HiddenMysteries ThE-Magazine - Volume 6 - We have Power and Potential
We have Power and Potential
by James Vandale

We have power and potential, within spiritual paths. But for many here to say that we created the paths is absurd, and corrupting. Such a notion is coming from a source darker, and older, than the reptilian empire .we have benefited enormously from the spiritual death of the reptilians. If you choose to try and incite some sort of spiritual revival, remember the other species on the boat. The spiritual analogy of the dragon dragging you down to spiritual death is true. If you fight them, you become them. However, if you sever your ties with them, you sever the foundation of this world's hollow heart.

The Draco have grown empty, and spiritually ill. That is a problem that must be solved from within, and by there own means. Finding an artificial spiritual path for others doesn't work. You can't manufacture, or distribute, redemption.

I've been spiritually intertwined with the dark kingdom for some time. I knew there was something peculiar about my common soul from the beginning. I had come to almost the exact conclusion of David simply through light research (the connection between bloodlines, UFOs, high level politics, and mythology). Though I do defend many aspects of Draco activities, there are many which cannot be justified. Their mentality of dealing with our society is different. To them, the military industrial complex is the White House lawn. Their concept of taxation is a system of involuntary forced sacrifice.

What really sickens me is the stealth. The 100 or so reptilian encounters I've read have lead me to a conclusion: they hate open dealings because of our view of them.

They think far more visually, and spatially than mammals. They hate us for the simple reason that we don't. We seem blind to them, too muddled to appreciate intricate ritual and sacrifice as they do. But, specifically, they hate man because man cannot offer sacrifices directly. They find their own form visually perfect. Most humans find it revolting, and they can't stand that. That is why they surround themselves with societies and cults that worship them. That is why they force the image of the dragon, snake, and dinosaur into cultures everywhere. They can't tolerate the notion that anything or anyone can't see the beauty in their form. That is why they worship the larger winged albino Draco. They are addicted to worship. Dealing directly with all of civilization wouldn't allow that.

This is why they do enjoy the promotion of fear and the instincts of the amygdala. People who think like that can be made to worship symbols of power and death. The Draco are willing to kill most of mankind, strictly for the purpose of sorting out those that think like them. Specifically, those that give them a shallow substitute for love. As promulgated in TBS, emotionally imbalanced humans give them more adoration and honor than there fellow reptiles. It is quite psychotic. If they do not let go of their worship of their physical form, they will destroy themselves.

And I see that happening, because I know what it's like to see the negative aspects of man, both in spirit and flesh. Being somehow anchored to their system spiritually, I have been polluted by their misanthropy. It has dogged me since as early as I can remember, and yet I can obscure it very easily. To allow yourself to feel separate is to permit yourself to feel above. I don't want to parrot the mistakes of the Draco, but I can't sever myself from my true nature.

My theory on the Draco's low self-image first began when I came across brotherblue.org. The site is down, and seems to be staying down.

The site had about 8 cases of reptilian sexual assaults, taken from various abduction related books. In virtually every case, the attacker wore an armored breastplate. Additionally, they had a tendency to find, and injure, their real mates. I am not an expert in psychology, but I think it's very odd that they feel the need to wear armor and beat already sedated women. I've gone on to find dozens of reports(mothmen, cave encounters, satanic ceremonies). They all indicate evil activity, but in an extremely erratic fashion. It seems that they are vicious in ceremonial sessions, but seem unable to injure when caught alone or without ritual preparation. Anyone who's done any reading on serial killers would see the parallel("he seemed like a nice guy"), as far as the sociopathic mindset.it's as if they need to perform rituals connected to anything, even to the point that they can't act without them. The fact that they need such a security blanket argues for the reasoning of their having some measure of morality, which they dull through masks, ceremony, and ritual. Brutalism and evil seems to be their religion, as it is more difficult for them to act impulsively. Ritualistically minded people have great difficulty acting with impulse, which is why so many organized type A personalities throughout history end up with addictions. Just as many insects and cold-blooded animals require elaborate mating procedures, reptilians need to prime their emotions. Building up a mammalian level of emotion requires visual cues and situational stimulants. Humans can manifest and use such emotion at will. To them, as to many sociopaths, love appears to be fake and disingenuous. Emotion doesn't just come to them, the way it does to you. When a cold-blooded being works itself into an emotional state, they feel it as a transcendent achievement. But, as shown in TBS, they can get lost in that state temporarily. Again, this is why they seem so different in ritual settings, as opposed to when people happen upon single Draco. Perhaps intelligent cold-blooded creatures are naturally manic-depressive. You must remember evolution ends in an intelligent species once it can adapt. Any issues still remaining don't naturally fix themselves over the years. It could be as simple as their descendence from a psychotic common ancestor. It's the same notion as original sin, in man. If a problem in a species does not woefully prevent it from advancing, it stays there. That's why most species have useless recessive traits. If they won't kill you, they're not going to fade away, especially at the mental level.

