The 'Matrix' revealed - Earth's techno Second Coming
by David Wilcock

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"Those in the highest levels of the Masonic Order and other such secret societies are the living inheritors of a legacy that has been carefully preserved ever since the fall of Atlantis itself, by its survivors."

Convergence is a book that proves scientifically that the Earth is about to undergo a major transformation into a higher dimension, or a higher level of vibration. This is commonly referred to as "Ascension" or "Harvest," and it has been prophesied, discussed and anticipated by many, many different groups of people and / or spiritual sources, such as the teachings of the Bible and the Mayan prophecies. The descriptions of this event that are usually given indicate that it will fundamentally restructure everything that we now know about reality into a vastly different picture. Jesus predicted that "As I do these things (namely miracles such as walking on water, levitating the body, manifesting food items and healing the sick,) so shall ye do them, and greater things." In a world where everyone thought and acted as a being like Jesus, with the same capabilities, all of "the rules" that we now hold to be true would go right out the window.

Both the Mayan and Biblical descriptions of Ascension, among many, many other sources of prophecy as well, forecast that this event is very soon to occur in our immediate future - an "event horizon" centered around the years 2000 to 2012. These descriptions indicate that Earth is poised for transformation into a much more loving and indeed Utopian realm, wherein everyone treats each other with the same degree of fellowship, kindness and compassion that Jesus and all other spiritual teachers have demonstrated for us. And now, to many war-weary people on our planet who are almost completely overwhelmed by the sheer struggle for survival each and every day, such an idea seems to be nothing more than an impossible fairy tale, a Walt Disney-esque "happy ending" that could have no rational basis in fact. With the advent of science and rational thought, many "authority figures" have confidently declared ideas such as that of Ascension to be nothing but tired old myths, steadfastly held onto by those "believers" who cannot see the pure scientific reality of Truth as these figures believe it to be.

Most people are not at all aware that the case for Ascension is no longer a matter of faith. By combining many of our latest scientific understandings together in new ways, we can indeed make a rock-solid case for Ascension. In arranging the proof for the reality of such an event, it is necessary to give a complete explanation of the currently unseen design and order behind the Universe itself. It is the existence of "dimensions" higher than the third that ultimately allow us to see how this transformation will take place. In this document, we will demonstrate that our current understandings of higher dimensions, and indeed all of Creation itself, are fundamentally uninformed in many important ways. When we re-integrate these obvious, everlasting truths into our scientific understandings, we get a crystal-clear picture of the true harmony and unity of the Universal Oneness, and our own imminently changing position within it.

And so, the first obvious question would be, "Exactly what is a dimension?" We are now in the third dimension, and those three dimensions are length, width and height. A higher dimension would be an aspect of the Universe that could very well exist all around us, but that we cannot now perceive. Our physicists have already been able to mathematically prove the existence of higher dimensions, and thus no one can question that there is more to the Universe than what we now see. Einstein proved the existence of the fourth dimension, Kaluza-Klein theory proved the existence of the fifth, and modern physicists believe that they have proven that there have to be either ten or twenty-six altogether. As this document progresses, we will definitively show that these dimensions are nothing but differing frequencies of vibration. And thus, at this point we are simply not vibrating fast enough to steadily perceive the other layers that coexist with us. "Ascension" will occur once we can jump this gap in frequency as a planet, and all the mechanisms that bring this about can be easily understood in the new fusion of scientific information in this document.

Our newest understandings about higher dimensions are revealed in Hoagland et al's hyperdimensional physics paper posted on the Enterprise Mission website. The article in question discusses the largely unknown aspects of the work of James Clerk Maxwell, the 19th century mathematician who originally derived the fundamentals behind the equations now used by all branches of science to describe electromagnetic forces. These equations are the mathematical designs that allow us to accurately design and engineer electronic components and devices among many, many other things, by giving us a basic understanding of how electromagnetism "works." To all mainstream scientists, these fundamentals are known as the "Maxwell equations," and Hoagland et al. reveal that their current form is heavily edited and reduced from what Maxwell originally had come up with.

