HiddenMysteries ThE-Magazine - Volume 6 - Gregorian Calendar
Gregorian Calendar
submitted by edhamala

The introduction of Gregorian Calendar during the Constantine ecumenical council meeting was designed to disconnect and disrupt western astrology and remove it as a science from being able to provide and accurate astrological prediction.

In a science where every minute makes a difference, this disruption has destroyed the science of astrology. Just to illustrate the discrepancy created by the Gregorian calendar to date, the Eastern and the Greek orthodox church that has refused to adopt the Gregorian calendar celebrate the time of actual Christmas the Birth of Jesus almost in Mid March.

The Constantine ecumenical council has also banned the teachings of reincarnation, that was a part and parcel of the teachings of Christ. All such references were removed from the New Testament and revised Christianity into a fairy tale concept. It is against the law of Nature and the Laws of Physics to propose that a finite life of a human being is compensated, rewarded or punished be an infinite residence in heaven or in hell!

Reincarnation and its concept makes all the sense in the world of cause and effect! How you sow, so shall you reap! If Hitler or Stalin is reborn as a blind and crippled baby in depravation, this sort of reincarnation makes much more sense than to assume that GOD is so unjust and confused that he creates "innocent" new born children with such blatant differences and disadvantages for no rhyme or reason?!

With reincarnation there is hope to evolve and develop to reach a higher level of consciousness, without reincarnation and with the one life teachings adopted by Christianity the whole effort to improve is stifled and a perfectly sensible religion becomes a dogma of fear, hell and brimstones. If God is my Father...........Should I be a Good God Fearing Christian? Why should I fear HIM? I should love, respect, obey HIM and have faith in HIM but all of these things have nothing to do with fear!!! I refuse to embrace a religion that is based on FEAR! I also refuse to follow a religion that is changed and revised and deviated from the original teachings by people such as Emperor Constantine the head of the Catholic Church.

Constantine who was married to a women of ill repute has ordered all the red light distric to be destroyed and all prostitutes killed who riddiculed her rise from a prostitute to become Empress. To absolve her from the law of Karma in the next incarnation Constantine changed the New Testament and removed all references and banned the teachings of reincarnation!!

This action also gave way to kill all Agnostics=those who knows and whos books and teachings were depicting the original religion. Their books were burnt and they were killed!

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