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Jesse 'The Blabbermouth' Ventura
submitted by WizdomLass

Jesse 'The Blabbermouth' Ventura
Dated: Wednesday October 6, 1999

A full handed round of applause to Jesse Ventura for his absent-of-fear courage to honestly speak his mind in a really not-so-free democracy which many pretend exists. It's quite apparent that as beings with extremely powerful minds, we don't use them intelligently for the betterment and furtherance of what could promote a swift kick in the backside of human evolution.

The truth is ALL of us have a return to origin programming, and those trapped in judgementalism, especially toward a man who excercises his right to 'free speech', will regress in the end, to a point where they miss out on the last act of the "final hour".

Everyone is entitled to their truth and in the end we all will be priveliged to hear the WHOLE truth. Is it then they will realize how useless the energy spent today, judging another person for his/her right to excercise free speech or anything else for that matter? If they do not see, then I feel they can only cancel out their own freedoms to uphold the integrity of their very own religions!!

It is a two-way street and I feel we must ABOLISH the good and evil concept. It is time to wake-up people! ANYTHING we embrace as a reality perpetuates it. And, if its a monster?

Slavery still exists today!! I do not believe religion, organized or otherwise has been behind very many positive movements. I believe it is the kind-hearted, soul-filled people with awareness, conscience, and a sense of balance who have blazed the trail for the betterment of humans.

I have yet to see much of anything organized, accomplish what they intended to do--since power, money and greed seem to get in the way.

It's WAKE-UP time!!

The lords of the Dark side actually delight in seeing people struggle in their plight for self-effiacy, and giggle when we pit ourselves against one another. So how's about taking time to smell the roses, and at the same time wake up and face the REAL world agenda and the intention behind it.

Jesse is correct to speak out and I think when MORE of such courage is demonstrated in our society and true awareness becomes FIRST on the list, more people will be spurred to bring these agendas to the limelight.

Then, maybe all of us will be listened to and HEARD, because our pure intentions will only be seen as reputable. Hard to find reputable's today, in the groups that pretend to promote decency yet speak with forked tongues!!

Vancouver, WA.

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