In this web-published article, Hoagland et al. explain the little-known fact that in the course of studying electromagnetism, which current scientists believe to be one of four basic forces in the Universe, Maxwell had discovered an entirely new system of algebra that is internally consistent. And why does that matter? Because algebra is what we use to define everything that we know about reality. An entirely different system of mathematics means an entirely different system of reality. This new algebraic system works entirely off of "quaternions," which essentially are groupings of four real numbers that all mathematically interrelate with each other. Actually, each quaternion is a set of two complex numbers, and a "complex number" is arrived at when two real numbers are added or multiplied together. And thus, a quaternion is "an ordered pair of complex numbers," and the two complex numbers actually represent four different figures. It is important that we bear in mind this definition of quaternions as we proceed, as it will continue showing up in this writing; remember that "quater" means "four" when you see this word being used, and that a quaternion is a group of four numbers combined into one. Later researchers such as Sir Edmund Whittaker determined that the four different numbers that make up a quaternion actually represent four different dimensions. And thus, each quaternion can then be considered as a single unified number of its own, describing a specific point in the fourth dimension. By discovering that an interconnecting mathematical algebra existed between these quaternions, Maxwell essentially defined the true coordinate points of fourth-dimensional spacetime. We will see how important this is as this writing progresses. The term "spacetime" refers to the understandings that we have gained from Albert Einstein, which reveal that space and time are inextricably woven into each other as one unified, curving, geometric "fabric."


Maxwell was dealing with these quaternion numbers in the context of an explanation of what we would commonly call electricity. Hoagland et al. remind us that these Maxwellian numbers represent the scalar potentials of electromagnetic energy, an aspect of this force that is almost completely ignored by contemporary scientists. "Scalar" simply is the partner of "vector" when describing the motion of a wave, and the vector is nothing but the direction that the wave is traveling in. Currently, electromagnetic force is simply worked with as a one-dimensional vector, and the scalar aspects are never really considered. Based on Maxwell's original equations, all of contemporary thought in this area is sorely uninformed. Two waves could have identical vectors, meaning that they both travel in the same direction, but very different scalar potentials, meaning that the actual size, structure and movement of the waves themselves could be quite disparate from each other.

We will make this explanation extremely obvious using a familiar and simplified example from everyday life. Let us assume that you have two teams of two people each, and both teams have stretched out a Slinky, or a metallic spring, which is resting along the floor for a long distance between them. The person holding one end of the Slinky in the first team could quickly move the edge of the spring left to right, and create a flat wave in the Slinky that you could visually see very easily as it traveled across the floor. Let's say that she did not move her hand very strongly, and thus the size of the wave was only about three or four inches to the right or left of the midpoint as it traveled along.

Now, let's say that the woman on the second team puts a much greater force onto the slinky as she creates their wave, and thus the wave moves out about two and a half feet to the right or the left of the center as it travels. We could look at these two waves and easily see that they have the same vector, as they are both traveling in the same direction - but their scalar potentials would be very different, as their respective sizes or wavelengths would stand in stark contrast with each other. Now this is a very simplified example, and contemporary science actually visualizes electromagnetic energy graphed as two sine waves moving as one - an electrostatic wave moving forward in a left-to-right horizontal plane along with a magnetic wave moving in an up-and-down vertical plane. A simple combination of these artificially-separated vertical and horizontal wavelengths would be the most obvious way to see the spiraling, scalar potential of the wave itself. The picture below is a "conventionalized diagram of an (electromagnetic) wave form..." that was reprinted by Enterprise Mission with permission from Ultra High Frequency Radio Engineering by WL Emory, The Macmillan Company.

As we look at the diagram, we can see that these vertical and horizontal graphs appear separate, because each graph is only two-dimensional. You have a two-dimensional graph on a horizontal plane and a two-dimensional graph on a vertical plane. They are actually both measuring a three-dimensional motion, as the waves are actually traveling like a spiral or corkscrew. But, since you cannot easily represent a three-dimensional spiral on graph paper, we have the horizontal graph and the vertical graph which appear to show two different waves that only travel in two dimensions each.

In order to properly render these two graphs into a whole, we would need to plot out the coordinates where the horizontal and vertical waves would intersect in three-dimensional space, and then connect all of those points together. In order to do this, we would simply extend a line out from each wave at a perpendicular or 90-degree angle to the plane of the wave itself, and then mark the exact coordinates where the lines from both waves intersected. So, you would draw a series of vertical lines coming up perpendicularly from your horizontal wave, and a series of horizontal lines coming out at a perpendicular angle to the vertical wave. In this manner, the intersection of the two graphs will define the precise three-dimensional shape of the actual wave itself.

Once we plot out these three-dimensional coordinates, a corkscrew-type spiral will emerge. Going back to our example involving the two teams and their Slinky spring toys, if one of the teams held the entire Slinky off of the floor and moved its end in giant, round circles instead of the side-to-side motion used when the Slinky was on the floor, then a corkscrew, spiraling wave would travel through it. This three-dimensional wave would also be produced in the early stages of a jumping rope game, where one child is holding each end of the rope and one of the children begins moving her end in a circular motion.

