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Cosmic Story
by Deborah Kerrison

In John Bowen's dissertation of the August 11, 1999 Solar Eclipse he was commenting on another interpretation I believe proposed by someone in an article. I would continue with his analysis, which was rather succinct to my mind, and discuss another opportunity for the mass transformation of Earth. On September 12, 1999, Venus will be turning Stationary Direct after a month in retrograde. This is not an usual occurence like Mercury retorgrades which happens three times a year. Venus will go retrograde only once in 2 or 3 years. Venus is an important planet to the Mayans for they believed that this was the planet of the Pleiades. Side Note: Venus to the Mayans was a male entity.

What makes this an important Stationary Direct than most is that just recently the Sun and she conjuncted in Leo...the sign of the Sun. This was at 12 degrees. When she makes her Stationary Direct position, Venus will turn at 18 dregrees Leo. Now, as everyone who has tracked this phenomena knows this was the degree that the Solar Eclipse occurred. Also, as John Bowens pointed out, Libra was the sign of the ascendent. Venus rules Libra. Coincidence?

So, what my two cents is on all this is that we are seeing a cosmic story being written out in the sky. The Grand Cross if looking at it on a chart has the distinct pyramidal structure. This creates a focal point at the center. The different signs involved is known as the "fixed" signs. These are: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Fixed is exactly what the name implies. It either fixates or in a more positive term creates a fixture for what energy entering into the local space. Each one of these fixed signs have a cosmic placing for different "entities". I may be wrong but this is my musing on this, Taurus, the Pleiades, Leo, Sirus A and B, Scorpio, Draco, and Aquarius, Humans. The last I may be all wrong on.

What I have found interesting since the eclipse is many reactions to it. Many experienced so much turmoil, since April 20th, the beginning of the cycle. After the Solar Eclipse, it appears people have experienced some sort of opening. I feel that it is the process of integration that occurred...of 4 of the major energies that we humans carry.

With The Galactic Alignment occurring on the next nine equinoxes and solstices until Dec 21, 2001 we will be continuing that integration. The completions will be around 2012, and the start of a new phase will start soon after that.

But what does it mean after all that rambling about this Sept 12, 1999 SD (Stationary Direct) movement? I would say that the real crux to this whole alignment has to do with the heart of humanity. The compassion we are more than capable of displaying. I would say...there will be a heart opening on all levels and on all dimensions and first will be the key......the human heart.

Deborah Kerrison

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