William Dean Ross

I was raised a materialist-ultraliberal-atheist-evolutionist. At age 30 I had some paranormal experiences with my girlfriend; she was from a family of witches. This threw me into a nervous breakdown and almost destroyed me.

I then met my wife, who put humpty-dumpty back together again. She introduced me to the Bible and other ancient writings that spoke of angels, demons, and a variety of interdimensional beings. I proceeded to study - especially prophecy - at a fanatic's level sticking to my own opinions.

This somehow opened a door to a different more spiritual life style and insights. It also opened the door to seeing visions and interdimensional entities - angels and demons. At times they were very vivid and as physical as the chair you are sitting in right now.

I also saw visions such as the Berlin Wall coming down 6 months before it actually happened and the Chernobyl nuclear accident 3 days before it happened and to the exact location.

I bounced from church to church. The so-called "spiritual people" believed in nothing spiritual-if that makes any sense! If Jesus walked in the front door, they would leap out of the windows!

It became a very lonely world, just me and "them", the demons and the angels. The war was on.

I went to the Edgar Cayce Foundation at Virginia Beach and took some ESP tests. My wife and I aced the tests. The participating crowd and the staff were amazed. They took our names. We then went upstairs to the Library to look around.

While I was reading a Masonic book, I overheard a conversation between several men around the wall. They said that they had just come back from Moscow (it was Aug.1989 and the Wall did not come down until later) and were talking about a secret experiment that was conducted in Sweden. It involved CIA and KGB agents in an underground radio/television wave-proof room trance channeling to the dead. For the first time, they got Albert Einstein on television.

The men attending were Oleg Jeff Minko, a West Virginia University professor and telekinesis expert; Dr. John Sutton, technical Officer of Goddard Space Flight Center; C. B. Scott Jones, NIS/NSA and Pres. of the Human Potential Movement; Col. John Alexander, Leader of the Non-Lethal Weapons Division, of the D.O.D., and Hugh Lynn Cayce, Jr.

A few years later, I was writing movie scripts- a few were stolen and the ideas and /or "treatments " were used in "StarGate " and "U.D.T./SEALS". I was very imaginative and energetic- I even got into the patent /invention fever and aligned myself with a Dr. Spaniol of West Virginia State College at Institute, West Virginia. We got the Governor and other state politicians together with" Captains of Industry" and the Federal Government to initiate Reseach and Development Triads - inventor's incubators. (I filmed all of this also-I can prove everything I say!)

If you were to listen to the NASA scientists on my videos talking to the college professors and politicians, there is a "double-speak". It clearly indicates NASA is not interested in looking for life in outerspace, but rather in the inner earth and the interdimensions around us presently that are invisible. (The "Esoteric Crew" of Goddard!) Now Hollywood and the media in general have pounded the public with the "life-in outer space" theme, the "Crash at Roswell", the "Alien Autopsy", physical aliens being cloned and reverse engineering of flying saucers. The real truth lies in what certain departments of the government are doing silently on their own. What I know is not from some "Conspiracy" website or good science fiction novel, it is from doing work for NASA on a civilian level. Being a "test-rat" or "guinea-pig" in some of their esoteric experiments. While the major book publishers and Hollywood drum-up more nonsense for both the skeptic and believer to mislead them under the long-standing management of the intelligence agencies, we in the know squealers are totally ignored and labeled "kooks"! (This "test rat" escaped the cage, took the mad professors notes with him and ate the cheese on the way out and can and will prove it!)

In December of 1992, I was approached by Dr. Spaniol to enter a "project within a project". West Virginia State College had an ELF EARTH WAVE PROJECT sponsored and funded by NASA. I was to come on campus for a couple of hours a week and show my face as if I was working there then leave for the real project. While the majority of students stayed on campus a majority of the time on the NASA ELF Project, the staff (and I was staff) were out playing around with UFO's.

In December of 1992 the same group of men that I met years earlier at the Edgar Cayce Foundation were at the meeting with others including Dr. Steve Besset and Dr. Greer. They all met somewhere in Virginia either at Langley or at the Edgar Cayce Foundation. I do not know for sure because they lied to me so much I was left confused and misinformed most of the time. They had a government paid psychic, Anna Himalayan, probably a fake name. She was trance channeling the Ascended Masters down to meet me in West Virginia. This all happened before I even knew that I was the "chosen-one." (I have most of the audio tapes of the conversations and trance-channeling sessions Dr.Craig Spaniol recorded. By the way, all video tapes and audio tapes have been copied and hidden in many locations in the past several years.)

