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Dear friend of the change of time!

Monday, 18 October is once again an important countdown deadline. Starting on Monday 18 October it will last just another 200 days to the 5th of May, 2000, which is after solar eclipse and change of millenium the most important celestial and calendarious event of our era.

On this 5.5.2000 all "naked eye" planets of our solar system are visible from the earth at the SAME place. At this moment you can imagine a clock´s face with seven pointers (for the seven planets) which are all together at high noon. And then the "NEW AGE" will be rang in.

Earth, Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, the "old" planets and members of the Gods family are lined up like pearls on a chain. Such a position of planets has been described in the former Olympic Symposion, where all members of the Gods family met at the Olymp (heaven) to advise about the future fate of mankind, after Prometheus created man. Also in many other fairy tales and myths this arrangement of planets is described (details in addition on URL: http://www.calendersign.ric.at/english/alignment2000random.htm ).

This special arrangement is the true reason why the coming year is the year 2000. About 1500 years ago the two monk astronomers Dionysius Exiguus and Victorius precalculated this planetary alignment which will be at 5.5.2000. These two are responsible for the Christian way of counting the years and have fixed Christ´s birth (A.D.) in a manner that the 2nd Millenium consolidates with this special sky event - the beginning of a new age. Therefore birth of Christ was intentional displaced six years apart the Star of Bethlehem, which really appeared at 7 B.C. as a big conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Spring-constellation of Pisces.

In the year 2000 we will have virtually a recurrence of this "Star". But not only Jupiter and Saturn will meet each other like at 7 B.C. No, - on May 5th, 2000 there will meet all planets in an alignment which will be spectaculous. On this day all "old" (naked eye) planets will hide themselves behind the sun. They will be irradiated by the sun and therefore "invisible". The night before will be the darkest one within living memory because no moon-glow or planet will illuminate the fixed-star sky. Wouldn´t it be a marvelous idea to switch off the artificial lighting on earth to intensify the darkest night so that we can glide deliberately in a new age with the stars?

On Monday 18th of October there are another 75 days left to the turn of the year and about 2 months up to the winter solstice, which will be very exceptional this time and would be again a reason for an early morning walk in the dawn to the TEUFELSTEIN (Lucifer´s rock) in Fischbach/Austria. On this special day, 22nd of December, the sun will rise exactly in the plot of the large flat wall and the full-moon will set at the opposite side of the flat wall. This extreme position at the wall will only be reached by the moon at every 18,6 years. The function of the TEUFELSTEIN as a "change of the moon-rock" has been confirmed by the astronomers at this year´s symposion. The TEUFELSTEIN really was a moon calendar with which it was be possible to forecast total solar eclipses.

Before the sun will rise at this year´s winter solstice also Venus will be visible as morning asterisk (latin name is "Lucifer"), as well as pinpointed by the plane wall.

The legend of the TEUFELSTEIN tells that Lucifer wanted to errect a ladder to heaven with the rock at Christmas Night. And exactly this will be demonstrated at the winter solstice and everybody could become a witness of that function of the TEUFELSTEIN as an Stone Age observatory, which was an unforgettable location for a lot of people watching the total eclipse in the central line at 11th of August.
As in former years the municipality of Fischbach will enable a common event at the winter solstice and that could be a special attuning to the millenium and turn of an era. This meeting and the walk in the dawn are a reason for meditation about the past and view to the future which could actively be created now. And so the TEUFELSTEIN corresponds to its ancient function as time factor.

Yours CountDAWN

PS: Don't worry about the lot of world end predictions which will occur because of May 2000 like at total solar eclipse and Millennium. But it will be cause of change of paradigm and new orientation for the future.
"Lets do the time warp again!"


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