And so, Hoagland et al. ask us to visualize and understand that the scalar potentials of the electromagnetic waves themselves travel in spirals. Maxwell's original "quaternions" or four-number- based equations explained how these spiraling scalar potentials were interacting with each other. He discovered that when all these different quaternions work together in his "fourth-dimensional algebra" system, they actually will "cancel each other out" and form into a completed, geometric unity. In other words, just as a pair of two-dimensional graphs can set the coordinates for a three-dimensional spiral, an interrelated set of four-dimensional quaternions can graph out a geometry that is not visible in three-dimensional space.

To explain this further, Maxwell knew that the scalar potentials of electromagnetic energy waves were not randomly thrown about - they did not simply radiate in a scattered series of directions as the wave vectored forward. If the scalar potentials were truly random, then we should expect to see nothing but an indistinct blur surrounding the vector of the wave, since the scalar waves would lack any organization. This scalar field would be a truly random "haze" that lacked any shape or continuity, thus lending itself to the idea that we now have, which is that electromagnetic energy simply travels in a straight line. Quite to the contrary, Maxwell discovered that these scalar potentials all unified together to produce a three-dimensional object as the wave vectored forward. That object, as readers of The Enterprise Mission's work or Convergence will instantly be aware, is an "interlaced" tetrahedron, or two tetrahedra top to bottom, circumscribed within a sphere. The Enterprise Mission provides samples of Maxwell's poetry in their hyperdimensional physics article that proves that he knew what this geometry looked like- "the Seal of Solomon (or Star of David with a circle around it) in three dimensions."

We have already given very adequate visual and conceptual metaphors in Book Two of Convergence for how these simple three-dimensional geometries are formed from spiraling waves. We must start by visualizing that all of Creation starts at a single point in time and space, a Oneness similar to the brain-teasing concept of the "void" that existed before the Big Bang. Based on the understandings of hyperdimensional physics vis a vis The Enterprise Mission, rotation is the basis behind all of these energy systems. So, we must then see these spiraling waves rotating outwardly from this commonly shared center or "void" in all directions. They all move at the same speed as they do this, and their edges form a spherical field, as though you had blown a soap bubble of energy.

This spherical "soap bubble" expansion is very similar to how the universe is thought to expand in all directions equally after the Big Bang - except that we may not know enough yet to determine if this interstellar material is in fact spiraling and rotating as it travels along. We do know that the galaxies spiral around their nuclei, and recent discoveries in physics suggest that the entire visible Universe has a central axis as well - and an axis implies revolution. (See the articles on the "Anisotropic Universe" located in the Physics Lab section of the website.)

(We can also use our Solar System to visualize how an energy wave could rotate and spiral from a center point at the same time. The planets rotate (revolve) around the Sun, which would be the center point in this case, and they spiral or rotate around their own axes at the same time. If you viewed the path of a planet as a wave instead of just viewing the planet itself as a point, you could certainly chart its motion as both rotating and spiraling at the same time. This rotating / spiraling nature of the planets is very important to understand as this document progresses, as we must also learn to view the planets as just another system of energy, similar to the electromagnetic waves that Maxwell and others discuss.)

And so, what we must see is one central point with multitudinous spiraling energy waves rotating away from it - waves that are moving out in all directions at a constant speed. Again, this could be visualized in the same sense as a soap bubble continues to expand and spin as it is filled with air using a toy plastic wand for support. The edges of these spiraling, rotating waves would form the outer skin of the "soap bubble" as they move away from their commonly shared center point. The following diagram, derived from the 1997 "Triple Julia Set" crop formation in England with straight lines and an outer circle drawn in for clarity, gives us a three-dimensional visualization for this outwardly pulsating energy. The central circle of the diagram would be within the exact center point of the tetrahedron, not at the far back corner as it appears to be. We need to try to look into this image as though it had depth, and visualize the spirals bursting outward from the center point like flower petals, curling around and forming the outside of the sphere as they continue expanding.

We must remember that unlike a soap bubble, there will be certain harmonically spaced "nodes" within this spherical field that have a higher concentration of energy than their surroundings. This is due to the fact that the spiraling, rotating waves that make up the outer skin of the sphere or "soap bubble" will cross over each other at set, harmonically spaced points. The intertwining, spiraling motions cause the many individual waves to overlap and cross over each other as they form the skin of the spherical field, thus making their energies more concentrated in certain areas. If you cannot visualize two spirals crossing over at set points, then think about what would happen when you push two metal springs of equal size together. Their coils would intersect at certain set points, depending on how far into each other you pushed them. Again, the "tips" of the largest triangle we see above would represent these nodes, in this simplistic form.

