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by Echan Deravy

Before I begin this article I would like once again to explain the reason for my bringing this sometimes apparently 'outrageous' information to you. So called 'conspiracy theory' is full of tantalising information to be sure but some of it is, in no uncertain terms, pure nonsense I agree.

For example I picked up a recent issue of the SEDONA JOURNAL, a new age magazine that often has often had what I considered good articles. It has always been the case though that the channeled information in it I often doubt. This time it said that the inner core of the secret government was moving from the South Pole to special bases under main American Cities, 8 MILES under them, in order to escape the high 'energy' which the Pleiadeans are beaming at the planet! Here is an example I believe of partial truth being mixed with huge doses of fantasy because if the "secret" government were making such a move you can be sure we would never know about it! This is called DISINFORMATION because it is based on some truth (there is indeed a shadow government toying with what we are told is a democratically elected one), to make it believable, and then brilliantly altered to make conspiracy theory look foolish and ridiculous! It works. I was embarrased to read such nieve channeled nonsense. No wonder the New Age is ridiculed. Yet that is precisely the purpose of such information.

Underground bases are most certainly being created all over the U.S.A. They are big enough to have cities in. Large American companies have been contracted to do this work. This is an absolute fact and for your personal education on the subject there is a book available should you wish to check. But the channeled information is created to convince you, because of its raging inanity , that NO underground bases exist AT ALL!

Do you see this? The people who create disinformation are not stupid!

In Japan, where I regularly lecture on a variety of subjects including this one, I have read several books and articles about the freemasons and the 'Jewish conspiracy' and have also seen video presentations by people considered experts! So I wish to make the following clear:

After much research and discussion with individuals who have thoroughly done their homework I am convinced that there exists a very real power elite on this planet. This elite goes back conceivably thousands of years (succeeding generation are taught the secrets) and has continued to evolve its esoteric knowledge- based power to control world economy and thus everything else. This knowledge is the basis of both black and white magic. I call it the Illuminati because freemasonry is only a part of it. The elite is composed of individuals from all ethnic groups and Japanese members of the Trilateral commission, discussed in this article, are just as much a part of it as any Jewish members. Japanese paranoia of Jews is not what this series is about. It is not about satan taking over the world either. Yet I am also sure that very negative energy that is also highly intelligent is behind the illuminati. I am willing to consider the POSSIBILITY that extraterrestrial intelligence supports the power elite on Earth, or if not that very good reasons exist in the mind of the illuminati to make us muse so.

There are just as many 'nuts' in conspiracy theory as there are in the UFO field so please discriminate. Just as some new agers talk about space brothers coming to save the word, some conspiracy theorists believe the world is doomed to illuminati controlled slavery with all of us bar-coded and the one new world order in charge. Believe me this is a POSSIBILITY at this point. It is not a fantasy. It is important you doubt the system. That is my main reason in writing. I want readers to be open minded about reality enough to doubt everything you are told by society because I believe that the messages we get from society are programmed to prevent evolution. My present work, focussed primarily on the large Japanese population, is to incite interest in conscious evolution through the action of informed intelligence.

In other words read what I say, check and consider it, feel if it rings true and then ACT on it. I cannot keep quiet when I know for certain that:

In the last 30 years NASA, has turned into a secret organization that withholds vitally important information about Mars, the moon and many other planets from the people who pay for it. The fact that such a situation exists is enough for me to inquire much deeper into the whole secret government idea. Here is one of America's leading corporations involved, albeit without the knowledge of the vast majority of its employees, in an obvious conspiracy. Vital information about extraterrestrial intelligence is being KEPT SECRET from you. It could well be the biggest secret of all time . And I believe that this single fact is enough reason to consider seriously the existence of the ILLUMINATI. Because if we really lived in a free democratic world, particularly if the U.S.A. really was the 'Home of the Free'- the obviously most powerful country ON THE PLANET, then such secret doings at such 'astronomic' levels WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE.

It is unbelievable what is really happening to the Constitution of the U.S. now. The fact that NASA can use tax money and lie and cheat to the public of the world's top nation, and get away with it easily proves to me that something very serious in now being carried out within the structure of the present system, or rather BEHIND it. We must pay attention. It is as simple as that. Therefore my main reason for presenting the following information, information that David Icke told me most journalists are even unaware of (they are supposed to give us NEWS), is to increase your evolutionary POTENTIAL. IF A MAN DOES NOT KNOW HE IS IN A PRISON HE WILL NOT TRY TO GET OUT. We are in a vibrational/consciousness prison right now. It is made of thought forms created to enslave us to a materialist paradigm. We fool ourselves into thinking we are so smart and advanced but the truth is we are little more than clever bio-robots-good at producing and consuming STUFF but helplessly out of touch with the reality of the SPIRIT. It is to the spirit that I address the following.

In England this October at our 'Messages from Atlantis' seminar we had one day with top Illuminati specialist researcher David Icke. From his new explosive book'The truth shall set you free' I have excerpted a piece on the Round Table for your serious consideration.


