by Doug Yurchey

The human race did not originate from apes. Our genesis was not in the Garden of Eden. Science and Religion, these huge institutions, are both incorrect. They are wrong in the respect that our beginnings were simple. Primates or Adam and Eve; both Creation theories/stories consider the early human race on Earth as primitive.

More than 90% of everyone is either:

agnostic and believes in Evolution, or
a part of some organized religion in the sense that they think 'God did it.'

Science and Religion errs because: Physical evidence indicate that our ancestors were ADVANCED. They possessed high technology. Sorry, Mr. Von Daniken, but aliens were not needed to accelerate the progress of Earthly primates. Instead, a super-metropolis existed on a global scale tens of thousands of years ago: ATLANTIS. The human race began in a super-society that landed here! {Read World Mysteries & Farshores articles: Wireless World and More on the World Wireless to discover that Tesla/wireless principles powered Atlantis. Also, the locations of the Atlantean colonies are pictured}.

Atlantis was Eden in the real world. It was originally a Paradise. These sites, which are an ancient-global energy-grid, now lay in ruin. This was a lost age that unites the early Pre-Inca with the early Pre-Egyptians. Some greater Mother-Civilization must account for the vast numbers of similarities on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

Atlantis was not a city or found in the Mediterranean. It was more than a large continent. According to Plato, legends and old maps; a great land mass once stood in the Atlantic. The continent is no longer there. The continent may have sunk to the ocean floor during the destruction of Atlantis. (In the Pacific Ocean, before Atlantis, was Mu or Lemuria; the origin of the Asian culture).

One of the most interesting theories as to what happened to the Atlantis continent is the idea that it is Antarctica! The land mass did not sink; it was moved to the South Pole. Antarctica is so heavily guarded. Very few people have permission to visit Antartica. It is virtually a frozen Area 51. What wonders could be hidden under all the snow and ice? Could there be the remnants of pyramids larger than the Great Pyramid?

This once grand and glorious empire could not maintain perfection over time. Utopia once existed right here on Earth. Our ancestors were far greater than we are today. Paradise is in our very nature. We were not primal animals, but prehistoric gods. We could literally move mountains. The age of pyramid-building is in our deep subconscious. The monolithic constuctions of the Old World were not created by thousands of slaves and the 'heave-ho' method. Traditionally, the astronomical alignments of the stones would have been unknown to these early civilizations.

The pyramids were not tombs, No mummies were ever discovered inside the main ones at Giza. There is no sarcophagus inside these incredible structures. Inside the misnamed King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid, there is a 'coffer.' A king has to crawl to enter the chamber in this impossible construction known as the Great Pyramid. The coffer appears as a large, stone bathtub. There are legends of initiates entering the King's Chamber and leaving with all the wisdom in the world. Were participants struck with bolts of enlightenment...which today is known as the subtle force of pyramid energy? The pyramids are machines. When it comes to people walking around sites such as the Great Pyramid, Stonehenge, Easter Island, is like we are ants crawling inside a transistor radio. The true purpose and original intent of the mechanism is so far over our heads.

Do not take Egyptian tours and believe the tour guide; do not read traditional books or see the usual Discovery Channel/Nova documentary and believe the information. The Maya were not human-sacrificing savages. That view is not consistent with builders who can construct magnificent installations with far superior means than today's modern techniques. Present educators still teach the savage, ancient, American Indian concept probably because of ego. Academicians want you to swallow the idea that there was a smooth, upwardly-moving curve of progress to the human race. In other words, that we are superior to the early humans. Nothing could be farther from the truth. We began in the highest form of spiritual and physical existence. It has been downhill ever since. Atlantis was destroyed and its survivors were the Pre-Egyptians and Pre-Incas. Later, after more paradises and destructions, came the age of Egypt and the Inca. As we go back in time, the greater the civilization. The age of stone stuctures ended and there was the amazing Cahokia, Hopi and Anastasi tribes. They constructed fantastic earthen buildings with curved rooms and pyramids. After Egypt, there were intermediate civilizations such as Sumeria and Babylon. They were before the Greeks and they were more advanced than the Greeks.

The Great Pyramid is the oldest pyramid, not the last one in a long line of pyramid-building. It is located in the exact center of all the land masses. It is perfectly aligned. The other pyramids were built later and not as well constructed. The Step Pyramid and Bent Pyramid at Dashur are not earlier attempts. They were built much later than Giza and were crude versions of pyramids. The later, smaller pyramids were no longer aligned to the directions. Society was losing knowledge. Again, this indicates a retro-grade technology.