When this energetic overlapping occurs within the spherical field, the forces of the waves multiply together at that point, and a much greater energetic / gravitational force is created, in the form of the energy "node." These nodes on the surface of the sphere will attract and repel each other in perfect balance, as all different waves are spiraling and rotating at exactly the same rate. Thus, the nodes must always be the furthest possible distance from each other within their spherical field, having a perfect harmony in their spacing. A similar way to see how this harmony exists is seen when liquids are released in an environment without gravity. The liquids will naturally assume spherical shapes, and the reason for this is that without gravity, the air will push on the liquid in all directions with equal pressure, thus forcing it into a perfect globe. Similarly, these nodes push and pull against each other quite equally, and therefore they also will arrange into perfectly harmonic spacings within the spherical field itself.

In order to see how this creates geometry, we must simply connect the nodes together with straight lines, as can be seen in the above diagram. The emergence of this straight-lined energetic force is easily explained by observing the line of magnetic attraction that exists between two oppositely-polarized magnets when held near to each other. Within the spherical field we are speaking of, each node must form a series of straight-lined forces that reach out to all of its immediate neighboring nodes. And so, we will see elegant, simple geometries forming as the lines of force connect these nodes together.


When plotting out these force lines inside of the sphere, they must assemble into one of only five basic shapes. These shapes are known as the "Platonic solids," and they exhibit perfect harmony in every possible way. For each of these shapes, every internal angle is the same width, every face is exactly the same size and shape and every line is exactly the same length. It is these precise stipulations that were the criteria used by the Greek philosopher Plato when first describing them, and hence they were named after him. We must remember that all five of the Platonic solids precisely form into this spherical arrangement, and that they represent simple vibrations. Physicist Buckminster Fuller demonstrated this principle by submerging a spherical balloon in colored dye and then vibrating the balloon at set harmonic periods. The only place that the dye could take hold would be the "null zones" where the vibrations canceled each other out. By conducting the experiment in such a manner, Fuller would indeed see these perfect, harmonically spaced nodes forming over the balloon, and faint lines connecting them together. When Fuller increased the vibrational frequency of the balloon, the original nodes and lines would dissolve and a higher-order Platonic geometry would then form on the balloon.

If this is hard to see, then consider that Fuller's same submerged-ink vibrational experiment was done with a simple string. If the string is set to vibrate at its slowest frequency, then there would only be one visible arc in it as it travels, and the dye would not conglomerate in any one specific area more than any other, as all portions of the string were vibrating at the same rate.

The vibration makes it much more difficult for the dye to gather in any area, as it is constantly jostling and exciting the dye, instead of allowing it to remain still. When the string is then set to vibrate at a higher frequency, then one of the modes that we would see would be two major loops with a null zone in the middle that did not move. This would divide the string into two equal portions as it vibrated. The dye could only gather at the "node" where the string's movements canceled out - or where all of the string's vibrations converged on the same point. With this simple example, we can truly see how these three-dimensional geometries form themselves, and their direct connection to musical frequencies of vibration. These geometries are literally crystallized music.


The introduction of Maxwell's mathematical proofs of this hyperdimensional, sphere-based Platonic geometry into the "big picture" makes the entire case for the unified system that both Enterprise Mission and Convergence have discussed much more scientifically grounded. However, these discoveries are not a part of ordinary contemporary science, and thus to most people they will appear quite strange and / or impossible. The important thing to remember at this point is that Hoagland et al. show conclusively how later mathematicians, such as Oliver Heaviside, believed that the idea of these geometries was "metaphysical mumbo-jumbo" and removed all of their concepts from Maxwell's original equations. What at one point was an interlaced fourth-dimensional mathematical system of over 200 quaternions was reduced to a drastically incomplete system that only used only four expressions. This was done for the sake of simplicity for making calculations involving electromagnetic energy forces, but in the process it robbed all of our sciences of the true understandings of the inherently geometric workings of conscious energy as it expresses itself in various forms.


Enterprise Mission's publication of this recent discovery substantiates much more of the assertions set forth in Convergence, including the idea that we live in an eight-dimensional, octave-based universe. The majority of current physicists all agree that there must be several dimensions higher than our own - but they believe there to be ten dimensions, not eight. Using the above information, we will expose the flaws in this thinking. In Convergence we describe how the mathematical basis of all of this modern "hyperspace" theory was based off of the work of Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan, who openly admitted to receiving all of his information from a spiritual source. Even despite this apparently fatal flaw in his credentials by today's standards, he was widely heralded as a genius in his own time, because his work fundamentally changed the entire scope and definition of Western mathematics. He himself could not explain how he knew what he knew, except to say that "the Goddess Namakkal would tell him in dreams."

