HiddenMysteries ThE-Magazine - Volume 6 - Amazing Symbolography in Cartography
The Amazing Symbolography in Cartography
by Simon Gerard
Nasca Indian (Inca) Plains

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LINEA 3. Dominion

A simply spectacular rendering of the altiplano landscape with further apocalyptic images. This area is estimated to be ten miles square. Interestingly, the prone reptile does not have legs in this case, and its image is reversed in the distance. The mouth is set open, like the adjacent accompanying creatures with parallel body features. Both are suggestive of consumption, or entrance into some sort of earthly realm. Subsumed into the upper left, is a winged draco/dragon and another fish-like creature. In the centre-right is the image of an human-type creature involved in some type of operating theatre. I suggest this because of the large scalpel-type symbol set geometrically and virtually above. The whole tableau scale and size of creature therein, suggests powerful and profound dominion over early Indian civilisation.

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