Kathleen Keating

The Third Secret of Fatima is still a secret. In the press release issued by the Vatican today, the public was made privy to, at best, a watered down version of one sentence of the true secret. This ridiculous revelation bears no resemblance to the remarks made by Pope John Paul II in Fatima, May 13, 2000, when he said that we are in fact in the midst of Revelation-Chapter 12, verse 3: "And another sign in heaven; and behold a great Red Dragon, having seven heads, and ten horns; and on his heads seven diadems."

This statement refers directly to the rise of the antichrist. Upon careful examination of todayís "document," there is no mention of the beast. In 1980, the Holy Father stated in Fulda, West Germany, "...if there is a message in which it said that the oceans will flood entire sections of the earth, that, from one moment to the other, millions of people will perish, there is no longer any point in really wanting to publish this secret message."

If you read the statement about the pope being shot, you may think, as some people in the Vatican want you to think, that the attempted assassination of JPII in 1981 was what the message had meant. Nothing could be further from the truth.

It comes as no surprise that the Vatican waited until Father Malachi Martin died before perpetrating this hoax on the entire world. After all, Father Martin would have been able to dispute this alleged Third Secret line by line. No doubt, Father Martin would have hit the airwaves and told the truth, as he always did, that something sinister was behind this feeble attempt to enlighten the world. This feeble attempt is designed to lull us back to sleep, to make us heave a sigh of relief and to go blindly on with our lives. It is a fabrication to seed complacency about our future and to avoid what is about to hit us all.

In an earlier Special Article on Fatima, which is still up on the web site, I stated that Father Martin had mentioned that the third secret contained two major points. Those points involved a spiritual chastisement and a physical chastisement. It is blatantly obvious that the statement released today was void of any such message.

I have a source, deep inside the Vatican, who let me know some time ago that what would be revealed today would only distantly resemble the actual Third Secret, that it would be pared down, containing very little fact. The statement today reflects the veracity of my sourceís comments.

The thing that totally amazes me is that some forces in the Vatican truly believe that heaven has not made the Third Secret known to other visionaries. This is a no-brainer to those of us who have studied visionaries and their messages at length. It is a kind of fail-safe method intended to get the actual contents out, to put us on notice of what is actually contained in the secret. The message itself is so important that there was no way heaven would rely on human nature which has sidelined, sidetracked and now side-stepped the issue.

If youíll notice in Sister Luciaís letter, it has a length of about four pages. This totally goes against eyewitnesses who saw actual secret. The whole third secret is somewhere between 24-28 lines long. Comparing the documents allegedly belonging to Sister Lucia, you can clearly see two separate styles of handwriting. It is a given that a personís writing can change with time, but the differences in the writings are too great with only nominal similarities.

So, why wasnít the true secret released? I donít think the reason has to do with JPII. I think the enemies of the Vatican had their day and put out the proverbial bait and switch. In all candor, Iím surprised at Cardinal Ratzingerís interpretation of the secret. It is so patently false. Ratzinger has been known in the Rome as a defender of the Pope and quite close to the Holy Father.

Yet, this deception sheds a new light on the inner workings of the demonic wheeler-dealers within the Vatican. This group will ultimately be behind the true assassination of John Paul II and will be responsible for bringing the antipope and antichrist on the scene.

Imagine three children under ten years of age. They received all three secrets of Fatima and were horrified at their contents. Even Pope John XXIII passed out when he read the Third Secret. I dare say that you could hand the alleged "Third Secret" to the most squeamish child and you would be hard pressed to get any sort of reaction.

If todayís visionaries are on target, and their track record seems to indicate that they are, we should expect the worst. We should not be satisfied with this evil deception. No matter how you dress this one, no matter what kind of spin the Vatican has placed on this press release, it still smells like bologna. Now, some people would say that we now have nothing to worry about, that life will go on much as it has. But this is horribly wrong.

My research concurs with Father Martinís definition of the Third Secret. In that true secret, we know the reality of annihilation, nuclear war and horrors beyond our imaginings.

Compare JPIIís statement in Fulda with todayís news and you get a true picture of the pack of lies that have been thrust upon us.

In actuality, the dark side has a vested interest in us not changing our ways, in remaining lukewarm in our faith. We have to demand the truth from the Holy See. Billions will be killed and thrown into hell because they will not be prepared. The coming chastisements could have been lessened, could have been mitigated and thereby saving millions of people along with a multitude of nations. That is not possible now.

So, we can wait for the coming tribulation. The sad thing is that we wonít have to wait much longer. Whole nations will be swallowed, the US will be invaded and billions will die. Billions. Whether it is at the hand of phenomenal earthquakes, alien attacks, guillotines brought to us by the N.W.O. or deadly asteroids on a collision course with earth, really doesnít matter anymore. Our fate is sealed with the kiss of Judas.

Why? Because some people in the Vatican donít want to scare the hell out of us. They want to cajole us. Even worse, we want to be cajoled. We should enjoy the final normal days of our lives because within months, we wonít recognize our country, our cities or the leadership who runs them. Worst of all, we wonít be able to recognize ourselves.

We should make it our business to study todayís visionaries and prepare for the future that the Vatican just insured. It is clear we will all have a ringside seat.

Kathleen Keating

© 2000 Kathleen Keating. All rights reserved

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