When Draco are encountered as individuals they appear rather timid and retreat easily, often exhibiting laughter. But when they are encountered in groups, or ritual settings, they seem to be within an entirely dark mindset. The need for such rituals and routines suggests that they cannot perform heinous acts at will.

15% of all abduction cases are reptilian, and yet many of the big UFO gurus seem afraid to go into great detail regarding them. That is why we are left sorting through grey accounts, (mostly grey worship IMHO), to find reptilian accounts. It makes most of those individuals uncomfortable, and I have absolutely no clue why. Unlike gray accounts, reptilian reports rarely contradict each other.

I've collected dozens of case files, and posted a few to reptoids.com BBS, which is also closed. One of these days I'll open up a geocities sight and dump them there. When I do, I'll post the address here.

I'm not yet comfortable elaborating on my spiritual connections with the Draco. It involves occult associations that I've had, but couldn't maintain without losing myself.

I have all of the target traits stated by Mr. Icke , as far as the R-Complex. Being something of a sociopath myself, it's not difficult reading between the lines within the behaviors of those that think like I do.

The Draco truly believe that they need our "love" energy. It's the same priority of most of their underground/military facilities: aural research and ley line manipulation. These are reportedly carried out with aid from US military staff and facilities(dreamland,dulce, montuak, iron mountain etc.)As promulgated in numerous mythologies, these underground tunnels were built before man existed. Hell has been in operation for a long time.

But, they haven't really been getting anywhere in there objectives. That's why they are increasingly resorting to chemical and physical abuse. Their theories on energy manipulation rarely seem to come to fruition, as they have been attempting to initiate mass emotional and ley line control for centuries. With the great amount of time and effort they've spent, they should have gotten further by now. These massive spiritual manipulation projects appear to be intertwined with their military projects. The system appears to be inefficient and unable to decide on a common goal. Their drive to work on such endless, and bizarre pipe dreams leads me to believe that they are forced, culturally, to appease the albino Draco or their hooded shaman class. It's just as many dictators in our world , (Noriega, Reagan, etc.), are tightly bound by odd superstitions.

In short, Draco royalty is mentally unstable, but always gets the final say in authorization. The Draco deeply honor and appreciate their winged albino dragon caste, only for their physical attributes. This only seems to be hurting their own species. I believe you should take most of their bizarre schemes with a grain of salt. When we speak of their latest astrological/mind control/energy plot, we are only giving them honor for open-ended projects that they never seem to finish. As a culture, their lack of discipline seems to have given them a serious problem in committing to plots.

Dark magic likely worked for their ancestors. However, the Draco have made the same mistake as man, in thinking that they can institutionalize spiritual practices, without losing their potency. Institutionalization has killed their powers to the same degree it has dampened man's power. As in our temples, they equate more horns and bigger wings with spiritual mastery. It wouldn't surprise me if the white Draco are inbred or mentally dull. The Draco are in love with their reptilian characteristics. Being naturally ritualistic, there minds attach meaning to everything they see.

They deeply believe that the more dragon like one is, the closer they are to perfection. It is difficult to challenge the notion of royal superiority when royalty has tangible qualities that are superior to your own(size, larger horns, wings).

This perspective is an excellent reason to hate humanity, as it instinctively holds an opposing view of physical perfection. To them, man is the naturally fallen species because we are blind to the glory of their form.

They have an antagonistic attitude towards love, which is far easier for a mammal to experience. Even if they made the effort to augment their potential for love, it would only make them weaker and more like man. Their agoraphobia, and patriarchy, both demonstrate their fear of anything that could lead to weakness. Additionally, they see our love for one another as ensuring our rejection of them. When man is reduced to periods of mass anger, or despair, we have to turn to them for intervention. No one sacrifices to the demons of war in a period of love. The higher caste Draco want to be involved with man, but only from a position of unseen, and unquestioned authority. It would be a great embarrassment for man to know that that Draco are naturally paranoid and agoraphobic. With symbols like the eye, and the eagle, they want us to think that they can see us from everywhere. There are many examples of this voyeuristic cowardice in the reptilian chapter of TBS. The Draco want man to believe that they choose to seclude themselves and avoid prolonged interaction, rather than seeming stuck behind a barrier of societal immaturity, which is their true state. Again, there are many parallels with modern human killers and terrorist cells.

