans and between humans and non-humans alike. for all different situations God has created very special ways of loving communications. the ONE very special way of exchanging love among TWO humans of opposite gender is sexuality. sexuality - even when practiced in the physical body - always includes astral love and spiritual love as well. there is no true direct flow of love possible when suppressing or rejecting direct physical love. if you want to prove true love it always includes sexuality with your partner. that is the way God has created the physiology and anatomy of humans.

The first commandement - Love
Sexuality a direct method to practice - Love

The first and great commandment - the only direct commandment from god - is to love all - that includes our partner. loving however consists of 2 components - giving all your love to all and absorbing all love from all. giving love to your ONE partner is totally different from loving all others. your love to your partner always MUST include sexuality - else it is no true partner-love. anything excluding sexuality is love that you have among sisters, brothers and friends and all your family members. if you have excluded or suppresses or rejected regular sexuality within your partnership - then you are no true partner and have no right to bind this partner to your ego. a partner rejecting or refusing true divine sexuality within a partnership has to give freedom to his partner and divorce to allow his partner to find the one partner ready and willing to give ALL and accept ALL, to make fully happy. the happiness experienced within a partnership MUST go far beyond and above happiness you experience among good friends. a partner is something unique and very special. such partnership can only exist in a condition of infinite love free of any limits.

During the past many millennium of separation from God many wrong teachings and philosophies about God have developed as a result of DIRECT absolute knowledge. hence the wrong picture of "punishing God" and of "sexuality=sin" have appeared. all these WRONG teachings had their roots in the EGO of mankind on earth and are absolutely empty of love and truth.

God is Love

This is the single most important truth YOU ALL NEED to know and absorb within your hearts.

The before mentioned WRONG teachings have mainly been developed and distributed among the Christian community on this planet - nevertheless such WRONG teachings have lead to huge damage on this planet and much suffering have occurred as a result of such gross mistake in teaching. as a DIRECT result of such WRONG teaching - mainly among the Christian community - hundreds of millions of humans who EVER have incarnated within a Christian culture on this planet during the course of their many previous reincarnation on earth have a DEEP and totally wrong "impression" in their aura - an impression like:

Totally wrong "impression" in the aura and mind

¤ sexuality is a sin - hence I AM a sinner
¤ sexuality is dirty and bad - hence I AM bad
¤ sexuality is a sin - hence i refrain from doing it
¤ and if for any reason it "happened" ( for the simple reason because they have been TOO HUNGRY FOR LOVE ) people felt and still feel BAD afterwards instead of enjoying the happiness of true love flowing through them from their partner into them and from them into their partner

Results of wrong religious impressions in humans

As a direct result of hundreds of millions of humans following such extreme WRONG teachings - many severe or even fatal illnesses have developed such as

¤ cancer and other problems prostate and testicles in males
¤ cancer, tumor and cysts in breast, ovaries and uterus in females - as well as PAINFUL menstruation in general. I true FEMALE and spiritual women NEVER can experience any pain during menstruation. if a women feels such pain - then she has a SEVERE spiritual blockage in her sexual behavior. even severe bleeding during menstruation is only the result of blockages !

The more open a person to God - the more spiritual all aspects of all love life !!

The respect for already written holy scriptures has lead to the behavior to never questions OLD teachings and to accept the wrong teaching of sexuality as a sin for thousands of years. the story of "Adam" and "Eve" simply is WRONG. while there has been ONE first man - made to the image of God and later on ONE first women, sexuality NEVER was the cause of mankind's present situation of being separated from God. the descent of mankind as a result of sexuality is WRONG and causes a deep feeling of guilt and "being a sinner" among mankind but very specially among women. it is absolutely wrong to think that God ever made anything just to tempt humans. everything God ever made is for the joy and happiness of ALL - to be learned and used to make happy and to be happy. however the continuous attachment to old and partially WRONG teachings in regard to sexuality and many other aspects of divine partnership and social behavior has caused the situation we presently encounter on this planet. the FULL potential of infinite creation of God is OPEN to be experienced by all humans - in freedom and with full support and bliss from God

- but -

to Love for ALL and allow ALL to love YOU should and MUST be a permanent and absolute part of ALL your experiences if ever you want to make your experiences a success for ALL involved in your

But how could such WRONG teachings ever be published over centuries and longer ? very simply - theses wrong teachings SERVED the purpose of authorities - of ego - a judge sentencing someone offers a remedy - a fine or sentence - for the action to be nullified and compensated again. same was and still is the procedure of spiritual hierarchies and religious hierarchies HERE on earth AND beyond. authorities and hierarchies restrict the God given freedom - knowing well that people will exceed all and every such restrictions and the compensation earned out of all punishments given is the income of authorities and the gain in MIGHT and IMPACT on a given subordinated society of weak and blind followers - on earth and beyond !! in ancient times it was MUCH easier than nowadays.