In Peru, there are massive Incan foundation stones in the hundreds of tons. On top of these monoliths, another age rebuilt the structure; but the stones are in the 30 to 40 ton range. On top of this age, there is another age; they could only cut and trim stones that were one or two tons. The flying indians still kept these sites holy (or for ley line purposes?) by rebuilding them...but they could move less and less weight over thousands of years.

The pyramids are sophisticated energy transceivers. In a hundred years, when we explore other worlds, we will visit new planets and set up colonies. We will then use Tesla's EM principles to tap into the planet's electrical fields by building pyramids and creating energy grids around the new planet. This scenario has already happened in our distant prehistory. Our ancestors mastered: wireless energy, cloning, space travel, atomic energy, anti-gravity, lasers, etc. Every aspect of known technology was perfected in Atlantis; as well as machines beyond your wildest dreams.

The ancients moved the monoliths on a cushion of electricity. Anti-gravity certainly can be achieved. How else can 100 ton or 200 ton stones be set in place with incredible precision? The 8000 ton obelisk, the Stone of the South in Lebanon, could not have been formed by simple means. The most amazing example of cut and transported stonework in the continental U.S. is Coral Castle in Florida; built in the 20th Century. Ed Leedskalnin knew the secret of anti-gravity and stated that the ancient monoliths were moved electriclly.

The mortarless stonework of the Inca and Egyptians had to have been constructed with powerful lasers. Focused energy could slice through granite like a hot knife through butter. The stone quarries were nowhere near the final resting places of the ancient monoliths. These special stones were 'brought in.' Only a super-society can build on this mammoth scale.

Anti-gravity is how the ancients moved the great stones. {This is exactly what we would do in the future on a new, planetary colony; our explorers would use natural, long-lasting, materials (stone) and construct permanent bases. We would know how to tap into a planet's EM fields by building pyramids (lens) and utilizing this natural flow for power}. By completing a grid of colonies circling ancient Earth, the Atlanteans could wirelessly plug into any point on the planet for electrical power.

The problem with centralized power towers is: If the transmitters are destroyed, there goes the whole grid! Each Atlantean colony; each Cradle of Civilization; had to protect its tower. But in an all out war, these power towers could be made to implode. Destroying a Tesla-principled, World System at its heart...could be what brought down Atlantis. The most efficient way of generating and distributing electricity is also a dangerous enterprise if the powerhouse or station is not adequately protected.

When something goes wrong with your television picture, don't you change channels? Isn't that because you want to see if the problem is your set or the station sending the signal? For thousands of years, the Atlanteans relied on their wireless grid always being there like television reception. But, one fateful day, the power plug was pulled; no more electricity out of thin air...All vehicles failed; all machines came to a crashing halt and all cities became powerless.

Later ages had to pick up the pieces after the many super wars that have occurred on Earth; to the point of reusing what they could from the previous age. They also rebuilt the world grid, but not to the extent of the earlier age. It has been argued: Where are the saucers and all of the fantastic devices of Atlantis? The survivors reused everything in New Atlantis. Time erased so much; we are talking about much longer periods of time than what the history books tell us. Then, there was a Great Flood that washed the evidence away. All that survived the catastrophe would be pyramids, great statues and the ancient monoliths.

The Inca contructed massive fortresses very high up in the Andes Mountains. Were these strongholds where they preserved knowledge and technology? Were they safe-guarding important records in the aftermath of the global devastation, post Atlantis? Skulls have been found of ancient Peruvians with holes in very sensitive areas of the brain. These were sophisticated operations on areas of the brain where modern doctors will not touch. There is evidence of healing; so we know these advanced brain operations were conducted on living people. Stone rooms were discovered to contain huge numbers of large-brained Cro-Magnons. Were these cloning experiments? The Inca also had modern dentistry.

Ruins were discovered in Central America around the Vera Cruz area. This was another mysterious civilization known as the Olmecs. Large, 50 ton stone heads were found in dense jungles. The faces appeared African; which (supposedly) is a society that these indians should not have known. The Olmec pyramids were larger than Mayan pyramids. What was interesting is the age of this new discovery: Olmecs were placed before the Maya but not as old as the Inca. Olmecs might have been the first jungle dwellers in Central America. Here, again, the earlier race is the more sophisticated. Inca to Olmec to Maya to Aztec to American the deevolution. All originated from primal Atlantis. And Atlantis was as high-tech as you can get.

