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Or the Society General of Belgium was founded in 1822 as an extension of the infamous Treaty of Verona which inspired President Monroe in consultation with his close friend President Jefferson to formulate the Monroe Doctrine.

The Societe Generale was created by the Bank of Amsterdam in collusion with William the First of Orange. It was another bloodline lending institution supposedly to inspire expansion of industries in the Low countries of Europe.

The Societe Generale now is a consortium of over 3000 subsidiaries such as banks , hotels and insurance companies.

It was governed over by King Leopold the Second of Belgium from 1840 through 1870. King Leopold was of course one of the infamous Von Hapsburg bloodliners of what is known as European Black Nobility. King Leopold also had a very active sex life and seemed to exhibit no shortage of testosterone. One of the bi-products of this extensive sex life was a young lady named Elizabeth Von Hapsburg.

Miss Von Hapsburg would have been about 20 years old in 1864. The King had removed her from Belgium to avoid any embarrassing situations since he was already a married man. But he definitely followed the illegitimate offspring that he sired.

Miss Von Hapsburg had been relocated to a city where she could meet some fine upstanding gentlemen suitable to her bloodline stature. Washington , DC happened to be her new residence when she met a certain bright aspiring politician. His name was Abraham Lincoln and even though he wasn't true European Royalty he at least had a good job. His job was President of The United States.

The only problem with the relationship was that he was a married man. And indeed married to a manic depressive opium addict named Mary Todd Lincoln. Mary Todd Lincoln had emotional ups and downs like the wildest roller coaster ever invented. These ups and downs were soothed by smoking a pipe full of BIG O (opium) provided by her pusher man. An employee of the British East India Company , the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI-6) , and high ranking officer in the Confederate Secret Service (Knights of the Golden Circle). His name was John Wilkes Booth. He made regular trips to the White House to provide the wife of the President her daily fix. The President was more than glad to have the old lady anesthesized so then she wouldn't be bitching at him. Which he detested. When she was spaced out on BIG O then he could go attend to his many girlfriends. He had more than Billy Blythe (Clinton) and John Kennedy put together.

He was as addicted to sex as Mary Todd (Collins) Lincoln was to pipe smoking. Collins is a big league Illuminati family. The British East India Company must have made a killing off of her.

One of the bi-products of the sexual liaison between President Lincoln and Elizabeth (El Lizard Birth) Von Hapsburg was a set of twin girls. Only one year old in 1864 , they were named Ella and Emily. King Leopold the Second knew about this. And so did Mary Todd Lincoln. Mary Todd Lincoln found out about the illicit affair and the twin girls on April 15, 1865.
The same day the President was shot in the brain. More about that later.

The twin girls Ella and Emily were provided for in the President's last will and testament. They were given over 1000 acres of land in the area of Birmingham , Alabama. There were certain reasons for that. I will explain that later also. That's if you're suitably interested.

Emily lived a pretty much normal life and finally succumbed to old age.

Ella on the other hand had a somewhat major role in shaping the future.

When Ella was in her twenties she met a man and got married. His name was Felix Hughes. They actually had four sons. But birth certificates were suppressed and records show only one. His name was Howard Hughes Senior. He in turn had only one child.

That child inherited the Hughes Tool Corporation at the age of 17 when his father died in 1922. His name was Howard Hughes Junior.

In 1952 he won an air race in San Diego , California. He was an accomplished pilot. In the race were P-51 Mustangs , British made Spitfires using the Rolls-Royce 3000 horsepower engines and Lockheed P-38 Lightnings. Hughes won the race hands down but was disqualified because he was flying a Messerschmidt 262. The Messerschmidt 262 was the first fully operational jet fighter in the world. He had bought it from United States military sources occupying the conquered Third Reich. Mr. Hughes could afford a Messerschmidt 262 because he was a billionaire.

Mr. Hughes jet aircraft in the San Diego air race was a full hundred miles an hour faster than the fastest P-51 Mustangs or Supercharged Spitfires.

Take my word for it. There is a lot more to this story than I have time to put in this little essay. A lot more.

Are you starting to get the point. That American History 101 was a crock.

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