by Peter Herrmann

The United States is still officially the occupying power.

East and West Germany have NEVER been legally unified.

The Federal Republic of Germany does NOT exist.

December 31st of 2001 will be an important landmark in Germany's history. It is in fact the day marking the end of Germany's liability for WW-II-reparations. The victors of the war would have to claim their case before that date. Obviously they would never intend doing that! We live in a world of peace these days. Well, I will point out a few facts that have been hidden from the people for almost 60 years:

1) Germany's supreme law is not the German Constitution (we didn't have one anyway in the FRG " we used to have something called GRUNDGESETZ which translates to BASIC LAW)! It has been and still is the so called SHAEF-jurisdiction (Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Forces), with its supreme commander being the President of the United States of America!

2) The Federal Republic of Germany is not and has never been a legal successor of the German Empire (Deutsches Reich). This is according to international law, FRG-supreme-court-decisions (called "constitutional court" even though there has never been a constitution!) and according to the treaties of Potsdam and London.

3) Germany does not have a Peace Treaty with the "winners" ("There's no such thing as a winnable war, it's a lie we don't believe anymore!" - Gordon Sumner) of WW-II to this date. Why would that be? Haven't we " the FRG " lived peaceful for more than two generations already? Are we not a peaceful member of the planet's community, of NATO and the European Union and have been that for about 50 years? Why no official peace treaty? Simply because the FRG is not entitled to SIGN that! The German Empire has never surrendered, thus never ended officially " and we are explicitally not talking about Hitler's "Third Reich" here! We refer to the state that has been Germany before Hitler came to power " the Weimarer Republik (Republic of Weimar) with its Constitution.

4) There has never been a 'reunification' between West and East Germany. In July of 1990 the FRG parliament was forced by the US (SHAEF) government (whose High Commissioner still is the Embassador of the US here in Germany) to cancel two important paragraphs from the Basic Law (Grundgesetz), one of which was the preamble including our self-chosen (by our forefathers " i.e. the powers that be) everlasting will or intention for reunification! Three months before the 'reunification' took place " now, isn't that interesting? The second paragraph that had been erased was §23, stating the area of applicability of our basic law " here: the 'old' FRG. Now, the parliament did not include the area of the 'old' GDR (German Democratic Republic), they just erased the entire paragraph! That means that FRG's BASIC LAW (the "quasi-constitution" if you will) was worth nothing after that act, since it didn't have an area of applicability anymore!

5) The German Empire (Deutsches Reich) does still exist within the borders of December 31st of 1937 as well as again also according to international law as well as according to various FRG supreme court verdicts (BGB 1. II 1990 S.1274 ff). Neither West Germany (FRG) nor East Germany (GDR) have ever been sovereign states " for the "victors" of WWII we have been nothing but an occupied zone ever since, two so-called "instruments of occupational law". According to their reading the FRG expired de jure (legally and lawful) in 1990, consequently now being a country of dictatorship, since there is no constitution! The so-called 'reunification' again consequently was a bare criminal act of annexation!

They did not make the parliament cancel the preamble (including the everlasting will/intention for reunification) because it was soon to be accomplished " but because the FRG was never entitled to achieve that at all! For reasons of international law there is only one German institution entitled to sign a peace treaty or negotiate reparations " the German Empire's government. There could only be a reunification with the "German areas in the east" (at least a formal one), which in fact is being prepared by the Provisional Government of the German Empire.

6) The Provisional Government of the German Empire has been set up on May 8th, 1985 by the US (SHAEF) jurisdiction. There is a person signing contracts with a special Power of Attorney entitling them to do so ("for the non-present Chancellor and President of the German Empire"). We are aware this may sound like a science fiction story, but we hold a multitude of hard facts in hand, with which we will provide you in the near future.

So, why do we not read or hear about all this in the media? Simply because the media are controlled by the same people controlling our countries. The US-(SHAEF) government? Yes, for the visible part of it. Do they act according to their own free will? We don't see that happening. Looking at the conditions of this planet and of its political affairs especially, it makes much more sense to consider the idea that we are being governed by a small group of people, holding the financial strings in their hands. We refer to them as the "Elite".

One of the highest ranking officials of the Provisional Government of the German Empire is committed to help us bringing this information to the people. For now we can only offer seminars in the German language. Should there be enough interested individuals in other countries, we would certainly consider going and lecturing abroad as well. Please inquire at the address shown below, including the equivalent of $5 USD for our expenses (don't name sender's address on the envelope!!).

Templer-Institut, c/o Maklersozietät Berlin, M1/4llerstrae 163b, 13353 Berlin"

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