HiddenMysteries ThE-Magazine - Volume 6 - Amazing Symbolography in Cartography
The Amazing Symbolography in Cartography
by Simon Gerard
Nasca Indian (Inca) Plains

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This represents the first of the quintet of photographs selected by me from Maria Reiche's Magicperu web site. Maria has dedicated most of her academic life to the recording and preservation of these spectacular ancient earth engravings, most of which are continually experiencing the ravages of time and nature.

I describe this picture as such, because of the exclusively astronomical context, compared to the later earth-carving and anthropological images you will also see later. Those familiar with the ' Biggest Secret ' book by David Icke, will recall the first chapter's picture of the constallation Draco in concert with the constellation of Dipper. Examining this geometric and starkly aesthetic tableau from the left, we may observe the co-incidence of large ' X ' crosses forming into this pattern ( red marker ), This in turn is subsumed into the classic delta-wing shape of a craft evident in this and other research of mine - some published last month. A recurring and complex theme throughout these photos, is the integration of many images into one overall symbol by using multiple angular perspectives. Other resources supporting this will include the earth's terrain together with the use of natural light to highlight these features.

Further examination of the celestial tableau reveals the recurring sequence of activity ranging from piloted craft, worship/petitioning of a large statuesque creature through to predatory action against human forms by winged reptilians. Sacrificial activity suggestive of humans, is sometimes apparent - usually of a young age. It is not necessarily the case in this example here.

The linear striations across the whole image is I suggest, some sort of measurement device of time and distance - as is the spiral towards a cluster of stars completing its epicenter on the right (subsequently forming the head-shape of the dominant deity/creature).

Two types of non-human creature figure in this; the winged reptile of classical ' dragon ' proportions, and the prone reptile of contemporary ' alligator ' proportions including profound eye and facial features such as stunted sensory tentacles redolent of the atfish species. There is also the visual suggestion of the large deity representing a foetus in early stages of growth.

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