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In last month's issue, there was a report entitled the Moebius Report on the Yogurt Shop Murders. This report was about three years old and presents arguments and evidences about the perpetrators of a seven year old murder case in Austin, Taxes. This was the case of four teenage girls being torturously (ritually) molested and murdered.

I will change the names of the guilty so the governor of the State of TAXES will not be too upset and attempt to force down another internet site, which that Skull and Bones member has done here in the land of Taxes recently to several internet sites which oppose his promotion from governor of Taxes to newest whoremonger in the White House.

Austin is the semi-equalivent to Brussels, Belgium....London, England...Cape Town, South Africa...Washington, D.C.....Herod's Temple, Jerusalem. IT is our 'Den of Thieves', seat of government, reptilian control center, and current home of Governor George Shrub. These larger cities are the reward for the those that achieve the 'snake in the grass' award for total reptilian control and agendas. Austin is like a training ground where Draconian ideology is drilled into the up and coming reptile minds, like Governor Shrub, Junior.

The Yogurt Shop murders of four teenage girls was one of the most obscene and heinous crimes against humans. An attorney uncovered accidently at first, the conspirators behind these murders and tried for months to get the world to pay attention to his evidences. Even the U.S. Marshall's service sat on the report and did nothing, the same as all sheriffs and law enforcement in the state of Taxes. Governor Shrub was delivered this report three times- in person - by fax - by mail. It is on record in a courthouse in Taxes. Three weeks after the Moebius Report was printed in this E-Magazine, suddenly - out of the blue - three arrests were made in this forgotten case. I KNOW the only reason that Governor Shrub decided to arrest some of his mind-controlled suspects, was this report being brought to the world's attention in this magazine.

The report on the murders, was one of those loose ends that a reptile in training has to hush up.

IT WAS YOU - HUMANS WANTING TRUTH - THAT HAS BROUGHT THIS CASE TO THE FOREFRONT IN THE STATE OF TAXES. I could not do this. This magazine could not do this.. YOU read it, YOU spread it, YOU posted it, YOU talked about it, YOU reprinted it everywhere.

YOU brought the embarrasment of 'the truth' on Governor Shrub and he was forced to sacrifice three of his mind controlled victims as the murderers - like sheep lead to the slaughter.

For this I thank YOU - and the few humans left in the State of Taxes thank YOU.

Now, if we can only get the REAL perpetrators, the soul-less beings, like Judge Proud, and Judge Benner and Governor Shrub and attorney Dan Nomorals --- the real criminals behind bars ---

With a closing note... If you ever wondered about the blood relationships between these snakes in power...Why does Chelsea Clinton look sooo much like Amy Carter?

L. Savage

(2003 footnote: Dan Morales has been convicted of Fraud and is behind bars in a federal prison in Texas)

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