An amazing 11:11 experience!
by John V. Panella

Below is an experience I had that was later confirmed!

I sent this letter to the site that teaches about the mysterious 11:11

I do not know whom you all are here at this site. But before three days ago I knew nothing of 11:11. I want to paste to you something that I sent my email group, that happened to me. Make sure you read the first message very close and then read what occurred hours after. I knew absolutely nothing about what 11:11 meant or anything. I only knew that it existed because months ago one of the women brought it up on our list. The memory was boosted when I saw 11:11 for the first time and then after my revelation in the form of a lucid dream I saw 11:11 by chance again which then directed me to your site. I was stunned when I read on your site what I learned in revelation through a dream.

This was sent to me email list hours before my incredible experience!

By the way for whatever it means, I was struck with 11:11 today. Remember we talked about this strange set of numbers. Well for some reason I was just directed to look at a clock while I was doing something. And bingo it was 11:11, was it a coincidence???

I then sent this to my email list explaining my experience after the fact!

Recently I had a major experience that I have yet to share with all of you. The other night I had a powerful awakening and revelation. In fact it came hours after I had the mysterious 11:11 event that I wrote this list about. What had occurred was beyond anything one can imagine in this physical plane including me. I was shocked and stunned by what I learned. I had shared the event with (Name Deleted) and Now I want to share it with the rest of you. I have been meditating on this for quite some time since this lucid dream was given to me. Here is what I wrote to (Name Deleted) after the event took place, I have edited out the personal notes directed towards her so the entire list can read it!

Here now was my experience in short summary!

I have spent the entire day going over this in my mind, what happened, and what exactly I was taught. Not only was my experience a conscious raising event, it in fact was the secret to how our consciousness will be raised in the future. I came to learn a mystical secret! Something occurred that I have never experienced, it has to do with the twin flame.

I have known about the twin flame, through my research and studies and by virtue of each of us are only one aspect to the whole. That each of us have both the feminine and masculine aspect about ourselves. However what I learned first hand is much more than I even understood. You see in this 3-dimensional world it is very difficult to understand concepts such as, "the two are one." We always automatically want to separate each aspect unto themselves. I know even though I taught about the Father/Mother Divine I always saw them as two principles/beings of the one divine nature. At least from my mind. What was so funny was that I wrote it the way it should be in my book, I just never understood how it was all possible. You see even though mysteries were revealed to me it doesn't mean that I understood them all even though I was writing them.

It was difficult to perceive anything less or more concerning the divine Father/Mother in this instance. However I have now been revealed a major secret. The twin flame is not another individual, although they are incarnated as we are in different bodies too. The twin flame is our other half. Now let me explain.

What I learned in probably the most powerful way I could, by actually experiencing it. I learned that we are only one half to the whole. We are not searching for a mate, or a lover, or a opposite half compared to us as we would think in the matter world. We are searching for ourselves other half. When the two meet it is the bringing of the capstone upon the pyramid. It is the marriage of the Lamb. It is the crown of righteousness. You see what I am trying to say our true conscious waking event will never occur until each has been reunited with their other half, not in the flesh but in the soul spirit. Yes we all have events in our lives that raise our consciousness some, but not to the level I am speaking about. Not even close!

Once that occurs you set off a chain reaction to where you become all knowledge, Love, peace, serenity etc... It is like you are re-attached back to the part that holds the key for one another to unite the God principle in one. I now realize we will only ever know in part until this occurs. We will always be only one side of the equation. You see there is much more to this than even what I can explain in mere words. The crown of Righteousness, or the Capstone, is not a physical event, it is a spiritual event when we are united with our own selves. Once this begins we shall then understand all the missing parts to the whole, and then begin to see the entire picture.

Even considering what everyone is discussing relating to the conscious raising events with the pyramids and the hall of records and the placing of the capstone. They actually have nothing to do with any of this, they are only physical manifestations of the real Christ consciousness. Looking to the pyramids will not solve this now or ever more. We must look within, that is where it will begin. What I experienced the other night was beyond anything I could have ever realized in this material world. But I became one with my other half, a half which actually lives in physical form as a lady now in this time frame. I actually wrote about her in my book as being the one who launched me into an awareness to where I eventually came to learn these things. However I am not sure she understands all of this today in her conscious awareness, however on the other side of the veil she knows many things even to my shock.

