HiddenMysteries ThE-Magazine - Volume 6 - Victim of sexual and sacrilegious abuse...
Victim of sexual and sacrilegious abuse...
by Carolyn Bigelow

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To: xxx

I just received your post on SS# potential abuse. This already is happening, and I'm the living proof. Since I have gone through a custody battle for my two oldest daughters, right up to the Vermont Supreme Court, against my father the VP of Omya, Inc. aka-Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, aka- Vermont Marble, and too many other aka's worldwide. I was accused of being manic depressive. I proved otherwise. I was then court ordered to go see a shrink friend of my fathers. I was then profiled as anti-social. Many people who knew otherwise stood up for me, and lost everything they had. My first public defender lost his job. My best friend lost her children to the state, under a fictitious pretense, with never any hearing. She was given them back when she afraid to discredit me.

The state approved only me, to respite care her children for the transitional return home period, while I was denied access to my own children. I can only imagine what they did with that one. I had my third daughter out of wedlock in my own home because I knew she would be taken at the hospital. Inside tip.

Another tip that came my way- My new daughter's uncles were arrested (one for not paying a speeding ticket) repeatedly on drug charges. I don't know if they were guilty or not, I didn't even know one of them at the time of his arrests. One of the uncles signed statement against me, so as a legal transponder could be placed on my car. I even saw the State Trooper who came to do it at the garage where my car was being worked on. Following that, a Trooper intentionally tried to cause an accident with all of my family in the car the day I was arranging to move out of VT. I can give you countless examples of forged documents from the Office of Child Support, the Dept. of Social Welfare, and others, that have assisted my parents to make sure that my child support case money was never received.

They even used my social security number to give payments of support to my mother instead of me, the legal recipient. I was broken into repeatedly, even while we were home and sleeping. Whenever I made a report of the incident, it would always look like I was crazy. There was never any mention of the busted lock or casing. And then, I met the right neighbor, who happened to see two police officers enter my home on the night in question.

All kinds of little things like this happen to me. I packed up my family after I was told I was going to be arrested for home schooling, by the same woman who sent up Karen Maple, the recently famed arrested home school mom.

We left for conservative NH, where I hoped things would be different, but... After our Gaurdian-AD-Litum, and personal friend of my father's came to our new school and town, I am facing the same problems all over again. My car gets sabotaged at least once a week- but this time, the police caught somebody. On the fourth of July weekend I caught the same VT telephone employee, that I found in my access panel several times while in VT, here in my NH town, and of course my new home had been broken into again. I have tried to get a job relentlessly. I just never get called back. One day someone did call back- Denny's, so I worked there.

Upon trying to get paid, I was told I should come back four different times. The labor board just couldn't do anything about it. My own investigation revealed the company was owned by a VT House member's brother. Since attempting to transfer over child support, the money is lost, and has been since August. No one just has the time to send it. Since my daughter was not allowed to use the bathroom, because she doesn't pronounce the word perfectly, I am a home schooling mom again. Another set-up on the way, and I know it, all too well. If you think this is going to happen, guess again, IT IS HAPPENING, and with what I know of business dealings, and how the conglomerate business world (NWO) and government feed each other, they better put a lot of effort into controlling me. My only real crime, - I'm a victim of sexual and sacrilegious abuse, and know too much, and I refuse to accept either.

Constitutionally yours,

You have my permission to distribute this to anyone as you see fit. I encourage any further inquiries, by any parties who wish hear the truth, with the intent of character and ethics of preservation of rights Constitutionally, freedom, justice, and humanity for all.

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