Although the Illuminati has worldwide "aspects" that include the Vatican in Italy, one of its major core organizations was founded by Cecil Rhodes, a fabulously wealthy Englishman who exploited the diamond reserves of South Africa during the latter part of the 19th century. The country now called Zimbabwe was previously named after him-Rhodesia. Also the famous Rhodes scholarships at Oxford are named after him. Specially selected 'Rhodes scholars' inevitably end up in high ranking positions in the world. The current president of the U.S. , Bill Clinton, was a Rhodes scholar. If you think that is a coincidence please read on! As a student at Oxford Rhodes was greatly influenced by a fine arts professor, one John Ruskin. Ruskin believed in a New World Order, centralised power by the state to control the production and distribution of goods and services. As the power and wealth of Rhodes grew he decided to set up a secret society to manipulate events in the direction of creating a world control group. This group came to be known as the Round Table. It was based on freemason lines and had an inner circle, those who knew its precise aims, and an outer circle of FRIENDS made up of wealthy influential people. Its top members were rarely recorded in its publications, but many were famous politicians and military leaders of course.

After his death in 1902 much of the funding for the round table came from the infamous house of Rothschild, a name very familiar to any who study the Illuminati. As a simple example of one of Rothschild's present power bases is its ownership of Reuters-the news agency which supplies a large amount of information to the world media. Just imagine if you had the power to feed any story you liked to the world's newspapers through one powerful agency and you'll get some idea of what part of the Round table is now doing. And that is just a tiny part. Over the years branches of the round table were set up worldwide to create what you see in the diagram below. Now let us look at what these organizations actually do around this Illuminati Table!

The six organizations you see here have an enormous influence on your daily world and yet I am sure that you, like most people, have never heard of them. In a previous issue we spoke about the Bilderberg group. In this article let's focus on the American branch of the British Royal Institute of International affairs, the CFR. In future articles we will talk about the true role of the U.N. for it is certainly not world peace ( it is a world ARMY-already in the making-U.N. soldiers exist now all over the world-did you notice?) the Club of Rome and how it creates the ecological disaster scenarios through its "reports", yet whose members belong to huge corporations which make money raping the planet, and the Trilateral commission which links Europe, America and yes Japan in a super powerful triad "think tank" that basically controls world trade. Are you beginning to see how powerful this Table really is?

The CFR: The Council on Foreign Relations - centred in America this super elite organization has members from every walk of influential social and political life. Its supposed aims are to get rid of national boundaries in an effort to create a 'better' world of the future. It was founded in 1921 after the Paris peace conference so that Americans could "become familiar with the increasing international responsibilities and obligations of the U.S.A." The real goal of the CFR though is not secret. Members agree that World Government is the aim. The U.N. was created by members of the CFR as a step towards that. And on a plane recently I read about the U.N. in one of the CFR controlled magazines, TIME. They lamented the fact that the U.N. had not really lived up to its expectations as a peacemaker after 50 years. You can be sure that this is preparing people for the U.N. being given MORE POWER TO DEAL WITH INTERNATIONAL "PROBLEMS" It is the old Illuminati strategy of Problem-Reaction-Solution. You create a problem such as a war in the gulf or Bosnia in recent days, you create a reaction from the public through the media like "Oh saddam is such an evil man" then you offer a solution by sending in U.N. backed troops! The U.N. itself was the solution to the problem of the second war which had created the reaction among people of "we are sick and tired of war-please do something!" Do you see how brilliant these people are? What people you may ask. Good question.

By checking out the membership list you will see that in the U.S. (you must have American nationality to join the CFR and you must be recommended by another member. You can be expelled if you reveal too much of their secret agenda. The initiation process to get into the CFR is in line with elitist thinking.) the most influential people in the government including 14 out of 18 secretaries of state since the CFR was founded, 8 directors of the CIA including the infamous George Bush,were members and as far as presidents and vice presidents go Clinton is a member, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon,Carter, Mondale, Ford, Rockefeller were too to name but a few. The Rockefellers, who have been chairpersons of the CFR, donated land for the U.N. building. If you think the coincidences are piling up check out who the heads of all the major newspaper and media companies, energy companies like shell and Texaco are, who the head of the Federal reserve is, the bank owners and directors, the chiefs of the U.S. military and the leaders of the educational institutions such as Yale, Cornell and Columbia universities and you will see they are ALL members of the CFR! You could say with confidence that in modern America a non member has almost zero chance of attaining real success (power and money) in society.

But you must be white ( out of 3,000 members only 10% are of colour) better if you are male (few women in it) and you must like secrecy. Why? Despite the fact that it publishes an annual report the CFR holds many meeting in secret. In Casablanca in 1995 a Mid East/North africa CFR summit meeting was held with Yelstin and Clinton in attendance. No main media reported this. Just as the Bilderberg group does with its yearly "think tank" ! Why the secrecy?

Members are assured that "statements made at meetings will not be transmitted to public media". The Royal Institute of International Affairs is the model for the CFR and is even more secretive simply because the British have been doing it longer.

Please ask yourself why the leaders of the most powerful country on Earth, and top individuals in every major field, belong to an organization that you have never heard of , that has meetings in secret. And then tell me there is no such thing as a secret government. Excuse me while I laugh if you do!

Echan Deravy is a free-lance writer & lecturer and instructor of remote viewing


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