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Mind Control Survivor
Gets Support from Film Industry

Press Release
For: Immediate Release
Contact: Patricia Hamilton
Headline: Mind Control Survivor Gets Support from Film Industry Business Owner

A large crowd is expected to fill the Fountain Ballroom for author Brice Taylor' s lecture on Government Mind-Control, at the DoubleTree Hotel, in Pasadena, Sunday, October 17, at 4 p.m.; sponsored by CAST Locations owner Anne Basile.

When asked why Basile has risked her 20 year reputation in the film industry as owner of "the oldest and best location library in L.A.," to become a "conspiracy theorist," she replied calmly, "It' s not a ‘theory;' besides, truth has never damaged my reputation. I' m doing this because I' m outraged by the lack of media attention to things as important as mind-control, sex crimes against children, the truth about missing children, government sponsored media blackouts, genetic engineering, Satanic ritual abuse, and secret societies; all of which Brice Taylor explains in her books.

"For example," Basile continues, "how many people have heard about the case of Paul Bonacci, a mind-control victim, in Omaha, Nebraska who just won a one million dollar law suit in Federal Court against Lawrence E. King, docket #4;9lCV3037, which involves other high level business leaders, and institutions, as well as the Omaha Police Department? Former Nebraska Senator John DeCamp wrote a book about it called The Franklin Cover-Up. He was also Bonacci' s lawyer on this case. Or, why hasn' t the news media written about the tireless work of retired FBI Special Agent Ted Gunderson and his contribution to this victory?"

Gunderson, a 27 year FBI veteran, who worked in the L.A. district with 700 agents under his command will be introducing Taylor at the October 17th event. "Brice Taylor is credible, knowledgeable, and truthful," says Gunderson. "I admire and respect her courage in an effort to wake up America, and I' m with her 110% of the way!"

"Brice Taylor explained to me," said Basile, "that she is the highest level MK-ULTRA survivor ever to go public. Finally, she' ll tell her heart-wrenching story in the L.A. area - back to the scene of the crime. She' s going to talk about the horrendous crimes against young people and other unsuspecting American citizens, including her own daughter, Kelly S. Ford, who is still under mind-control, and is being treated at Olive View-UCLA Medical Center in Sylmar, California, under the care of psychiatrist Dr. Paul Bong."

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