Chemtrail fallout being discovered in South Africa!

by Jess Miller

as posted in the Open Your Eyes discussion list:

This is an advance posting to warn you 'substances falling from the sky' are being found by farmers in the Karoo in South Africa as featured in a newspaper article of this morning (I am having it translated for you from Afrikaans).

The Karoo is an extensive high desert sheep/cow farming area beginning some 3 to 4 hours drive to the North East of Cape Town en route to Johannesburg.

A farmer describes 'spider web' substances falling from the sky, being eaten by his cows and that have then become sick. He describes a substance EXACTLY like that featured on

This may well be being carried out world wide, so get the word out there.

I will post the full information later today once it is translated and I have had time to talk with the newspaper reporter.

Jess Miller. Lifetraveller.

Editor's note: Later the same day, the following came in from Jess. As the article referenced clearly says it may not be posted on websites without permission (Jess had sent it through email so that was okay), I've excerpted some key phrases in order to include the gist. Where Jess's original message has been change, it is italicized.

You could have knocked me down with a feather when this came out this morning!


Rapport Newspaper, South Africa, Cape Edition - 25/6/00

Strange, sticky, wiry threads similar to spider's web falls in the Karoo.

By Maryna van Wyk

Are these sticky, spider web-like materials that are falling on to the Karoo areas from the air and forming a blanket like appearance across the vegetation, telephone poles and barbed wire, something falling out of space?


Some of these fibres are up to two metres long and he found some hanging over the telephone poles on his farm. When it is rubbed between the fingers the texture of the substance becomes fragmented and even disappears. It appears to have no smell whatsoever.


"Two of my best cows have fallen ill this past month, ever since the debris started falling on to my farm. These cows showed the symptoms of the illness by large bumps appearing on their hides, they became extremely listless and even became blind."


a farm worker for Mr.Du Toit who first noticed these strange sticky fibres and he maintains that he saw bundles of these fibres falling out of an aeroplane crossing above the area.


It is interesting to note and may or may not have something to do with this discovery of South African Chemtrails, that the South African Television programme 'Carte Blanche' did a feature story a few months ago about UFO's sighted over the Karoo. On a clear day a man and his family took video footage of bright lights extremely high in the sky that were moving in a strange way and then stopping. The video was computer analysed and showed a flying 'aircraft', one of the lights, approaching another at enormous speed, but disappearing just before it reached the other 'aircraft'. The computer analyst claimed that no aircraft in existence could have made such a manouvre. is one of the best websites to educate yourself about Chemtrails, especially in the U.S. Please do not forward this message to Clifford Carnicom as this has already been done.

South Africans: Please ask every person you know who farms or lives in remote areas of South Africa to let you or me know about any strange occurrences such as Chemtrails or their fallout.

This disturbing message is sent by Jess Miller - Author, Freelance Journalist and World Strategy Analyst.

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