I just moved to Liberty, West Virginia near Loom Tree Hollow. In the dictionary the second definition of "loom" means UFO. Look it up! I had to figure that one out on my own. Keeping me in the dark was a very important feature of their little game.) So, I live near UFO Tree Hollow. Right? (See a Sissonsville Quadrant map.)

What I thought was amusing is that Dr. Greer and Dr. Besset were head of an organization that was supposedly "lobbying" Congress and the President to force the CIA to admit that they have a crashed (physical) saucer and dead (physical) aliens. But, here they are involved in communicating to the spirit-realm via mediums or witches called psychics to bring the interdimensional "Etherians" to earth. What a sharp contrast to what they are supposed to believe in and what they really believe in. As usual, the radio and television shows put these characters on and they continue to "hoodwink" the public as usual. (Oh...Do they call those types...Disinformation officers?)

Next, the psychic said the Etherians wanted them to use the property of a man that owns 6,000 to 12,000 acres. This "mystery-man" would be open to UFOs the Esoteric, and the Occult. The "mysteryman" would also be a businessman, an ex-chemical engineer, and had a lot of contact with UFO's in the past.

I had just moved to Liberty and met the mystery man, Bob Ranson, Storeowner and Postmaster of Liberty. In fact, he invited me up to his house and we talked about philosophy, politics and science. He had a tendency to be sort of Fascist and Occultic in beliefs through his heritage. What baffled me was his off the wall successful tips for suicide. All of his friends did it. Why don't you? (This connects to the Project Manager, Carl Anderson of Mt. Olive, WV. Years later he said the same thing. Carl lives near one of the Hot-Zones and Bob lives near another Hot-Zone. Its on his land. When I quit, Bob and Dr. Spaniol tried to recruit other people. They all had the same profile as me: (1) Totally new to the area (2) Male (3) 5ft. /7 in. to 8 in (4) Dark brown hair. (5) Open to the occult (6) Have seen interdimensional entities (angels and demons) and /or UFO's. (7) Were associated with Dr. Spaniol in some capacity. (8) Had a background as an electrician or electronic technician. (There are other things I certainly do not know of yet.)

This story goes on and on. Sounds like a good science fiction novel, but I do not read novels or science fiction. I just saw Star Wars recently -I am 20 yrs behind on science fiction! I have made thousands of notes trying to figure this out. I have spent countless hours in the woods making close contact with a variety of interdimensional entities. I also have on film the professors out in the field with UFO's and me in the background. Team meetings in Bob's store, with a video camera. I caught Anderson and Ranson with strange looks on their faces. It was obvious I was being "snowballed." These guys knew each other. Unfortunately, I caught onto it all too late.

Later in the game, I discovered Anderson putting implants in my neck. On another occasion I was with Anderson and I was supposedly abducted. I had left my camera on as he took a device in a black bag and messed with it while I was driving a truck. I went into a "dumbed-down" trance and he drilled me on questions concerning where I will hide when the New World Order takes over and comes after me. (I didn't even know about a New World Order back in 95! Nice to know what they are going to do, but I wonder why? Are they faking an invasion from outerspace with a real invasion from hell? What is it that I know that makes me so dangerous to them?)

Bob Ranson was like a UFO tour guide through an UFO JURASSIC PARK. It was as if he was "conjuring-up-the-spirits" on the Ancient Adena Indian Lands that the government secretly protects. Since the spiritist days years ago, major highways and airports have been turned down from going in at Liberty. According to construction workers themselves,"That Bureau of Land Management (Federal) stopped everything we have ever tried to put through there!"

On many reconnaissance occasions, we actually saw trucks and vans go into different mountainsides. After seeing this, some of us started thinking the UFO's were either man made or men were in collusion with the aliens. What they were telling me, I didn't believe anymore. The riddle became much more confusing and truth seemed further away.

