HiddenMysteries ThE-Magazine - Volume 5 - STAR FAMILY SUPPORT GROUPS -

by Miesha Johnston

I am Miesha Johnston, and I live in San Diego, California. I have 2 sons, ages 19 & 21 and 1 granddaughter. In 1993 I founded the STAR FAMILY CONTACTEE GROUPS. These groups are for people who are experiencers: men, women, teens and children who have been contacted/abducted by aliens. I am a gifted Spiritual, Multidimensional Contactee Consultant. I started the first teen and children's groups in the United States four years ago and have been facilitator for these groups for the past 6 years. I was director of U.F.O.C.C.I. (UFO CONTACT CENTER INTERNATIONAL) and director of CELESTIAL CONTACTS OF NEVADA (U.F.O.C.C.I.), and a working group member of C.S.E.T.I. in Las Vegas, Nevada. These organizations are designed to inform the public through speakers, workshops, contactee panels, videos, field trips and sky watches. Since I have moved to San Diego I have become involved with several groups and am currently the Corridnator of the Art Bell Chat Club San Diego Chapter. We have meetings every Wednesday night, where locations vary due to needs of our various speakers and audience needs. As the Corridnator I am responsible for finding and scheduling the speakers, who include well known names from the UFO community, alternative healing, earth history and spirtual information, speakers who deal with hidden agendas and the world's secret socities. Other topics include reverse speech, remote viewing, crop circles #2, sacred geometry and many more. I will be facilitating a support group on the internet in the near future. I offer on-going support groups in the San Diego area, and individual consulting. I have lectured in Nevada, Arizona, California, and appeared on TV and on radio talk shows, I am currently writing a book on my experiences and of my years as a facilitator.

I am a third generation contactee and had my first experience at age three. I have had numerous contacts and abductions and have been involved with at least 5 different alien types: greys, insectoids, mammialians, 1, reptilians, and human looking groups which include a black ops branch of our military. I have had three, missing time, experiences all with one or more persons. I've had onboard contact as well as contact in underground bases. Having a lifetime of experiences I understand and can relate to others experiences and understand how they feel. I've been involved in many experiments, most noteworthy, the hybrid program.

Having a lifetime of experiences I understand how others feel, and can relate to their experiences. My experiences, whether they were of a positive or negative nature, taught me to be an understanding, non-judgmental and loving consultant/facilitator. I also feel that the aliens are not good or evil, they are just evolving at their own pace, and experience the polarities of negative and positive existences as we do. Experiencing their lives to the degree that they have evolved thus far to, which is not fair or good, it just is. I feel that even though these abductions were very frightening and very terrible, with horrible things done to us, we have learned and grown through them. I feel that what the abductees experience is "Post Traumatic Stress Disorders", which is the same thing many veterans of war experience. My goal is for people to work through their fear, to learn to live with their experiences, and take what they have learned from them, into their day to day life, so that they can live happy and normal lives. This is accomplished through bi-weekly support groups, assisting them when needed to find qualified professionals in the therapeutic fields, such as hypnosis, breath work, the breaking of contracts and removal of implants, reverse speech consulting, which I am certified in, as well as other methods they choose. I feel that we must feel the pain and sadness and then release it. I feel this is the only way to make it stop and be free from them. I feel the only way is through releasing it, forgetting it, forgiving and clearing it out of your mind, body, heart and soul forever. How are we to know the polarities of life, unless we experience them. My experiences and what I have learned from them have prepared me for my mission. In my 6 years of experience as a facilitator, I have discovered techniques which will help the individual find their answers and reach their own transformational path. It is all about free will and choices. Finally, they will realize they truly are "spiritual souls having a human experience".

I feel what is happening, with the disclosures and all the evidence that is coming out, directly effects their future as well as every human on this planet. I feel that the information that is coming out now is the most important thing in the history of the world. I believe that Planet Earth is evolving into the next dimension, no matter what man does. The earth changes have proven this already and Earth will continue to change/shift.

If you are an experiencer and would like to talk with me please email me. There is nothing that would shock me, or if you would like to speak with a professional and the psychologist Roger Cavnaugh Ph.D. that has assisted me in finding the answers, why I have had these experiences. He has also assisted me in ending them forever.

I have been working on a Center, to open in the west for experiencers. I am seeking financial assistance, people who would feel their mission would be to participate in this project with us.

1. Open a Crisis Center for the public for the comming millennium to be in place when more of our memoies return to us about our contact and our connection to the aliens as well as more frequent abductions that may occur; with on going support groups for all ages.

2. A school that would teach the star children or also known as indigo children. Starting with toddlers and going throught high school. We believe these special children need an alternative to the current curriculum with classes for the starseeds; to learn and to connect with their own identities, abilities/gifts, missions, and higher consciousness.

3. A lecturer hall for speakers, lecturers and workshops on new and pertinent information.

4. Hypnotherapy, reverse speech therapy, and other clinical techniques.

5. Art gallery for experiencer's art to be shown and sold.

6. Publishing company for abductees; to aid and support them in writing their own stories.

7. Music & Video studio.

8. Library for all Information; providing the latest books, tapes, and printed material.

9. Bookstore and gift shop. Where people could sell their UFO related art work, statues, shirts, clothing, handcrafts, books and tapes.

10. Alternative health practitioners. (sub-contractors)

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