The essence of all true ancient spiritual teachings coming from God - whether the teachings of Jesus or other true Avatars that ever came to this planet from God always was a teaching of LOVE and never a teaching of sin or restrictions ! any true teaching ONLY can come from God - hence it ONLY can be brought to you by an avatar - by a fully God realized person ! however people learned to follow the teachings of egos of "hierarchies" and "authorities" rather than the one and only teaching of Love from God.

LOVE and ONLY Love can bring you the final and ultimate solution needed for YOUR present spiritual situation - ONLY true divine Love exercised in absolutely ALL situations of life, including your partnership, including your sexuality can bring your circle of reincarnation to an eternal end and get YOU back home to God.

God is Love - God will be Love for the remainder of eternity !! whatever God created and creates is made of Love for YOU and made to show and prove his love for YOU - if YOU accept to learn to use all in a LOVING way toward ALL then eternal and absolute happiness among all will result again ! Accept and recognize this absolute truth of LOVE being within all aspects of God's creation and being pored upon YOU all the time and be FREE off any feeling of guilt whatever you do - as long as all you do you do WITH the purest possible LOVE. recognize the ultimate deepest sense of all in God's creation and you easily realize that ALL serves but ONE single purpose - to make YOU happy, to learn to love - to love.

Sexuality in partnership
Sexuality gives you most valuable spiritual feedback

Sexuality is the single most important way to LEARN to love again - love between TWO partners - love between man and women ! Physical sexuality gives you the most valuable feedback about

¤ your remaining ego
¤ your spiritual development and progress
¤ your capability to MAKE happy
¤ your capability to BE happy
¤ your capability to GIVE love
¤ your capability to RECEIVE love
¤ your capability to focus on important priorities in life only

Your love toward all others is a key factor in happy sexuality within partnership

Before you can enjoy a happy love life with your partner you also need at the very same time have accomplished the very BASIC spiritual lessons in life. lessons like

¤ helping and supporting OTHERS
¤ sharing with the poorest ones
¤ strive for God union and return to God
¤ work a reasonable work for the benefit of all

As this last points are the basis on which YOUR mutual love between YOU and your partner grows on. no love can prosper without supporting the wellbeing of OTHERS FIRST. no love can prosper when the man is too weak, too lazy or to stingy to work for the benefit of ALL creation.

The problems you may have in your direct sexual life with your partner or with any partner is a direct reflection of spiritual blockages and lessons that you have omitted to accomplish FIRST. a more happy love life is the result of YOUR most direct and efficient spiritual progress as a result of your conscious efforts to dissolve your ego ant return home to God.

If you have learned to fully accept all challenges your love life offers you and if you have learned to reduce your ego and solve your spiritual blockages and problems in divine love - then you may improve on your spiritual path and in your partnership as well.

In the following section we learn:

¤ how the metaphysical physiology of the sexuality between men and women can "turn on" and uplift each other
¤ the sense of physical sexuality in God's divine plan
¤ how your sexual desire and behavior has been influenced by your relationship with your parents during childhood
¤ causes of possible problems in our free and harmonious development due to misunderstandings and wrong teachings.
¤ causes of disharmonies in sexuality in men and women - such as homosexuality in men and women and transsexuality.
¤ how to re-establish holistic harmony between man and women and in all human society and how to refine and improve existing harmony

Sexuality and spirituality
Sexuality and spirituality or sexuality and yoga

Both religion and yoga have the same true innermost purpose - to re-link, to re-unite mankind with God. For a true yogi as much as for any religious person it is of utmost importance to truly understand the meaning and purpose of sexuality as a most direct and most efficient expression of love between two God made partners of opposite gender.

Dissolving spiritual blockages in your sexual behavior thus is one of the greatest steps forward on your spiritual path and may give you the greatest push and uplift. It's all about love and nothing but divine love in God's entire creation. And nothing that is made of love and nothing that is made for love can ever be wrong or bad !!!