Wherever Bob pointed, there was an UFO. I would have to use binoculars at first. He could see them with the naked eye instantly. It was as if it were all staged for my benefit to get me hooked, trained, initiated or convinced I had supernatural powers. I am still baffled by most of it (A few times alone with him in his store when he was talking about ghosts, spirits, and hauntings, doors would open or shut on their own - just feet away in plain view with no wind or strings to do tricks. He would just laugh as I made ready to bolt outside.)

Years later while reviewing my film footage, I saw that Bob was leading us away. I noticed he did not issue out hunting permits on his northern lands. I then triangulated silver-looking saucers going into and leaving the area of Painterfork Hollow and Sigmon Ridge. Before he died he told me "He was with the ones that had it" and I assumed he meant Spaniol or Anderson wanted it. This told me that one end of our government knows what it is all about and has it; but, the other end of the government wants it. He also told me some of them are "etheric" but others are "physical." I asked if they were manmade and he nodded. A few minutes later a NSA agent that I recognized from a previous job showed up with his body guard dressed as civilians. I knew it was time to leave by the look on his face. Several months later the veins in Bob's left arm collapsed. A few weeks later he had a stroke. He was paralyzed on one side, but was suppose to be released soon to go home. Two days before the release he received an overdose of blood thinner and he hemorrhaged.

I was home at the time and something spiritual told me exactly what had happened 24 hr. before it was officially announced. The "Gate-keeper" died after being attended by doctors his wife was not familiar with. Need I tell you my opinion? If this book is called anything it should be called "RANSON'S REVENGE!"

After hundreds of UFO's documented on film and countless tries of getting NASA's "New Energy-Technology Transfer" with real close -encounters, I decided it was time to get to the truth of it all.

I made a fake film right on my kitchen table on November 17, 1993. It fooled the film labs around here and NASA's jet-propulsion laboratories. Doctor Spaniol six months later was on his way to the Isaac-Newton Conference in Moscow again to give a presentation on making the closest contact ever for a technology transfer of a new energy. (That speech would have put a target on my back for every oil baron in the world to shoot at. So I had to tell him the truth).

Dr. Sutton was putting a picture of the fake film on the front cover of the NASA in-house magazine. So, what does all of this tell you? They are seriously anticipating such a similar event and so are the Russians. Hence, the "haves" in this are teasing and feeding the "have-nots" with just enough data and proof as to lead them on. What the NASA Esoteric-Engineers are thinking and what is really going on may be two entirely different things. After all, how are the Rockefellers going to feel about being plunged into bankruptcy and how is it going to affect the rest of the world?

Before I saved the NASA scientists from embarrassment, they had two different psychics review the "Great Technology Transfer Encounter" film, the fake November 17th, 1993 video. One was Anna Himalayon - probably a fake name - and the other was Lea Stancil from Lewisburg, West Virginia. Lea and her husband were Federal employees that just moved from Washington, D.C. I have both psychics on audiotapes interviewed twice on two separate occasions - concerning what happened on the night of November 17, 1993. After reviewing the video-separately at different times, they gave their psychic readings on what the aliens were doing and what happened to me during the abduction.

One said that it was a 600 ft. ship with 10 ft. tall aliens (60 of them) aboard and I was abducted and the aliens took the camera and were doing the filming. Both psychics made absolutely ridiculous statements about the fake film and both psychics were 100% wrong. (I have the audio tapes recorded by Dr. Spaniol of these psychic sessions.) So how were the psychics so incredibly accurate in finding the "mystery-man" and repeating everything that took place in my hypnosis sessions with Ph.D. and hypnotist Holly Forrester Miller, Dean of Psychiatry at the West Virginia College of Graduate Studies. The answer is "surveillance" by the Federal intelligence department that is trying to create a New Religion out of UFO folklore, holograms, E.L.F. mind control techniques, witchcraft and trickery -"Electronic-Occultism"!

Later, after I confessed to my little evil deed. Anderson said the psychics told me to go out back over the mountain on a "spirit-quest" and the aliens will come to me. Previously he told me it was necessary to dump the others because they had selfish motives. My gut feeling said stay inside. That night two cows dropped dead right next to each other and the veterinarian could not figure out what killed them. (Was it an electromagnetic pulse or ice-bullet meant for me?)

