HiddenMysteries ThE-Magazine - Volume 6 - ELF Evidence for a hollow Earth
ELF Evidence for a Hollow Earth
by Jan Lamprecht

In "Hollow Planets" I write of an instance where Barnard & Mellish (two astronomers) claimed to have seen craters on Mars a century ago, when scientists believed Mars to be smooth. It was only when NASA's probes went there (more than 50 years later) that people began believing them. So I wonder if scientists stumble upon anomalies which might prove planets to be hollow and yet not truly realize the significance of it unless they are aware of this idea. Take a look at this fascinating e-mail which I received which might be such an instance:-

Dear Jan,
Thank you for replying so quickly and with so much information. I will definitely order your book and will review your website as soon as possible. But since you wanted what information I had as soon as possible for your interview, I am sending it now before I do anything else.

About a year ago I was discussing the hollow earth theory with my daughter-in-law who was a student at Brigham Young University. She was an education major with a minor in geology. When I told her the theory, she said that would explain some of the data that was shown her in one of her geology classes. Apparently some waves (I don't know the frequency, but it seems to me they were in the ELF range) were generated into the earth to help determine its composition. When the waves came back, the ones that went obliquely through the crust bounced back as one would expect waves to do through solid matter. But the waves that were generated towards the center of the earth sent back very puzzling results. Instead of a wave returning, there were echos, as if the waves were bouncing all around in a chaotic manner. The scientists were unable to explain the unusual results, but when she heard the hollow earth theory, she said the results were consistent with there being a hollow cavity in the earth.

Unfortunately, I do not have the course or instructor nor the materials she was refering to at this time, but I will contact her and see if she can assist me in finding the study. If I am able to find it, I will send it to you as soon as I get it.

I hope this information has been of some benefit to you, and I intend to review your site tomorrow. I would be happy to let you know my thoughts on your material. I thank you for your willingness to engage in a dialogue with me regarding this important issue, and I will do all I can to assist you in your endeavors.

Larry Johnson
Bates College

In the scientific community there is a discussion as to where plate tectonics or rather LATERAL tectonics was valid! He said that there was a move towards VERTICAL tectonics... like they had in the days BEFORE "plate tectonics" or "continental drift."

I tried to explain to this geochemist that the very words coming out of his mouth were in fact consistent with a major theme in my book - that Plate Tectonics is only valid in the Pacific and that elsewhere it doesn't really apply.

Anyhow, in the book "Hollow Planets" I quote the fact that Plate Tectonics has been the reigning paradigm and the Holy Writ of geology for so long and perhaps this is the beginning of the end for it.

For me it was very exciting to hear of VERTICAL tectonics - because this is what I use in my book in part to explain SOME of the apparent movement of continents (i.e. land actually moves up and down instead of SIDEWAYS as has been thought of in the past 3-4 decades).

Jan Lamprecht

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