All that serves to make happy - to love and to uplift with your love is made by the divine to give joy of life and a true divine eternal meaning and purpose to life for ever. Love is the single most important content of eternal life. Love is the single most important purpose of eternal life - Love is the ONLY purpose for eternal life !!!

The divine plan relating to sexuality can be recognized already by looking at the rotation of chakras in male and female bodies. all chakras in a female body rotate the opposite way from same chakras in a male body. if one particular chakra "turns" clockwise in a man - then it "turns" counterclockwise in a woman !

If a man and a women FACE each other - then all chakras in man and women rotate synchronously - provided both have a similar level of vibration as a result of similar spiritual development. since they turn synchronously - a free flow and exchange of energy between the two facing partners can occur. both can influence AND uplift each other with increased flow of LOVE between the two facing partners. they "turn on" each others chakras and if they are spiritually advanced - they do this on all levels at the same time - through all chakras simultaneously !

They UPLIFT each other.

This uplifting or "turning on" may happen on all chakras simultaneously or only on one or several chakras. if done in the chakras for sexuality - they are sexually turned on. the opposite is pulling someone DOWN - reducing the partners vibration or blocking the free flow of life force. such disturbance occurs as a result of extreme disharmony, missing sexual development as a result of missing spiritual orientation and progress in one or both of the partners. the ultimate result is the "need" for such products like Viagra and its many substitutes. Viagra creates on a purely physical level artificially an increased flow in sexual organs - the very same however is done in a very divine and natural way through pure divine LOVE between the two partners. LOVE is infinitely more powerful than Viagra or any other natural or chemical substitute !! If you want to increase your sexual drive you need to improve on your true divine love toward ALL first by reducing your ego in a very scientific way. all needed lessons are given to you in the many chapters of this text.

If in two partners all chakras are in harmony to each other - between the two partners, i.e. the quality and purity and divinity of all aspects of the holistic divine being are very similar or equal, then both are always uplifting each other by reinforcing and supporting the same aspect in their partner. a true resonance between all chakras of two partners exists only in the two eternal partners and only if both are fully God realized.

However any high degree of harmony in ALL aspects of two partners results always in increased happiness and increased quality of life. uplifting partnership creates a increased performance and creativity in BOTH of them. if however ONE important aspect of one or both of the partners is suppressed or neglect - such as sexuality in many millions of partnerships - then the productivity, creativity and true spiritual happiness are suffering to a high degree or totally missing !

Sexual harmony between two partners is vital for creative productivity in all humans ! LOVE flowing on ALL levels between two potential partners - on physical level, i.e. astral level, mental/causal level, atmic level (soul) as well as higher levels - is the fire of all driving forces to new action, new adventures in eternal life, exciting gifts of LOVE to all creation and to GOD.

The free flow of LOVE between TWO partners of opposite sex is the ONLY purpose of creating opposite polarities male - female by God. but ONLY true divine love - free of any limits, free of any selfishness, free of stinginess, free of greed, free of any other purpose but to MAKE happy can do such miracles of love and only if YOU can extend such divine love toward ALL creation ! anything that is BETWEEN you and any OTHER person or part of creation ALWAYS will be between YOU and your beloved PARTNER !!! the key to true happiness including true sexual harmony between any two partners is their MUTUAL love for ALL - including true love for GOD as well as full acceptance of ALL their very own personal God-made sexuality.

Above graphic A:

We see 2 partners with a fair degree of RELATIVE harmony - relative to each other ! similarity in colors means similarity in their behavior and personality including spiritual personality on several different levels of manifestation - physical, astral, mental, causal, atmic, ... - . hence a relative harmony on several or all levels of consciousness creates some flow of energy between the 2 partners. the red colors shall show LOVE on all levels, physical, astral and spiritual. we can say that we see here some loving harmony between the 2 partners including physical / sexual harmony.

Sexuality is the "learning-playground" for true divine love and the most direct and most efficient manifestation and exchange of love on a physical level ! the red dots between the 2 partners shows the actual FLOW and exchange of energy - of LOVE between the two partners. such direct spiritual / metaphysical FLOW causes a feeling of deep satisfaction and truly being LOVED beyond WORDS. it requires FULL or utmost possible openness between the 2 partners - it requires a clear YES - a clear affirmation - in all aspects and needs of mutual love and living ! on the highest level of the 2 partners we see complete EQUALITY on ALL levels of the innermost manifestation of the 2 - such is only encountered in true eternal partners - ONE man made for ONE particular WOMAN for eternity. such true innermost harmony is the source of all LOVE and inner harmony needed for any partnership to last BEYOND short term needs, beyond the present incarnation. such true and absolute harmony will be able to dissolve ANY and ALL present mutual differences in the prevent ego and physically manifested personality. true infinite divine love can dissolve ALL and can HEAL ALL !

