Wisdom of the Rainbow Serpent
Prophecy of the Apache Indians

by Maria Yraceburu

We are now in the midst of transition. As always happens before there is a birth, there is labor. The birth of the Fifth World of Peace means transition and effort. As the Fifth World comes there will be "growing pains."

But there has been planted in our world a seed that is growing, and the efforts to nurture the seed have been successful. The prophecies have foretold of this time. It is happening even as I write these words.

There are many big changes happening. There have been breakups, and there have been upheavals. There is what many consider darkness and difficulty. Many say "Things are worse." But, there is behind all this a power which is making for the evolution of the world.

There are many of us who have seen, or are now seeing, the world as it shall be. That conception we try to relay to those who are receptive, to inspire them to go on with their work. The images I have been shown tell me it is only a matter of time.

As the Children of the Four Directions come together, we recognize that all politics, religion, science and knowledge are part of one thing. As we healing and embrace our true identity as responsible co-creators pain, sorrow, fear, mourning and unhappiness are dissipating and our world moves to become a place of smiles and happy laughter. The greatest teacher who is in our world today is one who can work to lift the sorrows of others and make the lives of others better.

The old Fourth World was a paradym where, when one individual has something, instead of using it to help the others, trying to keep it for themselves, with the result that in time a system was made that is now collapsing because its foundations were irresponsible in relation to the whole.

As people develop their gifts, which all come from Spirit, and use them for the benefit of All Our Relations, we are building a system founded on that which is eternal and based in love.

These are no new things that I am telling you. They are the old, old truths that those who have seen with the eyes of spirit have taught for many, many centuries. But until this time, the Shadow of Fear’s hold over Humanity’s reason was too strong, and now we are shown that we are learning the lessons of Spirit.

We are moving forward in our evolution as we get back to Spirit and Sacred Law. The Fifth World of Peace is birthing. I can see how prophecies are coming into fulfillment.

We are learning that the bounty of the sacred Changing Mother must be properly divided amongst All Our Relations. We are reevaluating, and determining the most responsible way to divide the things we have among all that are here. Is this not a simple life concept?

We are breaking down vested interests. Sacred Laws are perfect. If we live our own lives, seeking only to serve others, then because of that Spirit operates through us.

That applies to me, you and it applies to All Our Relations. It is possible, for it is the way. Sacred Law is perfect and we cannot cheat it. We learn the Laws and put them into operation.

The light of Spirit is penetrating the darkness that once was, and out of chaos and disorder there is being built the Fifth World of Peace, where there is no inequality, no injustice, no division of those who have too much from those who have too little, where all the gifts will be divided and all the bounty will be evenly shared.

I do not care by what name you call the dawn of this time, but it is the Fifth World of Peace, as I was taught and shown, that is coming into fulfillment, accompanied by co-creative power with Spirit, and the service of all faithful hearts who seek but to bring new joy, new life, new happiness to the sacred Changing Mother.

Sometimes you may think that your work is being retarded, but all the time there is being used, even without knowledge, people in all places, instruments unknown even to themselves. The Sacred Parents support our evolution. Destruction is thwarted by compassion and responsible action. That is why I urge you again and again to embrace your connection, your power, your purpose of service. What you name this work, this time, this power, I care not. It goes on. We all work together. It moves forward.

I am proud that because of our efforts we have accomplished so much throughout our world. Hearts that were once sad are now a little more joyful. Light has pierced the gloom of darkness. Now, there is more knowledge where before there was ignorance. We have aided those who had become fainthearted, given strength to those who were weary, guided those who had lost their way and acted as an incentive to those who strive to work for All Our Relations, giving them the realization that behind them there is a mighty support system of love spurring them on in all their endeavors for the Sacred Parents and All Our Relations.

And I am also happy that I have been able to bring you insight into what lies beyond, so that you may realize more than you ever did before that you have never lost your loved ones, that death does not divide but brings together those whom love and affection and friendship have made one in heart and soul.

I wish you could see the extent of our work’s influence throughout the world. Together, you and I have helped to break barriers, to remove obstacles and to bring knowledge. These are the things our world needs, the simple truths that enable spiritual, mental and physical freedom to reign supreme. As you know, we live to serve, for through service and service alone do we evolve.

I want to remind you all once again I am the same as you. I am only one of many seeking to bring forth the truth, the simple truth of the spirit, the realization that we are all parts of the Web of Life. Spirit is within us. We have a sacred heritage and are entitled to all the bounty of the Sacred Parents because of our latent sacredness, and all obstacles and institutions that have stood in the way of that fullness are being swept away. Our labor is not only to free our souls and minds, but bodies too.

That is the task to which we have dedicated ourselves. That is the service we strive to perform. If I, as an instrument, am privileged to bring those truths to others and help, then I rejoice. I have worked for some time and I continue to work, so that through our united efforts we may bring growth - growth that is essential - into our world. We have the knowledge, we have the truth, we have the responsibility that comes with all knowledge of using it so that we are greater instruments.

Remember always, when we are questioned, that the hallmark of sacred truth is stamped on the message of love because we appeal only to reason. The message that is in this time is one that does not debase us, that does not demean our intelligence, that does not seek to turn us from the Path of Beauty, goodness or service. Rather does it strive to make us realize our latent sacredness, so that, conscious of our own tie with Spirit, we may so order our lives that the Sacred Parents are expressed in all that we do.

Great work is being achieved by all those conscious of spiritual truths banding together and using our power to dissipate the fog of darkness which once ruled the Fourth World of Separation. Go forward with great confidence, knowing that all the forces of good, helpfulness and service are at your side.

There is a great field for service in front of us all. We look forward with joyful anticipation to the fact that we are able to help many who do not know where to turn, who do not trust any more the faith of yesterday and who search for the truth which withstands the questioning. We bring them to knowledge of spiritual truth and spiritual law. We seek to remind them of their own innate powers of spirituality, to help them understand that co-creative power that is theirs, so that they may sweep away forever the ideas of cringing self-victimization.

We seek to make our world realize the great power of spirit, waiting to co-create with all those who strive to serve All Our Relations, so that, armed with knowledge, we can fight all illusions of fear, and allow the light of spiritual truth to radiate its glorious beams. That is our task. And we bring with us that power of the Sacred Parents which can inspire and guide, which can uphold and sustain, which can bring food to hungry minds, healing to bodies racked with pain, which can bring inspiration and revelation, truth and wisdom for all.

We can fill our lives with this power just as we are provided with the capacity to understand and receive it. We seek to co-create with all who desire to raise the vibration of this time.

Daaiina, and so it is.

Maria Yraceburu is a Quero Apache diiyin - a storyteller, healer, ceremonial facilitator, teacher, and guardian of the ancient Snake Clan knowledge that has been passed down through countless generations.

Source: http://www.experiencefestival.com

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