ChemTrails over Western US

Thank goodness you are finally looking into the Chem trails. Jeff Rense's SIGHTINGS on the web has been carrying info for quite a while. has several pages on them. I have personally seen them cover the Pagosa Springs Colorado several times with them.

The largest and most complete "cover the sky" hatch -mark pattern happened on the morning of Dec.31, 1999. It was a clear day when they began, and within two hours after covering the sky it was completely spread out and overcast. We got our first snow of the season...12 inches at about midnight of that night. These things are being spread EVERYWHERE according to other web sites. It is definitely done by our loving government....and the media is definitely covering it up.

WHAT'SUP??? ~~~ T.B.

I can't say what they are, but I can tell you I've had a lot of experience with what they do. I live in Southern California in the San Diego area, and EVERY time I see the chemtrails in the skies over San Diego, one to two weeks later, I get sick. I've been sick with flu-like symptoms, upper respiratory problems, etc., for over a month now, ever since the huge mass of chemtrails was photographed off the coast here by the satellite. Also, I've noticed that one of my cats gets sick at the same time I do with cold-like symptoms. J.W.P.

You need to listen to the Kurt Billings interview on the Art Bell Show with Hilly Rose filling in as host (believe me, Art would have never talked to this guy). The date of program is May 07, 1999. This is a three hour interview. This can be found on the Art Bell Audio Archives. Since the Art Bell Show no longer has archives before year 2000, you need to go to the Web Sight of Alien Astronomer and click on Audio Archives. There you will find all the past Art Bell programs. A link to "Alien Astronomer" can be found at "Anomalous Images and UFO Files" website. The topic is very important and has to do with the link of the chem-trails with the bio-chip which is made by none other than Lucent Technologies here in Denver and delivered to the public by way of the flu vaccination.

The chem-trails contain biologicals which create flu-like symptoms. As you can clearly see, after the "Christmas Bombardment" of chem trails, there is a massive flu epidemic. If you want to get people to get their flu shot, this is what you have to do. Scare as many people as possible by manufacturing an epidemic. The chem-trails also deliver the chemical ethylene dibromide which is essentially a pesticide. It is high in alkiline and causes many to have respiratory problems. It is the alkiline, whem absorbed by the body, which, according to Mr. Billings, sort of turns the body into an alkaline battery which drives the biochip. So they are accomplishing two things here.

1. Creating a flu epidemic to scare people into getting a flu vaccine which contains the bio-chip, and

2. Delivering the chemical needed to drive the biochip.

Here in Denver, I woke up on Christmas Day to sunshine with no clouds, but the sky was completely streaked with chem-trails. Then yesterday I saw the planes spraying in the morning. They used to do it before dawn, but now the do it in broad daylight . They don't care anymore. They know people aren't going to do anything about it.

M. A., Denver Colorado

My name is K. and I have been following chemtrails in Montana for the last two years (since I moved here). This last Spring everyone had lots of trouble with their gardens and the alfalfa crops only got two cuttings, I believe due to the overcast haze caused by all the spraying (chemtrails over Libby,MT).

Two months ago my housemate became very ill with a respiratory ailment. It was amazing as six people in her office came down with it the EXACT same day. All had the exact same symptoms and were sick for two weeks with extreme cold-flu symptoms; which we all know don't go together: temperature, nausea, stuffy nose etc. I never caught it even living in the same house. There were chemtrails that day because the sun had that obvious rainbow halo around it by the afternoon. I had stayed in the house working at my computer.

There is a guy in Noxon who actually hops in his airplane and gathers samples of the contaminants. He has a website and posts info from others around the area regarding chemtrails. Very interesting stuff.

We were watching golf on TV one day a month or so ago (Tournament in Indio, CA) and I made a comment about a vapor trail in the sky. Then later the camera panned the beauty of the desert scene and there were three criss-crosses. Darned if by the end of the tournament the whole sky was a hazy fog of dispersed chemtrails! "They" don't even try to hide what they are doing!

Chemtrails are one of my pet projects. Happy reading! ~~~ K.

The Contrails can be seen daily in Oklahoma City, it appears to be state wide, no mater where you go, or when, you can see patterns of contrails, also the planes that make them.

I find it very interesting that they fly towards each other in an apparent attempt to make the cloud seeding like material in each contrail physically come into contact, as if that might somehow cause a chemical reaction of some sort.

While this has been a virulent Flu season, I can't possibly believe our government would be testing biologics on its citizens... so thats definitely a lame theory.

I believe it is an attempt at weather control. Oklahoma is very well known for its weather, Tornado Alley, Weather that is unpredictable at best. It is interesting lately how cloud like these contrails are becoming. It is as if, we would be having perfectly blue cloudless skies if it wasn't for these man made contrail patterns, lately becoming more cloudlike.

At one time I thought it was possibly they were spraying something that might deter Chinese or russion satellites from Tinker Air Force Base (I think they maintain B2's there, not sure about that). However thats alot of work just to do that, what the heck could they be keeping there? : )

Weather control, I will stick with that for 1 Million. ~~ VJJ

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