Such two partners have their roots in God and hence are a divine couple - married or non-married on earth - their partnership is and remains beyond any and all earthly jurisdiction - as GOD has CREATED AND blessed such a divine and eternal partnership and marriage for ever and ever. if such 2 partners are intellectually oriented toward spiritual development - their potential to improve their love and partnership day after day increases and obviously the more they BOTH work on their individual spiritual progress - the more happy their mutual partnership will be and the closer they get to their divine home.

At the same time however we see some substantial differences in their present lower levels of manifestations - differences that may be considered like acting vectors that act as different forces in different or opposite directions. such differences in their present physically manifested ego may represent a potential permanent danger to their earthly partnership - IF they forget or temporarily shift their focus from mutual spiritual development and orientation to God toward a focus on their karma and material desires.

The more material desires and wishes for career and material / earthly goals, the greater the risk of drifting apart for another incarnation or even several incarnations and missing the return home to God as well as final and eternal union with their beloved partner.! the greater their spiritual orientation and the more simple their life - the better their mutual chance of becoming ONE on their way to God and being a true help and inspiration to each other !!!

Only EGO can block the flow of true divine LOVE between 2 humans or husband wife or 2 partners ! the ego is the sum of all damages accumulated and all spiritual blockages and wrong teachings and karma that separates any individual human from union with GOD and from oneness with his partner as well. if our true and absolute divine goal is oneness with GOD then at the same time you become one with all - hence one with your god made partner as well. hence on your successful way to GOD you get closer and closer to your present living partner as well. the only way to successfully improve the overall spiritual absolute quality of any partnership is true absolute spiritual progress toward oneness WITH GOD !!!

The ego also can be viewed as a highly complex system of different vector forces acting with different power into different directions and sometimes tearing a human almost apart - epileptic seizures are such a phenomena - but also coma or extreme illness or handicap can be the result of such extreme forces acting on a human being.

Two partners - male + female - can be viewed as a basic unit in God's entire creation. there are creatures made to be alone - in groups or as pairs. however it always is reflected in the physical manifestation as well. hence whatever YOU SEE and or experience HERE on earth is somehow - but of course in a MUCH more loving perfectly divine way existing after we achieve oneness and freedom in God. nothing God ever made is made to punish us or to make our life more difficult. all difficulties if at all are EGO-made by humans !!! since a human also can be regarded as a energy - system consisting of many forces acting like vectors in many - possibly different - directions, we easily understand the importance of cultivating our "forces" of the ego and direct them gently and with LOVE into divine directions and path. if two partners have different interests or if different interests develop during the course of their mutual partnership - then of course the harmony between the two humans suffers and eventually they drift apart. additional factors for drifting apart are different spiritual orientations, wrong spiritual teachings and "imprints" as well as behavioral patterns left over from previous incarnations. such acting forces that reduce or totally block the FREE flow of love between any two adults / partners / family members of course always are a burden and may eventually destroy temporarily a partnership. broken partnerships however cause all parties involved to review their previous behavior and eventually accept the possibility to question one or several of their very own behavioral patterns and as a result of questioning existing patterns and forces - finding the TRUE path and solution of love as given by GOD !

However if BOTH partners have the very same mutual goal in life - HERE on earth first and above all GOD - then their relationship with all - between themselves as well as with all their family members and entire human and non-human society will improve and become more and more loving as they progress. on a mutual path of love both partners are God-made to assist in very special and more and more "magic" ways each other in life and on their path of love to God. their love expands far beyond their own partnership to include more and more others until their love is ALL-inclusive - made to the image of God's infinite and eternal love. the more two partners progress the faster they can progress - together ! as a husband / wife team - just as God made humans. love flowing between two partners is like a sun - shining into the hearts and souls of surrounding human and non-human society and uplifting all. such uplifting love toward all requires however at any time a strong mutual God-orientation from BOTH partners. BOTH need to be really strong in their devotion to GOD and in their true and sincere desire to improve their love toward all.