The sky filled with black unmarked helicopters night after night beaming down searchlights with their infrared ground strobe. This went on day and night -on and off - for years! Strange pipercub and cesna aircraft circled my house at very low altitudes for hours. I have all of this on video also!

White vans followed my wife on her way to work and she would pass out and wreck - over and over. When it happened to me, I finally figured it out that they are using the ELF mind control transmitters on us. We had countless nights of no rest - strange noises ringing in our ears. We were being pounded day and night by van and by helicopters with these so-called non-lethal weapons and E.L.F. mind control microwave signals.

My wife and I were constantly arguing and my dogs were constantly fighting each other. Our families and neighbors turned against us, viscously, for no reason. Our lives went into a "black-hole" and the mountain we lived on became the ABYSS.

The ghostly aliens continued to appear and I would speak to them in a strange language, that the new agers call Enochian. The white triangle craft with rounded corners continued to show up and park just outside my bedroom window 3 to 4 a.m. every night. The choppers circled the house day and night. Dr. Spaniol said it was only the DEA doing routine "pot-plant" searches. (In the middle of the winter? Snow Pot?) The neighbors - out here in the country - were calling the FAA, FCC and FBI because the chaos was disturbing their television reception and entertainment.

My wife lost all of the hearing in her right ear due to the constant bombardment of ELF by the government at her while she was at work and at home. At work, in her office on the 4th floor of the highest skyscraper in the state, her right ear faced the window that was in direct line of sight with the Federal Building downtown. The top specialists and doctors in the state are bewildered and baffled by her sudden hearing loss - with no medical explanation.

In the book "Kundalini Tales " by Richard Sauder about ELF mind control devices, you can see a variety of United States patents from the Patent Office - electronic schematics and everything else. On page 16 of this book, you will find a picture of astronauts eating breakfast with a few NASA engineers. The unidentified scientist second from the right was my boss on the West Virginia State College NASA ELF Project - Ph.D., Dr. John Sutton. You would see the very same man in the videos I filmed at the college and the videos Dr . Craig Spaniol filmed at the Tesla Society and Issac Newton conferences in the U.S. and in the U.S.S.R. You would also hear the same man's voice on audio tapes with Dr. Spaniol and the psychics talking about the UFO's. The spider web of Masonry and it's great influence on NASA and the "intelligence agencies" is also pointed out in the "Kundalini Tales." Your ear, your mind, and your life is nothing to these Fascist Luciferians. We are all destined to be "test-rats" in their world of "Electronic-Witchcraft!"

I had to forget my career and ride with my wife on her job giving seminars to professionals. For the past several years, we have had to carry concealed weapons for protection. At one conference, after helping her set up everything in the country club, I rested out in the car as she gave a seminar an extremely unusual thought process entered my mind.

I suddenly got these mad thoughts of anger and almost uncontrollable rage. I went inside to the dining hall to get an aspirin. My head was about to explode. I went down into the basement and the thoughts stopped. I went back upstairs and remembered that out in the parking lot, a white van had parked next to us. It was there for three hours. The occupants never got out! They saw me starring at them, then they quickly drove away.

I caught them on several occasions around us or behind us whenever we wrecked. There is no doubt in my mind about who is responsible for the insane postal shootings, the recent school shootings, and the hazing gangs of guys chasing and raping girls on beaches several years ago. This ELF mind control is to create chaos in order for the populace to willingly disarm themselves for the future New World Order takeover-which includes the genocide of the majority of the world's population.

I can swing into an entirely different area but will summarize instead. The very people that want to save nature will destroy nature with HAARP, ELF, and other weapons of mass destruction. This is not about saving nature. It is about saving Satan in both a 3-D earthly battle and an inter-dimensional cosmic battle. Everything else is just double-speak and conjecture. The most hard-core atheists will soon witness things that will drive them out of their little narrow minds.

Our other team was set up in conjunction with a group in California at Shasta Mountain. They were directly linked to Barb Marx Hubbard's U.S. Army 1st Earth Battalion. This group is led by the California Church of Set's Satanic highest priest, Lt. Col. Mike Aquino. Contact results were given to Ex-Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev who is also in touch with the Ascended Masters.