The Maya made little sculptures of what were taken for insects by archeology. They are actually small models of delta-wing fighters. The later Mayan Age no longer had saucer-vimannas, they had airplanes. The models have rough versions of people in the cockpit. The archeologist sees this as the eye of the 'insect.' These are representations of Aztec aircraft; the perfect intermediate age. These flying indians were still advanced, but not as great as a few thousand years earlier...with light-speed Incas.

Nazca's lines prove that our ancestors had flying vehicles. The interesting fact on this flat plain is: The lines do not go and then stop suddenly. If you examine all of the large drawings (the dog, monkey, spider, etc.) that only make sense from high in the air...the lines are one continuous motion. It is like the Nazca lines were sprayed. They were lasered from the air. In a land with virtually no erosion and weathering, these 4 inch-wide marks could last thousands of years. The large Trident at the Bay of Pisco is actually a drawing of a rocket with thruster flames.

If we came from apes, why are there living apes today? The question is: How did one group of primates evolve so fast (and became us) and other apes have remained the same over time? Gorillas and chimps should be found only in the fossil record...if we originally came from apes. But, they are alive right now. You can pet a monkey. Humans and apes have lived in the same environment. What so drastically changed one group of them? It is not how similar we are to apes; it is how greatly different we are from them. There is no genealogical connection between humans and apes. The missing-link does not exist; therefore, it will never be found.

Mr. Evolutionist thinks that subtle changes happen over incredibly long periods of time. That is true; slow changes occur. But, what history teaches us is that big changes have happened quickly. Many of these violent, world-changing, events down through history were not natural. Great changes have happened, by artificial means; such as ancient nuclear wars. In India, some of the first books describe what could only be atomic explosions and various flying vehicles. There are reports of what was a forcefield weapon that could sweep across the land and literally level everything.

My Atlantis is a wonderful utopia...before it became corrupted. There was indiscriminate cloning. They played God and could whip up life in a test-tube. This was Brave New World where technology was used to genetically improve humanity. There were no anti-cloning laws in Atlantis. In George Pal's Atlantis: the Lost Continent there were numerous advanced technologies portrayed: flying machines and submarines; powerful, laser weapons from large crystals and genetic engineering. Human subjects were being changed into animals. Our mythological creatures could be memories from days in Atlantis of ancient DNA experiments.

When we see Egyptian drawings of a birdman and dogman: Who is to say that these are only costumes? Anubis, Ra, Isis, Osiris and other Egyptian gods could have been aliens or the result of genetic engineering.

The feathered-serpent became the god of the Maya; Quetzalcoatl. He was a great teacher, bringer of knowledge and light; he came from the stars and he returned to the stars. The Aztec had the exact same legend with their god Kukukan. Thousands of years earlier, the Incas had their savior with the god Viracocha. Was it reincarnation that bonded these societies? Were they destined to repeat the same events over and over?

My Atlantis is out of every window. My Atlantis is here today. Where is Atlantis? WE are the New Atlanteans. Our history stretches so much longer that we are taught. Great civilizations devolved into lesser societies. Only since the Dark Ages has technology been on the rise. We are a very old lifeform. We are merely reinventing machines and techniques that were mastered by our ancestors. Computers and space travel are ancient history. Our ancestors were better than we are in every respect. Today, we could never build a copy of the Great Pyramid.

What this writer has learned; knowing that Atlantis did exist and spawned the human race...and this is very important: Our primal instinct is not one of animalistic, kill or be killed, struggle for survival. War is alien to our nature. Killing is foreign to our primal instinct. Hatred must be taught and is not our nature. Instead; peace, love, reason and understanding are at the core of our soul. Yes, conflict, war and utter destructions are a big part of our history. But, the paradise of Atlantis, the Eden, lasted for thousands of years before there was ever a serpent in the Garden. We are good. Just look at a child who has not yet learned to hate. A child is not prejudice. There are no color barriers with children. They instinctively love. The human race has great potential. The future is not unknown territory. The future has already happened so very long ago in the distant past.

Copyright 2005 by Doug Yurchey.
Printed with permission.

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