Re-establishing such divine harmony is quiet simple - but it requires true readiness to totally dissolve all karma and ego and attain oneness with god for ultimate and eternal healing. on a path of love with continuously improving harmony and love toward god and all creation any human can more and more easily live in a loving partnership with almost any other potential partner. ultimate divine harmony however is only achieved with the one and only partner given by God to us. they sometimes may be incarnated in a physical body or may be without physical body depending on their own spiritual efforts and karma as well as on your very own spiritual efforts and karma. some partners may be separated hundreds or thousands of years from their eternal god made partner and the only way to find that one and only is to RETURN to God.

Above graphic B:

shows a couple with great harmony in most spiritual aspects except some minor differences in their present physical personality. such differences may have been "MADE" during the first few decades of growing up here on earth - caused by WRONG teachings resulting from their cultures, religions, political environment, social environment and parents as well as many other factors from their immediate environment. even a divine soul incarnating directly from God may at first and for an extended time still "suffer" from many imprints received from the present physical environment here on earth. partially due to above mentioned factors but of course also due to inherited genetic tendencies. any such given "impurities" however are weak compared to the INNER forces of any truly spiritual soul incarnating from God or any spiritually developed sphere. true values in life are and always will be of spiritual nature and all your spiritual accomplishments of all and any previous incarnations ALWAYS remain your innermost divine jewels and will "explode" into your present personality at the given time during your physical incarnation. true spiritual achievements of previous incarnations are of LASTING nature - for eternity - and become a firm part of your innermost true divine and eternal being. a divine soul incarnates into a physical body and will "cultivate" that physical body to make it a suitable and efficient TOOL for that particular incarnation and all tasks as planned therefor. such adaptation of the physical body to the level of divinity of the innermost being and soul using such body may take up to a few decades depending on the methods used and the motivation and forces applied toward achieving such divine goal.

With continuing love between two partners and simultaneous devotion to God both physical personalities will be filled more and more with divinity and finally be a direct reflection of God. partnerships of such kind are extremely seldom here on earth because most people are too much absorbed in their ego-oriented activities or rejecting the opposite sex as a result of their present religious or spiritual mis-education. with continuous development of all mankind here on earth partnerships will however become more and more loving and god oriented and spiritual success become more easy to achieve for all.

ALL in God's entire creation is made to love and hence has a meaning of love ! all physical creation as well serves the sole and only purpose of LEARNING and improving our love in all situations toward all creation and creatures. God's creation is the playground for his beloved divine children to grow up and mature to be one day adult children made to the image of God.

For the same reason also sexuality serves this divine purpose of teaching us divine love toward our eternal partner. to do so we need to reduce our ego step by step - sometimes in changing incarnations - male / female depending on how we accept our role and lessons offered in a particular incarnation. most humans here on earth have made hundreds of incarnations more and more away from God and have developed a highly complex and hard-core ( stubborn ) EGO.

First of all we need to fully accept our present situation we have incarnated into ! we either are in a male or female body and a very substantial part of the elementary lessons of THIS present incarnation is to LOVE our present polarity !!!!!

The next step is to question ALL of our present innermost tendencies to DESIRE / long / fear / reject / suppress whatever. our present situation is the very best and MOST LOVING solution for each of us for the sum of OUR own karma and tendencies and "imprints" and the result any emotional / spiritual "injuries" we carry along from present and previous incarnations. only by fully accepting our present situation in a neutral - questioning - but loving way can we find solutions of love OUT of any possible spiritual death-end path in our spiritual life. our daily life in our present culture with all its possibilities that this situation offers us - will provide all necessary loving lessons and situations of love to improve and make necessary changes to further progress toward our spiritual goal of oneness with God.

Observe yourself from a neutral position. observe your sexual behavior, games, and tendencies or blockages. before you can dissolve anything in love you first need to fully accept in and ultimately absorb it in your innermost divine being to surrender it to God. your neutral observation of all your present sexual behavior will show you your true attitude toward a substantial part of God's creation. if you reject for example your very own sexuality - of course you reject at the same time the sexuality of the opposite sex as well. to make a full and precise assessment of your present sexual situation YOU need to be fully truthful and sincere toward YOURSELF ! it is YOU who has to accept the present situation and even if your true present situation NEEDS a drastic change or modification in a given NEW direction - YOU need first to find out and accept your present true situation and attitude before being able to make changes. you may NEED to accept that for what ever reason a part - even a very substantial part or in the "worst" of all situations ALL of your sexual behavior may be totally WRONG from the ABSOLUTE point of view - the absolute point of view meaning the TRUE and absolute meaning of God's intentions when he created us the way HE wanted us to be. may be YOUR understanding of his intentions are different from his true and eternal intentions ?? hence it is YOU and never God who needs to adapt. you may have to change more or less of your present behavior until you truly ARE and behave to the image of God.

