by Mike from Dallas

Did you know that our illustrious President is actually known by another name? Yes indeed. William Jefferson Clinton is in reality William Jefferson Blythe IV. Or Billy Blythe if you like.

Another of the revelations mentioned in "The Biggest Secret" is that all 41 presidents of the United States have been related to each other. Bill Clinton is number 42. And the only one who doesn't fit in. Or does he?

David Icke is absolutely correct in his statement that all 41 Presidents of the United States have been directly related to one another. This has been confirmed by a genealogical organization known as Burke's Pearage. William Jefferson Clinton is the one who somehow doesn't fit the other scheme of things. But Bill Clinton's real father was not Roger Clinton.

You see Bill Clinton was born to Virginia Dellcassidy and William Jefferson Blythe III. At some time in the 1940's Bill Clinton's mother either divorced William Jefferson Blythe III or he passed on. So in 1946 when she married again, this time to Roger Clinton, they changed the name of the boy to Clinton from Blythe.

So you see the 41 President sequence of bloodline heirs to the highest office in the United States may indeed have not been broken. Because we really do not know who Bill Clinton's real father is.

Yes .... there have been rumors that he is actually the illegitimate son of Winthrop Rockefeller. But Winthrop Rockefeller was a known homosexual and so that makes that rather doubtful. Unless of course Winthrop was a switch hitter. I think Woody Allen once said that bisexuality automatically doubles ones chances of having a date on Saturday night.

The other rumor believe or not came from an industrialist that I know of in Texarkana, Texas. This gentleman who prefers to remain anonymous told me that everybody in Hope, Arkansas was acquainted with Clinton's mother in the 1940's. Particularly the men who hung out at particular night club in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

My Texarkana acquaintance who is now in his 80's told me that she was a regular at this night club establishment. And that she had a vary active social life. He says she was particularly sociable to one Jack Kennedy.

Hot Springs, Arkansas has long been known as a hang out for the idle rich. It was a vacation spot for such eastern establishment icons as the Kennedys , the Rockefellers and not to mention such notables as Lucky Luciano of the Mafia. In fact Arkansas literally became a Rockefeller family fiefdom with Winthrop being governor of the state for a number of years.

Again my associate in Texarkana claims that Virginia Dellcassidy was intimately acquainted with a number of the Kennedy clan from Massachusetts.

So you see , in reality , we don't know who Bill Clinton's real father is. David's assertion that all 42 Presidents of the United States are bloodline relatives of each other could indeed be quite correct. The only one of the 42 that doesn't precisely fit the mold is William Jefferson Clinton (Blythe). The other 41 are definitely bloodline relatives.

Another interesting fact is that there have actually been 49 Presidents of the United States. The history book assertion that George Washington was the first President is totally incorrect. The first President of the United States was a bloodliner by the name of John Hansen. And then six more following him until George Washington. I don't remember all of their names but they were all bloodliners such as St.Clair, Lee and Miflin.

Fritz Springmeier's book "Bloodlines of the Illuminati" lists the St.Clair family or Sinclair family (the same) as one of the top 13 family Illuminati bloodlines in the United States. This same information is confirmed in Alex Christopher's Pandora's Box 1 and Pandora's Box 2.

So we are again brought back to the same point. That David Icke is not only correct that the 41 Presidents of the United States are blood relatives. But that all "48" actual Presidents of the United States are related to each other. Again we are confronted with William Jefferson Clinton who is the only one that doesn't absolutely fit the domino line. But since there is considerable doubt as to who is his biological father, my guess is that he is bloodline also.

Coincidentally Al Gore and George W. Bush are both bloodliners. George W. having the most of the special genetic material that links him to European Black Nobility. Who wants to bet that George W. Bush will not be the next President of the United States.

So since we are on the subject of blood and all that stuff, lets make a small mention of BLOODGATE.

Bloodgate is a major story that the controlled puppet prostitute press in the United States won't touch with the proverbial ten foot pole.

While Governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton signed off on the creation of a new Arkansas blood bank. Which became known as Health Management Associates. HMA made a killing (literally) by extracting blood of unwilling inmates at the Cummins Correctional Unit of the Arkansas penal system. Cummins is located about fifty miles south of Little Rock in the town of Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Blood was stolen from inmates with their consent or not. As a reward for their blood the inmates were rewarded with tablets of the pharmaceutical Percodan. Which is a mixture of aspirin and codeine, the inmates lovingly named the tablets "yellow boys". The tablets were used as a sort of barter currency at the Cummins facility.

The problem with the blood was that it was highly tainted with Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and of course HIV. The blood and related byproducts were sold to 2 Canadian blood banks that provided blood for accident victims and hemophiliacs. As a result of the lack of adequate screening of the blood it is now estimated that 6000 Canadians have been infected with Hepatitis and HIV. Massive law suits are being stonewalled by elements in Washington DC.

As usual the controlled puppet prostitute press in the United States is totally silent while six thousands Canadians are dying from tainted blood products extracted in Arkansas.

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