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Spraying Australia
A Personal Report
by Harry Mason
submitted by Tom Austin

Dear Friends,

Sorry no comment from me in Perth Western Australia for ages but I have been suffering from the worst "flu" I have ever had. It has been with me now for about THREE AND A HALF MONTHS !!!!!

The first month had bouts that hit for half a day every third day or so making you very unsteady on ones legs and leaving you confused etc with muscle aches waxing and waning on and off, but you could still work with it.

You got hit by what appeared to be intense loss of energy - with an associated feeling of intense nausea plus some aches - but totally unlike any "flu" symptoms previously experienced (coming originally from the UK I have had a few real horror flu's over my life of 52 years but nothing at all like this one). It appeared that persons newly arrived from overseas could sit next to you in your car and then after a few hours experience exactly the same symptoms ie. very rapid transfer of virus......

This happened to three people who visited during this first month.But then after a month or so of on-off action it picked up pace with a full bore saw throat, swollen glands, and a general not well feeling followed after four days by a pole axing attack that literally dropped you in bed leaving you literally unable to communicate with associates. This heavy phase consisted of severe muscle aches, no energy -incapable of even watching videos or reading just lying in bed literally groaning, heart rate irregulartities, swooning (some local people actually fellunconscious), head aches etc. It then ran for about a month as pulses of 4-5days heavy then 3-5 days light then nothing for a couple of days then backto heavy again.

Each bout is slightly less intense than the previous one but it is a real killer hitting the lung muscles making breathing difficult,lungs can get extreme fluid content sounding like gas escaping from brittle sponge, whilst ones head and sinuses are exploding, and then you get deep gut wrenching coughs bringing up minor phlegm from deep in the lungs.

You do not want this one - I have never experienced anything like it. All known traditional vitamin-herbal-"black magic" remedies etc. fail to have any effect, and antibiotics are only useful for secondary infections but appear to have no effect on the main "lurghy". I tried vitamin C intravenous infusions of 30 grammes in water over say one hour. These hit the disease and created battlefield effects in the body with major lung crises overnight followed by lessening of the symptoms for 48 hours but then with full ressurgence.

A repeat Vit C transfusion gave repeat body battlefield effects. Not sure if I wish to try it again as it was so violent. Many persons in hospital, number of deaths unknown but must be considerable amoungst elderly, our village (indeed all of Perth) has been severely hit by the outbreak that varies in length for individuals from 5 days to +two months across a spectrum of symptoms. Nothing other than rest appears to alleviate symptoms. If you go back to work too soon or overstress your body through exercise it just turns on again full bore. It is the most horrible "lurghy" I and my colleagues have ever experienced. One intriguing aspect is the huge variation of symptoms over the full 3.5 months of the infection.

Currently it is a severe chest and head cold with ear abscess infections and exploding sinus system. I am told that it gradually dissappears leaving a very sore throat and mouth lingering on for weeks. Interestingly enough just prior to this outbreak we had reports of several (5) jumbo sized high altitude aircraft with white "contrails" commencing immediately at the rear of the craft running in parrallel formation to the west covering a long North-South line or swath from Norseman-Esperance (in the east of our state of Western Australia) flying towards the west coast.

These aircraft were seen on Tuesday 8th June 1999 at about 11.00am whilst the following morning at 9.00am the Norseman -Esperance area reported a carpet of fine white polyester like filiament looking like frost covering the ground over an area of several hundred square kilometers. The air was clear and very still and this stuff was almost static in the sky but descending very slowly to the ground.

A light fixed wing aircraft was observed doing low level passes over the ground carpet of white filament. This same substance was then noted on rear windscreen wiper blades of friends cars parked overnight near Perth International Airport - proving that the high altitude spraying got as far west as us (say about 600 km.).

Almost immediately we were feeling the beginning of "flu" attacks.................

I myself was suddenly hit by a severe incident of near total inbalance and associated toxic shock nausea on wednesday 16-06-99 at about 1.00am - about 6 hours after sniffing the first spiders web sample that arrived in the post. This then developed into a sore throat and led onto the phase one full monty over a week or so etc.Local Media in Esperance called the white substance spiders web and stated it was due to a sudden clear good weather climatic trigger of some "parachute" spider that suddenly explodes its population and then distributes regionally by floating the baby spiders in the air via its web. Esperence soon developed a "flu" epidemic - a week or so in advance of Perth.

There were micro spiders caught in some of the white filament "web" material but not in other samples. I would love to get this stuff examined by experts - having been sent several samples - some of which remain whilst most have disintegrated into thin air in their jars..................

I wondered when I sniffed same just what they might be - should have left them in their jar !!! National Media do not appear to have handled the filament story at all. The "Flu" is now rampaging through WA with Perth hospitals full and overflowing with kids and elderly - mainly with respiratory problems - whilst general surgery has been put on hold - as the system cannot cope. Yet we are told by media that this is a normal Winter Flu epidemic ....................

I have a somewhat different memory of past "epidemics" that do not involve overflowing hospitals with many asleep in corridors and on verandahs .................

Now just why this would be done to us I do not know but I am pissed off being sick and would love to know just what the hell is going down here........

My throat is still very sore - after 3.5 months - must be a bloody record except I know of many others with the same complaints.Have you guys got any idea what treatments can kill this thing ???

Harry Mason

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