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NEWPORT BEACH, California, October 13, 1999 -- During the summer of 1999 Timothy S. Cooper continued to receive alleged TOP SECRET MAJESTIC UFO documents both by mail and in person from several sources.

Overall, the classified documents received from 1994 to present comprise over 2,100 pages of leaked documents and photographs with over 200 pages stamped TOP SECRET/MAJIC or an equivalent derivative. One mail delivery from Ft. Meade, Maryland included a 334-page manuscript that had been submitted to Project Blue Book for review with several chapters stamped in red "TOP SECRET/MAJIC." Unlike previously leaked MAJESTIC documents that came on film or as photocopies these pages are on original watermarked paper, produced on a typewriter identified as a 1939 Underwood Portable," said Ryan Wood. "We think that this exceptional find will lead to a significant validation of the MAJESTIC program because of the handwriting on original paper, with identifiable watermark. Proper analysis of the paper and ink can provide unarguable courtroom proof, which is our primary goal. This new evidence clearly shows the use of the MAJIC classification at least back to the 60s. For the first time, we now have original handwriting to authenticate the involvement of famous Air Force officials in the Majestic program" said Dr. Bob Wood.

Of the new material received over the summer most noteworthy are additional pictures of an apparent alien autopsy, MJ-12 personnel and a (retyped) TOP SECRET EYES ONLY intelligence briefing for President Truman dated 30, September 1947. The title of this six page briefing is "Unidentified Aircraft Sightings Over The United States," prepared by Special Studies and Evaluation State-War-Navy Coordinating Committee and the Office of National Estimates Central Intelligence Agency. Another nine page first generation onionskin carbon copy on original paper with watermark, using a 1956 Courier font, was also stamped in red TOP SECRET/MJ-12. "Other documents will be released on the Wood & Wood website http://www.majesticdocuments.com in November. In general, these documents will be released either over the Internet or in a related publication within a year after they have undergone authentication tests. Premature release without quality work only clouds the interpretation of the document and wastes everyone's time," said Ryan Wood.

"The preponderance of evidence supporting the high level US Top Secret Research and Development program known variously as MJ-12, Operation Majestic Twelve, using the Top Secret code word MAJIC is as problematic as validating the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Aramaic Gospel by Jesus Christ." said Tim Cooper. "The daunting authentication challenges the documents pose not only to the civilian UFO research community but to disinterested government officials are profound. Which begs the question: are they real or a product of Governmental intelligence disinformation of the Cold War?"

"There is a growing body of evidence through the tireless efforts of Dr. Robert M. Wood, Ryan S. Wood, Stanton T. Friedman, and a host of distinguished authors, researchers, and former intelligence officers that the United States had a deeply classified UFO Program since the 1947," said Tim Cooper. A reasonable study of the intelligence and counterintelligence operations of the military, CIA and other defense intelligence agencies of the U.S. Government during World War II, the Cold War, and up to the present offers convincing evidence that the U.S. was engaged in a high level UFO intelligence collection effort. This is abundantly clear from FOIA declassified projects like SIGN, GRUDGE, BLUEBOOK, SNOWBIRD (1954 flying saucer jet aircraft) as well as a dearth of related declassified papers from many agencies including the CIA and NSA.

"In all fairness to anti-MJ-12 arguments, some of the objections to security classification, signatures, and dating still pose problems. These arguments can be solved. What is lacking is a concerted effort to secure sworn testimony from individuals of high rank from the Executive Branch, the CIA, and military intelligence to either refute the MJ-12 enigma or validate the existence of the United States Government's UFO Program," said Tim Cooper.

Finally, it must be understood that while the data contained in the alleged MJ-12 documents may prove to be valid in a historical context, the assertions and claims made by the author(s) of these documents rest not in the hands of ufologists, skeptics and debunkers, but in what is called in legal jurisprudence "the best evidence" rule in the halls of justice. "Ultimately, it will boil down to what documentary evidence and witness testimony can be presented before a Grand Jury, the Attorney General or Congress, said Ryan Wood."


In the October 1, 1999 issue of CNI News (CNINews1@aol.com) a secondhand report on a UK presentation made by respected researcher and author Timothy Good about what he may have said at the Leeds Conference has presented incorrect and misleading information.

Mr. Cooper was disturbed and somewhat upset to learned of the charges made by Friedman and Good; he chose not to believe that it was their intention to discredit him nor paint him as a common prankster. Cooper believes that their original conclusions were based on limited information and inadequate resolution of conflicting data. "I still have the highest regards for Mr. Friedman and Mr. Good and hope that they will soon redouble their efforts at research to explain, not only what may be disinformation, but how it was created and why, so we can all move on to the other pressing challenges of the UFO enigma," said Tim Cooper.

Ryan and Robert Wood wish to respond to the points raised in the 1 October issue of CNINews as follows.

We very much doubt that Mr. Good used the phrase "blew the new batch of MJ-12 documents out of the water." Our first-hand knowledge of Mr. Good is that he is a cautious, careful researcher not given to sweeping generalities. Assuming, for the moment that he said what was reported, we note the following, sequenced as in the original 1 October CNINews:

1) Concern: Mr. Tim Good was kind enough to share with Bob Wood the original letter that Cooper wrote to Good dated October 4, 1991.