Whatever the result of your true and sincere assessment of YOUR present sexual attitude and behavior - God always loves you and always WILL love you whatever you do or have done or WILL do - even if you made or make or plan to make another "mistake" - God will always rich out his loving "hand" toward you to help and assist you in all possible and most loving ways whenever you are truly ready to accept his spiritual guidance - from WITHIN or from outside sources. God knows and uses many ways to help and guide you toward the God-intended loving behavioral patterns that allow you to be happy and ultimately return HOME to your eternal home in God's world of love - home to true and eternal oneness with God. all the lessons and situations and persons God guides into your present life are intended to help you to drop blockages, to heal blockages, to question "wrong" spiritually disturbing behavioral patterns, to question imprinted "wrong" knowledge or intentions and to help you to fully become aware of the NEED to make adjustments and eventually to grow YOUR readiness to accept physical OR spiritual guidance on your path of love to God. the more you can neutrally question everything you "know" the easier it is for God to guide you in a more and more loving way on your path of love and the easier it is for God to guide you DIRECTLY from within without any further assistance from other humans or even from guru. however all other humans around YOU serve the purpose of YOU learning to apply and practice your learned lessons of love and to receive physical feedback from all your persons you ever get in contact with. if you truly progress - then you find less and less people who disagree with you and more and more people who enjoy your loving presence and your silent love or even your spiritual advice and help.

Learn to accept love in your physical body - learn to accept SPIRITUAL love while being IN A physical body or better while using a physical body. your physical body is a temple of God and needs to be flooded with utmost divine love again and again - such however requires that YOU can accept and love your present body - that you FEEL yourself love worthy - lovable !!! if you fail to feel or consider yourself lovable - HOW then could anyone else including God love you - because your full acceptance of BEING love worthy / lovable the way you are right now creates the true and ultimate opening for divine love coming from God and from all others as well.

Once you have successfully accomplished to fully accept love in your physical body as well - including sweet divine love FROM God - you start to develop your spiritual being more and more and uplift your love and all energy including your sexual energy and turn all your sexual love into a true divine spiritual love. in your spiritual being WITHOUT a physical body you still become ONE with your partner AND of course with God - this is far more that physical sexuality here on earth - however it is the direct higher development level of physical sexuality. spiritual love toward ALL means fully loving all and fully accepting love from all - and such is your innermost God-made image - for eternity.

While humans as long as having a physical body you may always practice physical love to some extent - but at the same time and with increased / improved spiritual progress you may step by step replace physical sex with spiritual "sex" - i.e. divine love - without rejecting or suppressing anything at all. divine spiritual love is nothing else but the most direct spiritual development of uplifted physical love. such divine love flowing between two partners of opposite "polarities" ( sex ) will far more than replace the previous step. if will be far more satisfying than physical love and will more and more lead into true divine love toward all that can be felt across continents, across planets, across the entire creation. such as true divine love and spiritual guidance from ALL the great saints can be felt with or without them having a physical body - provided YOU are fully open to receive their love and guidance.

If YOU have successfully and lovingly accomplished ALL your physical lessons - including all lessons of love / sexuality - then you are ready to proceed to the next step of spiritual development and if you are an active God-seeker and fully devoted to God and LOVE - such steps CAN be made within one single incarnation until the very end - until full and complete total ONENESS with God as

God is Love such love also includes
God is grace and mercy

Hence all remaining karma can at some point of your development be totally absorbed and dissolved in the fire of divine love provided that you truly and sincerely are ready to LOVE and to learn to love in all situations as well as to forgive all and ask for forgiveness from all.

Any suppression or rejection or fear of a present particular physical or spiritual condition you may carry within your present incarnation and ego may however be a serious obstacle on your path to God and create spiritual, emotional, mental or physical stress to you resulting finally in extreme behavioral disorders, or manifestations of multiple personalities or even result in severe physical illness.