This is not even a fraction of my story. But, I will let it rest on this. I wish for everyone that reads this to visit the following websites:


MAN OF THE CENTURY "THE SILVER LEGACY", you should be able to find a dozen end time prophecies on this website. Look at the Pope's "fish hat and read where the "power-elite" already consider Gorby the "PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD". Go to http://therussianmint/gorby.htm. Go to the "GLOBAL GORBY"article and you will find on the last two pages the psychologist /psychic Hubbard is instructing the U.N. to murder all Christians on earth and eliminate everybody else while they are at it.

Now go find a book called "THE AGE OF CATACLYSM", written by Alfred Webre and Phillip Liss, in 1974-SBN399-11307. This book calls for everything that the Georgia Guide Stones calls for eliminating the Congress and U.S.Constitution and the world population for a New World Order and a Luciferian One World Religion. This book was printed by THE WORLD FEDERALIST SOCIETY and the psychics told them to tell the world leaders what to do and the Ascended Masters told the psychics what to tell the leaders. So, who is really giving orders to whom? This book said on page 196 that this process of "cleansing" the world of the unfit and the birth of a new age will begin after RUSSIA turns capitalist and the Berlin Wall comes down. How prophetic? Also, note that I previously mentioned that Barb Marx Hubbard ordered the same thing recently at one of those $5,000 a plate dinners for Globalism. She was also the leader of the World Federalist Society. At these World meetings the elite stuff their faces with gourmet dinners and talk about the need for us poor slobs to carry food rationing cards. The hypocrisy and double-speak of the New Liberalism is right out of Hitler's Mein Kampf!

Barby's deceased husband's brother the creator of the Church of Scientology, Dianetics and Silva Mind Control, Ron L Hubbard, was in a government sponsored esoteric experiment. During WWII, Satanist Aliester Crowley, Hubbard, and Parsons corresponded with Nazi Scientist, Wilhelm Reich, (Occult-UFO-Sex-Magician) in an effort to open another dimension (a window) for the Ascended Masters to come into our dimension and breed with women as in Genesis 6:1. What is strange is that these experiments took place in the western deserts prior to the atomic bomb blasts. They were, also, connected to both the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project. (Dr. Spanoil, who has worked on Darpa, non-lethal weapons, Haarp, ELF weather control, and previously worked on the first nuclear subs, told me this in an all night lecture.)

So, there it is. Psychics (witches) telling world leaders to unite and exterminate the masses and enslave the survivors for a super high tech occultic Luciferian Age. An endless network of paganists, masons, witches and occultists in an alliance with Nazis hired by the CIA in Project Paper Clip 50 years ago. A secret government sworn by oath to Satan itself to enslave the earth and destroy all those that do not worship him. Their goal is to bring the King of the Ascended Masters to Earth "in the physical " for all to see. That is why the project is called "Falling Star!"

The Alien Agenda is the same as the Ascended Master Agenda. The Ascended Master Agenda is the same as the Psychics Agenda. The Psychics Agenda is the same as the World Federalist Agenda. The World Federalist Agenda is the same as the United Nations Agenda. The United Nations Agenda is the same as the Fema Agenda . The Fema Agenda is the same as The New Constitution of the United States Agenda.

The aliens are the arch angels of hell. The world leaders are taking orders from witches and demons from Hell! This is exactly what is in the book of Revelations of the Bible. Even the description of the evil spirits that bring the United Nations to the Battle of Armageddon appearing as frogs or alien reptoids!

When the skies light up with an alien invasion - that will be Satan and 1/3 of the ex-arch angels of heaven falling (materializing) on earth. They will meet with the Illuminati Brotherhood. The man-made police state craft will come out of their secret underground bunkers. The television may call it the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and the Rapture. Take my advice: Do not go outside and try..... "To Catch A Falling Star!"

William Dean Ross

P.S. I have 200 hours of video film footage. Some of it taken from the Issac Newton and Tesla Societies in Moscow. The same people I have mentioned above in them. I have the same people on video initiating new research and development centers -Triads-for a new science. I have the same people mentioned above on video watching UFO's just hundreds of feet away. I, also, have the team meetings, hypnotists, and psychics on video and audio documentation.

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