Response: Dr. Wood had this analyzed by his questioned document examiner, James A. Black, who wrote that the fonts of the typewriter for this letter and those of the "Interplanetary Phenomena Unit" report and the "First Annual Report" were the same, probably from a Royal typewriter. He noted that this font is common to tens of thousands of typewriters. He verbally discounted all aspects of similarity of the letter similarities (raised caps, similar letter positioning, identical letter shape) as being exactly what one would expect on two similar machines and two different operators. He did, however, note one defect in the small "L" that occasionally showed up in both documents. Black conceded that the same typewriter might have produced all three documents. However, it may also be a characteristic of that model typewriter being operated by any fast typist. We provided a complimentary copy of Black's evaluation to Tim Good as appreciation for lending us the original, which has been returned.

2) Concern: "The style and indentation of paragraphs is exactly the same." Cooper's letter to Good contains six paragraphs, all indented four spaces.

Response: The IPU document contains 14 paragraphs, all indented 11 spaces, and the First Annual Report contains one paragraph indented 4 spaces, 16 paragraphs indented 5 spaces, 5 paragraphs indented 12 spaces, 16 paragraphs indented 10 spaces, 4 paragraphs indented 9 spaces, 4 paragraphs indented 8 spaces, 9 paragraphs indented 5 spaces, and 7 paragraphs indented 6 spaces. Thus, only one of 76 paragraphs has the same indentation as that of the letter from Cooper to Good.

3) Concern: "The classifications on the documents rule out their being genuine."

Response: The two pages noted may have been from different documents. In any case, the Cutler to Twining memo of July 14, 1954 is an example found by Stan Friedman of Top Secret Restricted right from the National Archives on original watermarked onionskin paper. "Furthermore, the phrase "Not For Public Inspection" of the table of contents page of the First Annual Report is found in authentic documents from the Air Force Office of Special Investigations on microfilmed rolls from the archives," said Ryan Wood. This is an extremely weak argument when put in the light of numerous examples of the Government not following its own rules sometimes, and following them others. Furthermore, the top-secret markings had been redacted. Most knowledgeable document researchers would reject the reality of classifications SUPER SECRET and DOUBLE TOP SECRET, but Wood & Wood have authentic examples of the use of these classifications.

4) Concern: "Stanton Friedman discovered that portions are lifted..." Stan has found chirography and phrases in the book "Wedemeyer Reports" that are similar to those in some of the documents provided by Cooper. He noted that the book was owned by the library in Big Bear Lake where Cooper lives, and that this would have permitted Cooper or anyone else in Big Bear Lake to copy it.

Response: There are thousands of copies of the book across the country; there is no evidence that Cooper ever saw it. In fact, he told Wood & Wood that he did not even know it existed. Furthermore, careful research is underway to determine whether a fake has been created, when, and for what purpose, including the possibility of psychological warfare a long time ago.

5) Concern: "Part of the document number on one page, 1206, is the same as Cooper's Post Office Box address."

Response: Coincidence? Note that 4901 Hillbrook Lane, Vannevar Bush address in 1948 is the same four digits as the street address of Bob Wood's grandson-in law; 5484, the branch number for Van Bush's telephone extension, is the same as the middle four digits of Ryan Wood's UAL frequent flyer number. If one looks hard enough for coincidences, one finds them.

6) Concern: "Letters from the now clearly non-existent Salina Cantwheel, daughter of the mythical Thomas Cantwheel, were written in exactly the same handwriting as Tim Cooper's."

Response: Our questioned document examiner, James Black, saw no evidence that the Salina note was "disguised writing," and found no indication of handwriting similarities. We cannot imagine the basis for asserting that the Cooper and Salina handwriting are similar. In addition, we have a report from a source that says that there was a Salina (Cantwheel's daughter) working for James Jesus Angleton (Counterintelligence, CIA). There is no reason to think that Cantwheel is a mythical character except wishful thinking by the skeptics.

With respect to the alleged comment that the Eisenhower Briefing Document is a fake, questioned document examiner James Black has definitely identified the typewriter for the Truman-Forrestal letter as an Underwood Standard typewriter, the same as a type specimen of May 1940. This is no longer an issue, and the Truman-Bush letter of October 1 was done with the same model typewriter. He also confirms that the paper could have been removed from the typewriter to type part of the date, since it is vertically misaligned.


Dr. Robert M and Ryan S Wood are partners dedicated to the investigation of Majestic, MAJIC or MJ-12 documents. Our goals are to research, authenticate and publish our results in widely accepted media. We employ a variety of specialists in key fields that contribute to our efforts. We welcome volunteers that are willing to sign non-disclosure agreements and that have a reputation for integrity and a dogged determination to search for the truth.

D R R O B E R T & R Y A N S W O O D
Majestic Documents Investigators
PO Box 2272, Redwood City CA 94064

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