Covering the Achilles Heel of the Soul

Polarization is occurring on its own. We as human participants will just find ourselves on one side or the other. One side will be Unconscious and one side will be Conscious. It is impossible to sit on the fence.

As those heading towards the Conscious side will find out, the ultimate weapon of the Unconscious is to accuse the Conscious of "Hate" when they express the Emotions that have been frozen. Those heading towards Consciousness are sensitive and loving. An accusation of "Hate" comes as a terrible blow to a being of Light. Beware, for this is the ultimate tool of Control. We need to cover this Achilles Heel of the Soul with Thundering Understanding.

The Unconscious hate themselves and so draw that to them in the outside world. If the Conscious are there, the Unconscious will do things until "Hate" rises in the Conscious. When the Conscious responds honestly to their feelings, the Unconscious will then accuse the Conscious of "Hate".

For the Conscious this is debilitating. For the Unconscious, it adds fuel to their fire. This is how they feed off the Conscious and keep them from growing. The Conscious are expressing honestly to approach the "real" which is a reflection of Love. For the Unconscious the "real" is what they fear the most. They will do anything to stop it from disturbing their Denial.

Love seems like Hate to the Unconscious because they Fear the Truth. The Conscious Hate to be Hated because they can't stand to be misrepresented, and that is the trap. Feeling compelled to clarify, they will be lured into the Unconscious's trap. Each explanation opens the door to more Denials. Consciousness's energy gets used up, and the Unconscious feeds on the pain.

You will see these divisions increasing all over. God is sorting out the weak from the chaff. All spirits will go where they need to go for what they need to learn. The shadows will lurk in darkness while the stars will take their rightful place in the sky.

C. Moors, Editor Pearly Gates Press source:

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