Only time will tell. But on the other side we are really the same person holding the eternal keys to the other half. We are like the right and left hemispheres of the brain that come together. The event marked another advancement for me in my pursuit of the truth, but it actually may have been the final event before what it is that I was instructed would occur.

I just never grasped how powerful it was.

Last night was the pinnacle of this trips peak. I chose to tell you this. I am not sure how much more I can share with everyone else at this time, because in truth no one will ever truly understand what I am saying until they are turned on. I mean that both metaphysically and physically. Each of us are like divine beings who are not turned on. We are not operating. We have been shut down for a very long time locked into a prison of deceit and lack of eternal and internal awareness. Our illusions and deceptions are all being creating because we lost the key to our whole divine self. We are not complete!

As long as we remain in a separate state or condition we can not even grasp 50% of the totality of our whole self. This is why Jesus said there is no marriage in the kingdom. And yet he also taught about being prepared for the wedding of the Lamb how the bridegroom will marry his bride upon his return. This is an individual event as well as a common event. It is the raising of the consciousness, it is the second return of Christ. It is the uniting with each of our other halves. You see when this occurs the reason Jesus said the Father will be in all, is because when you unite with yourself you become as one as the Father/Mother divine. There is no other way this can be completed. The marriage is not like how we perceive marriage in this realm, that is why Jesus said there is no marriage in the kingdom, meaning like here on this physical plane where two people marry. However, even Paul said they become one flesh, yet this is just a metaphor of the spiritual truth.

When one dies in the flesh the other is free to marry, there is no eternal connection in that form. But when you reunite back with yourself you are becoming one with the whole again, and are then become the Father Mother divine. But you are not two beings, you are only one, and always have been ONE, which has over the past ages been divided into two principles because of our fall into the matter world of illusion. We are each going to be replicated as the true divine Father/Mother we will become like that. And this is what has caused our fall and deception and why we so easily can be pulled by the shadow Lords. Because we divided and were not anymore like the Father Mother divine, but a new creature that was lost as souls are lost!

I can only say this much, when you reunite, your mind blends with the other perfectly like the Prince placing the glass slipper on the foot of Cinderella, it fits no one else! And you become eternally "one being" who reaches a pinnacle of internal and eternal love. What I am trying to say is there will never be a need to search for love again, it becomes eternal and internal within you. It will never again be something that you have to search for from without. I wish I could convey this understanding. It is totally beyond human words. Even those who feel this type of love in near death experiences etc.. are not even coming close to what I am saying here, they are still incomplete!

You just become connected. But no matter what everyone is going to see this event within themselves, that are ready now. I only wish I could say more but I am not yet sure what more to say because I am still realizing!

Now the following message is what I wrote after going to this site!

-----Today I saw 11:11 again, like I said it was kinda odd. But (Name Deleted) you are right, it has meaning, and now I know it has more meaning than what I ever believed. I went to this web site about 11:11 that (Name Deleted) sent out. I was shocked beyond words when I began reading what the 11:11 triggers. To my absolute stunning surprise it has to do with our divine beings becoming one. It deals with the two aspects, the feminine and masculine aspects about our divine heritage and it reveals that the trigger 11:11 will begin to teach this gnosis, that the two will become one. Now we can talk about synchronicity all day long, but this one takes the cake. This was the revelation I was given the other night just hours after seeing 11:11. I had no clue what 11:11 meant, although I have heard of it being something, but I never had the 11:11 experience. But I knew (Name Deleted) knew something about it so after I had the revelation I wrote her to ask her about 11:11. She told me that it was a trigger to raise the consciousness. And she said that my experience was no doubt linked. But I never knew exactly what 11:11 meant until (Name Deleted) sent the URL for the site a little while ago. I just got home and decided to go to that site. I have only skimmed it, because I freaked out when I saw what the trigger effect triggered. Now I know without a doubt that the revelation I was given was absolutely true. All I can say is AMAZING. Thanks everyone for your assistance in this learning, and a special thanks to (Name Deleted) for sending the URL that ended up being another revelation right after seeing 11:11 again. Now I know (Name Deleted) the email you sent at 11:11 means something amazing. It might take some for me to become a believer. But in this case it didn't take long. WOW!

COPYRIGHT(C)1999 By: John V Panella
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