Sexuality can be a most valuable
"tool" on your way to God
to become aware of your ego

Sexuality can be a most valuable "tool" for divine feedback about all your innermost blockages, fears, or "wrong" imprints. sexuality often is abused as a "weapon" to seduce - to attract - to punish ( by refusing love ), a weapon abused to achieve goals of the ego. such is particularly the case of in one or both of partners the true spiritual orientation toward God is missing or weak and the primary goal in life is anything else but spiritual progress on a path of love toward oneness with God and freedom in God. hence sexuality can be extremely disturbing among EGO-oriented humans and extremely helpful among truly God oriented humans.

Strong sexual desire

Strong sexual desire may be caused by

¤ suppressed own sexuality in your physical partnership resulting in strong sexual fantasies and alternate activities as common in today's modern world - www, sex-chat, phone-sex, pornographic literature, sex movies, masturbation, ... are all but "pressure relief valves" of misguided sexual (love) energy that needs to be re-directed with love into divine channels made by God.
¤ missing or reduced opening to accept love in your living partner - hence the flow of love is missing efficiency and needs more attention and more indirect love than a fully open person.

The more you or your partner is closed to accept or give love in an efficient direct way - the more hungry for love you are. this increased hunger for love results in the search or creation of indirect paths of love to substitute direct love from partner to partner and from God to you and your partner by numerous indirect and sometimes quiet ill formed love-substitutes. love is all you even need to really e happy. God is love and God is the source of all love - but as God made all humans to his image - every human also can become a source of love for his surrounding and particularly for his beloved one and his partner. different personal / spiritual relationship to others may result in the need of different ways to express love toward all. yet there always remains ONE very intimate particular way to love your eternal partner. once you have experienced such love - you will know for eternity why god created it the way he did. a loving partnership between parents is a substantial part of the healthy and "normal" divine sexual development of children. if parents have no or an ill sexual relationship to each other - then the children grow up in an ill environment and may have and extended desire to COMPENSATE as soon as they gain sexual maturity and adequate age to fulfill their desire or hunger for compensation and missing love from their own parents. children can only grow up happily if parents are truly happy together. only happy parents can truly love their children - and only beloved children who have received all hugs and kisses and divine spiritual love as needed will grow up free of any damage and free of the need to compensate. all others growing up in a love-less environment or in a broken family may need years or decades to compensate first before being ready and willing to fully love or accept love with a partner.

Hence most partners in the early twenties and thirties or forties of an adult may be loving partner and loving medicine first of all just to heal the damage done by others before. and as the mutual love grows and gets freed as a result of mutual spiritual success, the love between the two partners becomes more and more what God intended - magic - inspiring - uplifting love between two God made loving partners ! love is intended to be a source of inspiration and creativity in all daily activities. divine partners can be ONE with each other all the time in their innermost divine being once they both have agreed in their innermost divine heart in being eternal partners under the eye of God and with divine guidance, love and bliss from God.

To satisfy the hunger of love by sexuality is never possible - physical love never is enough - it always involves at least some part of ego while being in a physical body - this is at at least true and valid for the vast majority at present times on this planet. the spiritual aspect or component of love is the one ultimately creating the true and lasting satisfaction. however physical love and rituals are again but a tool to HELP to dissolve or drop spiritual blockages on the way to TRUE spiritual partnerships beyond the physical plane of creation and existence. the hunger for love from any soul is far to great to be satisfied by physical love / sexuality alone - people have to learn to truly open their heart for ALL variations of divine love flowing from their spiritual being into the spiritual being of their partner to satisfy the NEED and hunger of love! while total oneness with God always satisfies all hunger and need for love - God made a multitude of humans and partners as well with the very same divine potential - as we all are made to the image of God and when we have dissolved or dropped any EGO behavior that has separated us for so long from God and from all others in God's creation - we all shall be able to LOVE and make happy like our eternal divine heavenly father as well. but as the fragrance of each flower is different - the love of all children of God is different and we all love to receive love from God as well for eternity as well as we love to give love to our eternal father as well as we easily recognize his infinite love in all creation around us including all humans and other non-human loving beings.

Yoga and religion are means
to guide mankind home
Love is the power to achieve that goal
sexuality is a divine means
to express divine love
between husband and wife

You may want to study further into God and love to achieve more happiness in your life and to progress faster and more lovingly in your life on your path of love to God.


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