Though very advanced, they still stoke the primitive hope of being able to sap that love from man. I believe allot of this is due to their delusions of powers they don't really have. Many Draco have inherently powerful telepathy and premonition abilities. Unfortunately, they equate these powers with god like abilities that they don't have. Their operation is saturated with Rasputin types who have no common sense, yet command the most authority, due to their psychic talents. This concerted insanity is supported by royalty who are worshipped strictly for their physical traits. Anyone here familiar with Ed Dames's appearances on art bell should understand that psychics shouldn't be trusted to think in a linear or organized fashion. In fact, most of the notable psychics I've heard display the same disorders as Ed: becoming lost in tangents, using contradictory logic, unstable temperament. If you could imagine a society run by a combination of misogynist martial law, and unstable psychic gurus, I think you can visualize the mess that is the draconian empire. You will also understand why they want to remake our society into a mirror of their dystopia. It is far more satisfying to spread their problems to man than to destroy it. If they can make us as miserable as themselves, in the same ways, it would greatly bolster their collective self-esteem.

The Draco have several huge psychological hurdles that they could clear, as they are rational enough to run a civilization. I wish the problem were as simple as there being soul-less, or of an inherently dark energy. Draco enjoy being characterized this way. They like playing the role of demon. It's just another mask to hide behind, and another excuse not to take an inventory of their own actions. Overall, their system is diseased and inefficient. I would not be surprised to see it collapse within the next century. It is not the smooth running evil machine that we have been led to fear.

(I have nothing against psychics, and I definitely do not question the veracity of psi power. But history has shown that many cannot be trusted in leadership positions. Theocracies are the highest form of corruption of spirit through influence of instinct. )

I will try to paste a few Draco accounts in the new forum.

I'm not entirely sure how I was inspired to post my first examination of Draco weaknesses. I realize that I would not have been able to post parts 2 and 3 without the positive response I received. Thank you.

I've been resonant with the "Luciferic Consciousness" for some time. I'm not certain if this is a condition of overshadowing, common soul connection, or the frequency that my DNA prefers. I am only certain that my astral form, and dream form, is reptilian. I don't know if I've allowed the physical qualities of that image to seep into what ought to be a human personality. It could be that I attracted, or activated, such a spiritual condition through choice. It's a chicken or the egg situation. I've a strongly misanthropic mental disposition since the earliest age I can remember. Is this a chemical deficiency, which invited a dark connection, or was this a pre-existing soul condition that I should have balanced with my human mind?.

I only know that I have not made the effort to find balance. The few times I have tried the first step of self-examination, It was as if I set off some sort of immune response from my higher (perhaps lower) inner reptilian self. It doesn't like to be questioned. Even a brief attempt at prayer sets it on edge for a few days. I should really stop citing it as "it". It's as much my central identity as the person I present to reality. I don't believe the "higher self". as TBS refers to it, deserves to be placed on a pedestal in my situation. A reptilian soul feeds on such separation and undue honor.

It's a difficult situation, for which I have found little in the way of precedence as far as a proper path.

I've heard a great deal of solutions here, all in regards to what non-controlled people should do to avoid being drawn into the system. But, what if you've crossed the line already?

My condition has given me one gift, the ability to see even subtle qualities of entropy in things. I've tried to turn this vision back upon the system, but it apparently doesn't permit its use on itself. I am convinced that the reptilian empire does not posses another path we have not experienced. Fear of losing to weakness on this plane is their religion, and it is firmly rooted in their inborn mental disposition. And that is the feeling I get when I try to open up through meditation, or even when someone of a spiritually "light" disposition passes me in the street. It's this feeling of being at the mercy of something larger than I can quantify, measure, or fit into the neat slot of ritual.

It is a feeling of being vulnerable from every direction simultaneously. Again, it's not the greatness of the power that is its most terrifying quality. It is that it cannot be named, mapped, or seen for its connections. It's like tasting the antithesis of every ritual I need to perform. The light is almost like a mockery of all the instincts that define me. What I am certain of, is that my reptilian higher self activates a circuit breaker in such situations. Such experiences leave me (it) rattled for a few days.

This is damn hard for me. I need to present the interior spiritual reality of my kind. I hope it proves useful in understanding why your opposition feels that it has no alternatives. I can't speak for the completely non-human draco.

But I have to presume that they can't have marked my kind without leaving a reflection of themselves. It is clear that even they are ardent in avoiding the terror of having to know their own souls. But I hope that they are forced to do just that, before they destroy themselves.

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