Ramanujan's equations, called "modular functions," provided the bedrock for all physicists to follow when mathematically investigating and defining the higher dimensions. In many, many different and synchronistic ways, Ramanujan's functions always referred us back to the number eight as the key organizing force behind the structure of dimensions in this universe. However, modern physicists feel that the energies making up the dimensions are "not symmetrical" in Ramanujan's octave-based system, and they therefore arbitrarily add two extra dimensions to fill in what they believe to be a void of symmetry in order to make everything mathematically fit together. This is how they get the ten dimensions that are always being discussed in modern physics literature concerning hyperspace, such as Michio Kaku's book of the same title. [Note: The other number now given for the structure of dimensions is twenty-six. According to Ramanujan's functions, this would be three groups of eight dimensions, which would give us twenty-four, plus the "two extra dimensions" that are added for "symmetry."]

Now, we have the exact reasons behind why our modern physicists have declared the octave system to lack "symmetry": their calculations are always working off of the bastardized, eviscerated "Maxwell Equations" that are now being used, which had over 200 of its fundamental quaternions removed to arrive at its four basic expressions! In other words, Ramanujan's octave of dimensions doesn't fit in with modern physics, because our scientists are working off of incorrect assumptions about the nature of electromagnetic and other forms of energy and the way that they travel. As Hoagland et al. assert in the hyperdimensional physics paper, once these true "Maxwellian scalar potentials" are reintroduced into our understandings, we will have the ability to engineer electromagnetic control over gravity as well as to produce limitless free-energy machines, among other things. Once we understand the unified nature of all fields, any one field can be controlled and manipulated by the use of any other field, such as electricity generating gravity. And, with this newly unified system we will effortlessly see the true importance of geometry in understanding these forces.

Seeing the dimensions as organized into an octave gives us a perfect theory of vibration that unifies our seen and unseen universe into a single, utterly simple whole - a "theory of marble", as the physicists would call it, that is streamlined and elegant. It is vibration that connects all of these concepts together. We know that sound pitches or tones are nothing but vibrations of air molecules, and that colors are nothing but vibrations of photons of light. Similarly, the Platonic solids are another form of expressing vibration - in this case, the vibrations of the energy waves that rotate and spiral outwards from a commonly shared center.

There are seven basic tones in the "Diatonic" major scale, or do, re, mi, fa, sol, la and ti, before returning to "do" again to complete the Octave. There are seven basic colors in the light spectrum, being red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, before it returns to the Octave again and moves out of visible range. In Convergence we discuss the findings in the book Physics of Love by Dale Pond, regarding the fact that these ratios between the sound and light vibrations are fundamentally identical. Light is simply a higher order of vibrations than sound, but the precise mathematical relationships between each color vibration in the spectrum and each sound vibration in the regular "Diatonic" major scale are in perfect, exacting harmony. And this is not an accident, but merely a statement of the fundamental unity of Vibration.

The earliest Hindu writings in the religious texts known as the Vedas provide us with a design that also incorporates our geometric vibrations together into this octave formation. In the Hindu cosmology, we have a unique and very explainable positioning of the sphere and all five Platonic solids into the octave. The position of each solid would represent the hidden geometry of that dimensional level, just as Maxwell discovered - and indeed, the Hindu geometry for the fourth dimension is exactly the same as Maxwell's. In the Hindu system, the sphere and icosahedron are both seen twice, and that is how we get an octave of eight positions from six basic shapes - the five Platonic Solids and the one sphere.

As this document progresses into Part Two, we will review the material presented in Convergence regarding the massive importance of simple harmonic numbers in this ancient unification of light, sound and geometry into a full hyperdimensional cosmology. These numbers, which are revealed when measuring the vibrational speeds of air molecules per second that produce audible sound frequencies, will ultimately provide the key connecting link between the hyperdimensional Octave of light, sound and geometry, and the many different measurable cycles of time that can be seen within our Solar System and galaxy. These cycles include the wobbling of the Earth's axis, the planetary orbits, the Solar System's passage through the galaxy relative to its center, and the recently discovered long-term cycles of sunspots. By seeing the mathematical harmony of these cycles, and how those same cycle numbers fit into the Octave of dimensions, we will indeed unveil the celestial, hyperdimensional mechanisms that are in place which are so rapidly moving us into a higher dimensional frequency of vibration.

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