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Earth Changes Report
By Mitch Battros
WebSite: http://www.earthchangesTV.com

Southern California Gets Hit With 7.0 Earthquake...10/16/99
by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

Below is a description of a personal experience from one of our viewers. The 7.0 earthquake which occurred at approximately 3 AM Saturday morning hit just miles from their house.

Personal Story...
First of all - we are all well.
As you probably have heard by now - we had a major quake in California before 3 am. There was one earlier in the evening in the same area, but it was around a 4. This one was around a 7.0 and it was north of Joshua Tree - Landers, CA. It was felt in Arizona, Las Vegas and all over So. Cal. Our home is in the valley of L.A. was rolling a lot - pool water splashing out and lamps swinging like crazy, but no damage around here. My son was out on a mountain overlooking the city but he didn't even feel it as he was driving but he said the sky lit up all red and blue (transformers going off) and didn't know why. We have had several aftershocks in the last half hour following the quake, and I'm sure some more will be felt. This one was not like the Northridge quake at all. This was a nice ride, actually, gentle rocking and lots of rolling but no music to go with it - not loud like the Northridge one was. It feels more like a San Andreas quake.

One thing for anyone interested - I am sensitive to feeling quakes before they happen. I was ready since yesterday for this one. I prepared food so that we'd have lots to eat tomorrow and I made popcorn tonight - that is one of my indications that a quake is coming. I've been feeling off-balance and dizzy all day, too.

I've been checking things in my home today with the express thought of a coming quake. So, our bodies know, we can pick up the waves and it's important to pay attention to these subtle signs. They are with us for good reason :)

Love the show and blessings to all, Bruce


I will have Jim Berkland, Seismologist/Geologist on the show ASAP. We are setting up an ECTV Special. "When A Earthquake Hits Home".

Also, I will be speaking at the "Star Knowledge Conference" in Pomona California. The dates are October 29th, 30th, 31st.

Go to URL:
for more information.

I will be speaking on the media's awakening to a long term weather phenomenon which will continue to escalate. I will also go over the 5 point Red Cross protocol. The trauma many are likely to experience (even some of us) when the events occur in our own backyard, or as they escalate to a never before seen cycle. In addition, a few surprises on the Mars "Orbitor" and "Observer" satellites.

Mitch Battros
Producer - Earth Changes TV

Hospitals And Emergency Management Office On "Code Delta"...
by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

I can confirm from a source close to the case, local hospitals in the Seattle area will be on "Code Delta" (which stands for code disaster) during the World Seattle Summit which occurs just after the Thanksgiving holidays.

To a terrorist, everything is perfect. High ranking dignitaries from around the world, the busiest time of the year for airports and travel, a perfect set up for people from countries around the would to bring home a virus released in Seattle.

Officials have stepped up their training for epidemiologist, nurses, doctors, volunteers, emergency personal, i.e. police, fire, red cross, and other assorted government agency's. It was quoted from an source close to the case "It could be either a anthrax type disaster which would be immediate and at the scene, or even worse, a virus that is release (in deadly silence) in which people from all over the world have gathered in one place (Seattle) exposed and then take the virus home with them".

I think there is no coincidence related to the "Urgent" funding presented by president Bill Clinton for "Bio-Terroism" and the immediate funding for a Level 4 biotech engineering plant near New York.

This is an extremely fluid story. Stay tuned for more breaking news on this issue. For now, please visit the CDC web site for information on biological agents.

CDC Web Site: http://www.cdc.gov/health/diseases.htm

Protesters From Around World To Flock To Seattle Trade Summit...10/13/99
Duncan Campbell in Los Angeles and John Vidal

It is the worst nightmare of US conservatives. Hundreds of protest groups, tens of thousands of political activists from all over the world, plus Fidel Castro and the Mexican Zapatista revolutionaries, will gather in Seattle next month for the biggest protest against global capitalism ever held.

The demonstrations during the summit meeting of the World Trade Organisation from November 30 to December 3 are being labelled "the apocalypse", and the federal authorities are nervously considering how to defuse the tension at an event the world will be watching.

"It will be a historic confrontation between corporate rule and civil society," said Mike Dolan, field director of Global Trade Watch.

Every day new groups, ranging from mainstream US trade union federationssuch as the AFL-CIO to the People of Colour Against Aids Network and radical Christian organisations, register their intention to join the activities at the edge of the stage where the world's most powerful decision-makers will meet. Preliminary demonstrations offering a taste of what will happen next month have been taking place this week in Seattle.

About 5,000 delegates from 150 countries will attend the official event. President Bill Clinton will represent the US and Bill Gates of Microsoft and Phil Condit of Boeing are heading the host city's delegation. They will be discussing - although many of the decisions will already have been made - the further liberalisation of trade, the cutting of tariffs and subsidies, the introduction of GM foods, and the patenting of nature, to open the global market to greater investment.

People with grievances ranging from the sweatshop workers of Mexico to the small farmers of India see it as their last chance this century to register their dismay at the globalisation of the economy, which they claim has already had a disastrous impact on the economies of weaker countries.

The WTO believes it has been singled out unfairly. "In the absence of global conflict between 'isms', some people have chosen to focus their fury on globalism," said Michael Moore, the organisation's head.

British environmental activists, who are considered some of the most experienced in the world, have been helping to train some of the American groups.

In the past few weeks representatives from Reclaim the Streets, which was involved in organising the street parties and "Stop the City" protests in London that ended in riots, have been holding workshops about non-violent direct action and mass demonstrations.

Mitch Battros
Producer - Earth Changes TV

Breaking News-Main Stream Discloses "Mystery Planet"

A Mysterious Object Revolves Around The Sun...10/07/99
by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

Is this the smoking gun we have all been waiting for? Could it be that the main stream media is actually the one to break this story? Only time will tell. But we should all celebrate the fact that more and more journalist are will to research such events.

This article by MSNBC could in fact be nothing less than the disclosure of Zecharia Sitchin's research which tells us there has always been a tenth planet that has a 3600 hundred year orbit that could enter our solar system within the next few years. Zecahria calls this mystery planet "Nibiru".

Zecharia Sitchin is a noted author of such books as Divine Encounters, Genesis Revisited, and The Twelfth Planet. Zecharia describes himself as "An ancient investigative reporter" who connects ancient hieroglyphics from celestial visitors. Zecharia believes they (Nibiru) have been here before and expects them to return in this time. Much of his research has been from the ancient text of the "Sumerians", an ancient civilization which is perceived to be highly evolved and in fact decedents from the planet Nibiru itself.

Some speculate this could be that connection between Mars and Egypt.

See Article: http://www.msnbc.com/news/320182.asp Mitch Battros
Producer - Earth Changes TV

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